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What is or do you think is going to be the best part of college

  1. Parties

  2. School Work

  3. People/Friends

  4. Sororities/Fraternities

  5. Freedom

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  1. This role play is about a group of college students who are roommates and they go through the usual, school work, home, dating, romantic, situations of college life! I've never really done group role play before so please bare with me with this! I expect everyone to respect each other and just remember to have fun I guess! We can start when all the spots are filled? Idk how this works really, sorry hah!!!!!

    Open characters:

    The Nice one With a Secret one: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Jock: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Popular: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Social Networker: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Nerd: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Dramatic one: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Artist: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Musician: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Emo/Goth: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Rich Bitchy One: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Nonchalant one: TAKE Character Sheet = Done
    The OCD one/clean freak: TAKEN Character Sheet =
    The Shy Quiet one: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Partier: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE
    The Best friend: TAKEN Character Sheet = DONE

    1: No one liners if you can. Hard to reply to and I love reading long responses
    2: RESPECT EACH OTHER IN OOC. No one likes a bitch
    3: no limits to how long your responses are. I really don't mind.
    4: Make your characters however you want!! Be creative
    5: Everyone LOVES ROMANCE!! It's completely okay here! If things get too steamy though, take it elsewhere. Thanks
    6: Have fun!!!


    Name: (First and last. Middle if you wish)
    Character: Choose out of those ^^^
    Age: (between 18 and 25)
    Birthday: (when they were born)
    Place of birth: (where they come from)
    Occupation: (their job)
    Grade: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
    Distinguishing marks: (scars, tattoos, birthmarks etc.)
    Strengths and weaknesses: physically good/bad
    Likes/dislikes: things they like and enjoy/ things they hate
    Hobbies: Things they enjoy doing
    General personality: The person that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How they interact with people
    Inner personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Small backstory: doesn't have to be very long
    I shall start when we have all spots filled and there's an even number of guys and girls. So please be patient.
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  2. My character
    Name: Alexandria "Alex" Marie Blake
    Character: Nice one with a secret
    Age: 19
    Birthday: December 24th
    Place of birth: San Diego, California
    Occupation: Waitress at a small cafe.
    Grade: Sophomore
    Height: 5'2"
    Distinguished marks: tongue piercing, nose piercing, industrial piercing, dream catcher tattoo on shoulder blade, tattoo star with wings on collar bone. Off with her head tattoo on her rib
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Gets along with most people well, quick learner, lazy sometimes, good cook, (can't think of anything else)
    Likes: Music, sushi, horror films, Frozen, tattoos, movies, romance, Teen Wolf, Piercings, Halloween, singing, Asking Alexandria
    Dislikes: Disrespectful people, being disrespected, people who think they're better than others, rap music, people thinking she's weak. Mondays.
    Hobbies: Singing, dancing, GYMNASTICS!!! Writing, playing violin, playing piano, playing bass guitar.
    General personality: people believe that Im the rebel and I'm against everyone. They think I'm the tough laid back girl.
    Inner personality: I'm really the sweet, sensitive girl that anyone really sees. actually just like the typical girl. I love going on fun dates and getting roses and chocolates. I really like people thinking I'm weak and I don't let people walk all over me.
    Backstory: Quiet at first, but when you get her talking she's super crazy and wild. She tends to keep to herself sometimes and has trust issues considering that as a child, her father sexually and physically abused her. Alex came from a rather dysfunctional family. At the age of 15 her parents kicked her out after finding out that she was pansexual and forced her to stay with her overly religious aunt. She then had to hide her sexuality and personality, forcibly being someone she was not for 3 years.
