Come all ye brave and desparate! I have a few "unique" ideas.

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Which idea is your favorite?

  1. Land of One Thousand Kingdoms

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  2. Society X

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  3. Gods of New Olympus

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  1. I've been itchin' for some good RP recently and to my displeasure I haven't been able to find anything to suit my tastes, so I've decided to just say "fuck it" and make my own. Here's three ideas I had in mind.


    1: Land of One Thousand Kingdoms

    The war was long and costly, but alas after decades of fighting The Kingdom of Mecrundyr, under the leadership of King Eine The Everliving, had finally freed itself from all encompassing might of the Gullic Empire. As promised, all of the king's greatest commanders were given land and titles from what was taken. What is a warrior without a war though? It was only a matter of weeks before these new lords started declaring independence and started preparing to march on those they once called comrades. Will you stay loyal, or will you take what is rightfully yours?

    Land of One Thousand Kingdoms is a "Nation-lite" RP focused around fief management, army building and political intrigue. Players are the former commanders-turned-lords/ladies just given a fresh parcel of land to rule as their own. Challenges include sedating an occupied populace, managing resources and fending off various threats, from marauders and beasts all the way to other lords. Players may even attempt to take other fiefdoms for themselves, though I will most likely limit PvP. Of course, you are not limited to violence in your interactions with others, good ol' medieval diplomacy will play a big part for those more cunning among you.

    The game is set in a high-fantasy world with a myriad of races available, though magic is limited and only moderately useful at best. Technology is fully medieval, with the most complicated battlefield weapons being trebuchets and arbalasts. No gunpowder tech available. At least at the beginning.

    2: Society X

    It's 1977. Jimmy Carter is president, Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon and the cold war is in full swing. However, there is more to fear than total nuclear annihilation or the shrewd marketing tactics of George Lucas, an alien invasion is taking place and no one knows about it. Except for Society X, an "elite" group of soldiers, scientists and vindicated ufoligists who see what no one else can. With only a few secret sponsors to support them, the society must fight a shadow war across the whole of America, stealing alien technology and avoiding public notice. It won't be easy, but you're all that stands between victory and human extinction.

    Society X is a simple enough RP in essence. Find out about alien operation, thwart it, take their shit and study it. Rinse and repeat. There's definitely some themes and ideas taken from games like X-com or Xenonauts. Players for the most part will play as human soldiers and field scientists, but I may allow a rogue alien agent or two for extra flavour.

    The 70's setting is deliberate and important. The pulpiness of the era will be present in it's full glory (though the racism/sexism will be downplayed a bit, though not totally absent) and players are expected to familiarize themselves with the era a bit. I'm not going to chew your head off for every minor anachronism, god knows I'm going to make my own fair share of mistakes, but if I see references to the internet outside of ARPANET or things like cell-phones I might just have to sit you down and force you to read a wiki article or two.

    3: Gods of New Olympus

    Mars, 3771. Little is known on life before the war. Even the most venerable of elders in their many centuries of life can only barely recall the endless cities of concrete and glass, stretching from pole to pole. Mega-factories belched unthinkable amounts of acrid smoke into the atmosphere, yet the climate did not change and no one got sick smog or pollution. All thanks to the Gaia Engine, a terraformer of unthinkable power that continued to filter the red planet after it had rendered it liveable millennia ago. However, what was once the saviour of the martian people now conspired to end them. Producing an atmosphere so thick humans cannot breath it all the while it's poorly understood forced evolution drive produces vicious megafauna with a taste for human blood. Now, all that remains of the martian people now live on Olympus Mons, high enough to breath and keep out the vicious beasts below. Time is limited though, the air grows thicker with every passing day and the monsters below have started to make there way up the mountain. It's up now to the brave and the greedy to save the world now.

    Gods of New Olympus will be a mission-based RP with the players acting as private contractors working in service of the various factions of Olympus. Power level will be high, with players having a choice between piloting a mighty warmachine, commanding a squad of infantry or becoming a monstrous morph (essentially a genetically engineered super weapon). Makin' cash will be a big theme, with character advancement based on what they earn from their employers.

    Technology is quite advanced, with energy weapons ad hovering vehicles being the norm. FTL travel is impossible however, so for the most part humanity had remained in the solar system.


    And that's it, I'd appreciate feedback on the ideas above and the most popular one will be further fleshed out and made into an RP.
  2. Both Land of One Thousand Kingdoms and Society X appeal to me. I voted for Society, but would happily play either. Land of One Thousand Kingdoms is one I'd want to see a more detailed brief on, because Nation RPs, even small scale ones, can fall flat.
  3. I'd actually play any of these, but I voted for #1 because I am a fantasy nerd and I've always been interested in nation RPs but have never been in one that lasted very long.
  4. Hmm, already got an idea for a character on Society X...
    Dammit Snakey! This better start after my exams (in 2 1/2 weeks)
  5. Ditto with everything Jorick stated and Limeypanda's concerns.
    I adore NRPs and Fantasy in general, so #1 Land of One Thousand Kingdoms is right up my alley.
  6. Oooh, what sort of races? Could I play a community of gnolls or kobolds or something?

    You certainly have my attention anyway. I love the idea of a nation-building RP, just never been in one.
  7. I'm well aware of the general failures of NRPs, so I've devised a simple structure system to keep everything nice and neat.

    First off, turns. Each turn represents a week or a month of in game time, depending one what the players are doing (If most are working on big, slow projects the turns will be longer and vice versa.) On each of these turns players will, well, do what they please. Assign workers to jobs propose trade agreements and what not. How long these tasks take are dependant on a few factors, mostly the state of your resources.

    Resources come a few flavours.

    Materials are your basic wood, stone, iron and other basic things. These are all lumped together and given a value between poor and excellent. The better the rating the faster things get done.

    Food is similar, given a rating between poor and excellent and effects productivity. May just be lumped in with materials to keep things simple.

    Strategic Resources is where things get interesting. These define your fiefdom and present the greatest opportunities for trade. These including things like precious metals, horses an' whatever other unique things I can come up with.

    Population is how many people you have. Naturally. This is split into a few sub-categories.

    - Labourers: Professional labourers that include everything from unskilled peons to common tradesmen like blacksmiths and carpenters. This is your main workforce.

    - Soldiers: Your standing army. Usually competent. There overall effectiveness is determined by training, gear, morale and such.

    - Specialists: Individuals with more specific skills. Whether it be captains, engineers, magic-users and whatever else. These guys are usually given names and basic personalities.

    - Peasants: Most of your population will be serfs bound to the land. For the most part they just work and pay taxes in exchange for protection. You may be able to get them to work on projects and in times of need can raise a levy from them.

    Assets are everything else. Magic items, siege equipment, deeds to land. What doesn't fit in any of the other categories gets lumped in here. May just get merged with strategic resources.

    That pretty much sums up the base system.

    @Insomnant: For the most part the fief your assigned will be "randomized" including the resident races. However, I'll cater to some preferences.
  8. I love the sound of it, count me in! :D

    Will there be dice rolling for this or is each player just in charge of making sure a reasonable amount of randomness occurs within posts or what?
  9. There will be some background dice rolls. Mostly reserved for combat, but there will be rolls for everything from levy conscriptions to weather.
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  10. So for creation, are we creating the knights, or the towns based on your randomized info.
  11. You would be creating the lords, as well as detailing things like retainers and other bits I'll explain further when/if this gets off the ground. The actual fiefdoms themselves will be made up by yours truly. However, you may give some suggestions for what you want in your fief. (Which will be included on the character sheet.)
  12. I vote Gods of New Olympus.

    Cause TANKS!
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