Combining past and present

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  1. I have a character from another rp that I'd really like to continue playing. But I think I'd like to throw him into an entirely different situation. I'd like to throw him into the past. Far enough back that there's no electricity. I was thinking medieval times but I'm open to just about anything. I've got his side of how he gets there worked out, and I'd like to keep him hidden at first. But I want to throw him into a society that has it's own story going on. I'm open to it being a bit fantasyish if that's what people like. Some battles are cool too but I don't want like... a story revolving around fighting. Maybe a village that's trying to overthrow a king or something but I'm open to anything. I want to throw him into a place that's relatively established already, if that makes sense. Like I said I'm up for ideas. Looking for players and plotting ideas!