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  3. Hi I was just wondering if I could change how my person looked but keep everything else
  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Abigail "Abi" De Luca
    Character: nerd
    Age: 20
    Birthday: april 10
    Place of birth: Born in Italy, raised in Virginia Beach.
    Occupation: nurse assistant
    Grade: junior
    Height: 5'7
    Distinguishing marks: swirl birthmark on shoulder
    Strengths and weaknesses: Very intelligent, she know at least one things about almost anything. She is sometimes called the human encyclopedia. She does not get out much or party. mostly studies, go to class, and work. She does not have much of a social life. Her knowledge can be intimidating to others.
    Likes/dislikes: likes sushi, parks, animals, the library, books, and listening to music. Dislikes rude people, dumb people, violence, and sports
    Hobbies: reading books, going to concerts, cooking
    General personality: Abigail is not shy, but does not have have many friends. She is great, loyal friend, but her schedule does not leave room for a lot of socializing. her schedule has lighten up since she is now a junior but most of her friends have moved on. she is silly and is terrible at dancing. She does not like to put herself in the spotlight, since she gets very nervous and start telling random fats about things.
    Inner personality: she is secret romantic. her favorite genre is romance so she often daydreams about her first perfect date. She has not meet anyone who peaks her interest so she is a complete virgin. she is also a very good cook.
    Small backstory: Her father meet her mother in Italy while he was stationed there. They were love struck and before he was deployed back she was already born and they were married. Her parents relocated in Virginia where her father spend the rest of his military years. Being biracial, she grew up with two cultures, African american and italian. Her mother taught her how to cook and speak italian, and her father and grandmother taught her about her african heritage and how to love her curls. She is a complete daddy's girl and never miss a chance to visit her family when possible. her grandparents fueled her love of books at a very young age, which helped her excel in school.
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  5. Yeah sure
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Devin Waters
    Character: Musician
    Age: 21
    Birthday: May 7th, 1993
    Place of birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    Occupation: He works at a coffee place on campus and at the local radio station as an intern
    Grade: Junior
    Height: 6'3
    Distinguishing marks: He has a dragon tattoo up his left arm and an anchor on his hip. His lip is pierced but he only wears it sometimes.
    Strengths and weaknesses: He's a great judge of character and loves animals// he's a bit full of himself and he's extremely stubborn and very direct
    Likes/dislikes: Music, girl, coffee, playing guitar, writing songs, playing with dogs, walking by himself // pineapple, judgmental people, annoying people.
    Hobbies: writing music, playing guitar, singing, listening to music, working out, writing poetry
    General personality: Devin is a nice guy, a big flirt and loves to party with all types of people, he doesn't judge and seems sweet and trust worthy. He likes to play the bad boy, bad ass type with his pirecings and tattoos.
    Inner personality: Devin is a real softy and falls in love like falling asleep. He's a pretty big nerd and loves to read. He writes poetry and usually that inspires him to write his songs.
    Small backstory: He grew up in the suburbs of Baton Rouge. He learned how to play guitar from his dad when he was 8 years old. Soon after his dad went off to war and died while on duty serving in the navy. (hence the anchor tattoo) He has 3 younger siblings and his mother worked 3 jobs to support her family. Living without his dad was always hard for Devin, he became closed off from his friends and became obsessed with being alone. After his mother forced him to see a therapist, he started writing his feelings down in a journal. Writing his feelings, poetry, and later songs. He picked guitar back up and studied hard in high school. Juggling a social life and good grades was tough for him. When he left for college he regretted not staying closer to home to help his mom with his siblings but enjoys the freedom here.
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Ivy Willows
