Colt's Commandos

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It is the height of World War Two. The Allied powers have launched their massive campaign across all of Hitler's Fortress Europe. But the Nazis are not taking this assault lightly, and things are stirring behind enemy lines, new weapons to turn the tide of the war back to their favor. And when generals want to nip those stirrings in the bud, they call on Norman "Harry" Harrison Colt and his team.

Colt chooses his commandos by his own rules, and no one is willing to argue with the results he delivers. He's proven himself to have a masterful talent for appearing behind enemy lines and fighting his way back home, each time, every time. He tracks down only the most skilled specialists to make up his team. The best of the best.

You are on his team.

Right now their location is so far behind enemy lines and their operation so under wraps that the most accurate location that can possibly be given is simply, "Nazi Territory." The orders are simple, by Colt's standards: Snatch a prominent German engineering professor out from under the Nazi's noses and get him behind Allied lines before the Nazis can catch them.

And after that? Who knows? It's rumored that the Nazis have a new superheavy tank about to be rolled onto the front lines, but of course there's no concrete facts. Of course, that means it's just the sort of thing to be handed to Colt.

Just another day's work for Colt's Commandos.​

The Five Simple Rules of Harry Colt:

1: Stick to The Plan.
2: If The Plan goes unsaid, assume The Plan is "Wing it and hope for the best."
3: We leave no man behind.
4: Enjoy your work.
5: We do not talk about what happened in Tunisia.


The Leader:
The rock of the team, the brains behind it, and with charisma to spare. When someone asks, "What's the plan?" you know just the answer. The plan may be to run away screaming, but it's still a plan. You look after the team like you would your own children, and they know they can count on you for anything. The Leader is good with almost every weapon, but is an especially crack shot with a pistol. Have to look good while fighting, after all.
Taken by SpammyV - "Harry" Colt.

The Soldier:
It would be wrong to say that you don't have any specialties. In fact, you've got one very important specialty: Getting in the fight and staying there. The boss man can't stand alone, can he? That's why you're here. When the shooting starts, you're in the middle of it, with either machine or shot gun. You're the first in and the last out. You may not have the fanciest guns, but you know it's not the guns that make you special.

The Big Guy:
You're not fat, you're big boned- And good thing too, because you're the one who carries around the big guns, plus you're not too bad at using them. You run around firing heavy machine guns that sane people mount on a tripod or attach to a vehicle. Who knows, maybe you started out carrying the vehicle before you realized you could just take the gun off. The biggest of guns fit your hand like they belonged there.

The Sniper:
When you absolutely, positively, have to put somebody down, you call in the Sniper. You're patient, calculating, and you never miss. If you didn't hit it, you weren't trying to hit it. You've got a rifle all your own, like none else in the world. You're a magician, and it's your magic wand. Granted, you just point it at people and pull the trigger instead of waving it around, but it's magic to everyone who sees it.

The Driver:
When the going gets tough, the tough get going- And you're behind the wheel. Doesn't matter if it's a car, jeep, tank, or plane, once you're in the driver's seat, it will do things that lesser people could never imagine. You know the ins and outs of everything that's ever been made, how it handles, how it moves, how it thinks.

The Stealthy:
They say you never bring a knife to a gun fight… or rather, they used to say that, until you knifed them in a gunfight. Your preferred weapons are silent, and so are you. You don't even push air in front of you when you walk. If we accidentally dropped you behind enemy lines, you'd be back at home before we even knew we did. Where are you? In every shadow.
Taken by Bloodfox - "Guy" Albronda

The Explosive:
Why say it with bangs when you can say it with booms? Some people may say that you lack skill, but you have a lot of skill in putting explosions right where they need to be. Grenades, satchel bombs, RPGs, doesn't matter. They're all the same beautiful, deadly flower when you're the cause of them.

The Techie:
When something needs to be fixed or broken, send in the Techie to get it done fast. Whether you need to hotwire a car or fix it's engine, send a radio transmission or jam the enemy's, you're the best that there is. It's your job to send wireless messages back to the front lines to keep them updated on the mission's progress, and your job to know how to disable Nazi vehicles.

The Medic:
Nobody likes getting all dinged up, but it happens. And when it does, the Medic is who fixes you up good as new. Doesn't matter whether you're in a pleasant villa or in the middle of a firefight, the Medic is hard at work making sure the team is at 100%. You might not be the most heavily armed, but your job is patching holes, not making them… Most of the time, that is.​

GM Notes:

Colt's Commandos is going to be a fairly lighthearted action-movie sort of a roleplay, set against the backdrop of WWII heroics. Your options so far as character creation are not limited to historical accuracy. At all. If you want a historically accurate WWII roleplay, get someone else to run Band of Brothers: The Game.

