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  1. Another personality test ^^ This was a bit interesting because some of the colors actually is confusing for me to pinpoint. =w=;

    Discover Your True Personality Through The Way You See Color - Is this color more green, blue, or gray?


    ... Oh really? xD That's rather... Simplistic, but okay. And I don't see myself as an optimist. o.o

    Share your results here!
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  2. [​IMG]
    Well, I suppose that's fair enough x.x
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  3. I got Optimist and that is definitely me XD.
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  4. Welp I'm the optimist! Which I think would be accurate. I... Try to be one a lot, anyway. :3
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  5. I'm an Optimist...

    (/'-')/ _|__|_

    This test lies.
  6. A realist, I guess that's the default if you don't lean one way or another.
  7. Uh, yeah. No.

    I'm a pessimist : |
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  8. I also got Optimist which I definitely don't agree with xD
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  9. The Deconstructionist answer guide: trying to figure out how to rig your answers for the colors so something besides "optimist" shows up.
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  10. Half the time I was sitting there, wondering why I couldn't just say it is teal, instead of settling with blue or green.

    I see a lot of people here got optimist, and a handful realist. Makes you question the accuracy of the test.
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  11. I don't consider myself an optimist. I'm not a pessimist either so I think I would probs be a realist. Wonder how the choices affect the results?
  12. Fairly certain choosing gray on everyone doesn't give you optimist, either way.
  13. As a skeptic and someone with a minor interest in psychology, I have to question the science behind this particular test, because I have my doubts that how you interpret colors can have any correlation with your personality. Plus it's just in my general experience that personality tests like these are made by people with very limited knowledge of psychology.

    Anyways, I got optimist, which I kinda disagree with; I view myself as more of a realist with a little leftover childhood optimism mixed in. Honestly, I just think people are too complicated to be put under such a broad label. Humanity's need to label everything and everyone is my least favorite aspect of human nature.
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  14. I got optimist! I suppose that's me haha! I still have some pessimism in me.
  15. I know that it's not reliable or actually factual, but tests like these could be fun and a good conversation starter. ^^ I would love to learn the science behind it as well, do you have any ideas about how these tests work?
  16. @Hana Sorry to butt in! Someone once told me that the tests are programmed in a fashion that if you click a certain set of answers throughout the test, it will show a certain solution (i.e. a, b, c gets optimist, c, d, f gets pessmist, so on and so forth). I don't know if this is true or not, but I think it sounds logical, considering people build these quizzes.
  17. Frequently Asked Questions About Personality Testing

    Well I'm no expert so I recommend reading this blog post by an actual psychologist, it'll answer your questions better than I ever could. Although it's mostly concerning personality tests that have actual research behind it, like the Myers-Brigg test. I very much doubt any research went into this particular test.
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  18. I honestly just do these for fun. Sometimes they're accurate, many times they're not. But ultimately I doubt most believe they need a test to figure out more about themselves. I trust the judgement of those who actually know me.
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  19. I know about that. ^^;; Certain patterns or sets of answers (even going into subsets, etc the more complex a personality test could be) lead to certain solutions. It's still interesting to see the why and the how those patterns translate over to a trait or solution for me. Always fun to learn something about stuff like this~
  20. This is one that I did a year or so back, which was very accurate.

    Just for funsies, I did the test linked below right now, and it turned out pretty damn accurate as well. I think it's because of the different questions that are asked multiple times but in different words, but also due to the way you choose your answer.

    Global Advanced Personality Test

    Anyway, sorry for the thread derailment, Hana!
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