As said in the description, your character can be of any background or gender. Assume that they are talented enough and Colt has connections enough to shut down anything that would block your entry.

At any point, if there are Nazis to be shooting, assume that there are enough Nazis fore veryone to shoot to keep the fight going until I post that it's done. Exactly that many Nazis.

If the team has filled up but you still want to play, don't worry! There will be plenty of one-off roles for episodes that I'd rather see players do instead of me. So PM me if the ranks are full but you'd like to play a one-off. And if you're a player who wants extra posting opportunities, just let me know you're up playing a one-off.​

The example character, Private Lastname. As good a soldier as any I've ever met. Good ol' 'Nickname if Applicable,' always gets the job done.

Character Sheet:
Name: Firstname "Nickname if Applicable" Lastname.
Age: Characters should be reasonably aged for the setting, from their 20s-40s. Private Lastname is 25.
Gender: Firstname is male.
Appearance: Prettycharacterpicture.jpg or Fine description.
Class: That Guy
Background: Private Lastname is a good old boy from Anytown, located right in the heart of Thatstate, the center of the U.S. of A, but you can come from anywhere!
Weapons: Like any class that doesn't have class-specific weapons, Private Lastname has a Thompson submachine gun and a 1911 pistol.
Other Gear: Private Lastname travels light, but that doesn't mean you have to!
What Happened in Tunisia: Private Lastname doesn't know what happened in Tunisia, and it's going to stay that way. You on the other hand can use this space to submit one tidbit about what happened in Tunisia.

And thanks to "Nickname if Applicable" you know all that you need to know!​

The Man Himself:

Norman "Harry" Harrison Colt
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Appearance: Harry Colt is a gruff old soldier with a chisel-cut jaw and a fighter's build. His short dark hair has started to gain a few streaks of gray at the sideburns, of a color matching his steely eyes. However hard his features may look, his mouth is usually upturned in a smirk with a spirited twinkle in his eyes.
Class: The Leader
Background: Colt is from down in Texas, joined the Army at a young age. He made an early name for him self from daredevil raids with limited resources. When the fighting broke out, he attracted the attention of Army officers when he succeeded in a deeply classified operation in Egypt. When he got back home, he brought a proposal to General Babcock, who relayed it to Army officials: To form a hand-picked squad capable of fighting deep behind enemy lines in the most dangerous missions. An incredulous bureaucrat referred to the team as Colt's Commandos, and the name stuck.
Weapons: He brings a Thompson and a Colt(no relation) 1911 to the battle.
Other Gear: Colt's never without a seasoned old corncob pipe and a double edged combat knife with a trench knife-like knuckle duster.
What Happened in Tunisia: There was a woman involved.​

Rai, what sensible heavy would settle for a Besa - which is 7.62mm - when they could have a Browning M1921, which is .50 Cal?
Name: Giulia "Guy" Albronda
Age: 28
Gender: Female.

Class: The Sneak
Background: Guy is, depending on her mood and level of drunkenness, variously from Chicago, L.A., or a small town in Italy. These are (probably) all false. She almost certainly has an extensive criminal record spread over several aliases.
Weapons: Guy carries an ASP collapsible baton, a Bowie knife, and a Welrod Mk.I silenced pistol (for those times when getting personal just isn't practical).
Other Gear: Guy is never without her lockpicks.
What Happened in Tunisia: Harry's fun when he's drunk.
This spot reserved for the soldier.

Do you mind if I make a German Defector<o:p></o:p>?
Make him blond haired, blue eyes and then it would be epic. "Hitler's Aryan". Nice taunt.
An All-American Hero, a German Defector, and a Neon-Haired Delinquent of Indeterminate Origin. Wow. Just wow.
And a Sniper Froggy. Niiiice.

....I can already tell that Guy is gonna have her OWN nicknames for people.
I specifically do not mind that your character is a German defector. Although I've been told that someone wants to make a German Jew Medic, so we might have a lot of Freedom Cabbage on the team.

French Sniper is definitely ooh-la-la.
I didn't say it would be a woman...

You might hear him say stuff like this alot. "Prenez le cul, la chatte!"

Lets just say he likes the puff of blood accompanied by a good sniper hit.
Sorry, I wasn't trying to dictate the sniper's gender, just saying that I'm down with the concept in my own trying-to-sound-French-despite-the-fact-that-I-know-no-French sort of way.

Fine red mist indeed.