    Character: The Best Friend (Holla)
    Age: 19
    Birthday: July 22nd, 1995
    Place of birth: San Diego, Cali
    Occupation: She works at an emergency animal clinic and as a volunteer dance teacher
    Grade: Sophomore
    Height: 5'4 ish
    Distinguishing marks: Ivy has her industrial, 2 cartilage piercings, singles, doubles, and triples on her ears and has a tattoo of a bird on her hip, an infinity sign on her wrist, and a pair of angel wings on her back
    Strengths and weaknesses: Ivy is a dancer at heart and could dance till her feet couldn't stand it any longer // Ivy has a fiery personality and can come off as bitchy.
    Likes/dislikes: DISNEY, Dancing, especially ballet, animals (Kittens are her favorites), lattes, girls and boys, romance, novels, and music // judge people, bitchy people, whiny people, studying and vodka
    Hobbies: Ballet dancing, dancing in general, babysitting, singing in her showers, hanging out with friends, trying (and failing) to skateboard
    General personality: Ivy is a really outgoing girl who doesn't take shit from anyone. She's flirty and bubbly usually and loves to dance on people boy or girl doesn't matter to her. She wouldn't dare let anyone see her cry but would help anyone if they needed her.
    Inner personality: Ivy is a girl who longs to be loved and cared for, her past has left her with many emotional scars that she wouldn't dare let anyone see. She's a shy girl at heart and is very sensitive and kind.
    Small backstory: Ivy grew up in San Diego as an only child. She thanks her lucky stars she was an only child too as her mother was a terrible alcoholic. Ivy's mother suffered from alcoholism from the time Ivy was 7. Her mother's obsessive drinking took a toll on her though as she became mentally unstable. Ivy's father worked two jobs to support her mothers drinking habit and to give Ivy everything she could ever dream off. Ivy's mother would constantly belittle Ivy for being bi-racial as she was adopted because her mother couldn't have kids. Ivy suffered constant emotional torment from her mother that caused Ivy to become depressed and suffer from an eating disorder and cutting problems. Ivy's father eventually got a divorce and took Ivy away. Ivy has gotten over most of her problems but a few scars still remain physically. The two things that kept Ivy going were dance and her loving father. Ivy is pansexual and is the best friend of Alex Blake.
  8. [​IMG]
    Name : Jhenna ( Jen-a ) "JJ" Rines
    Character : The Shy Quiet One
    Age: 22
    Birthday: May 16th
    Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois
    Occupation: Pastry Chef At A Restaurant
    Grade : Junior
    Height: 5,3
    Distinguishing marks: Naked Queen Tattoo On The Left Hip, Vine on Dead Flowers Going Down The Right Leg, Bleeding Heart On The Left Breast, Ear Piercing
    Strengths and weaknesses: Being Shy When Being The Main Attention, Good With Kids, Not The Kindest Around Random Men
    Likes/dislikes: Laziness, Dirtiness, Loudness But Loves Food & Helpful People
    Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Writing, Listening To Music, Singing, Doing Hair And Exercising.
    General personality: Most Think I'm Shy & Timid, That I Hate Everything In The World And That I Like Keeping To myself.
    Inner personality: I'm Outgoing And Sweet, I Keep Quiet Because I Have Nothing To Say But Really I'm Lonely And Want A Friend.
    Small backstory: Following All Rules Of Her Father And Not Getting Close To Anyone For The Fear Of That Person Leaving Like Her Own Mother, Jhenna Turned The Outside World Out And Kept All Secrets And Trust In. She And her Father Were Best Friends And he Taught Her Everything She Knows So She Likes More Video Games Than Shopping. Because Of Also Having An Overprotective Dad, Jhenna Because Fragile And Gentle Like A Flower Because Of Being Shielded From The Outside World.
  9. Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Dominic "Dom" Sage Brown

    Character: Jock

    Age: 19

    Birthday: July 16th

    Place of Birth: Oakland, California

    Occupation: Bartender at a local bar.

    Grade: Junior

    Height: 6'3

    Distinguished Marks: bushy eyebrows, pink lips.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Gets along well with others. Not very shy. Can come off as mean and rude.

    Likes: video games, good food, football, and music.

    Dislikes: Rude people, fake people, and liars.

    Hobbies: reading, making hip hop beats, and writing.

    General Personality: Everyone thinks I'm a rude jock who doesn't care about anybody but himself.

    Inner Personality: I'm really chill, and I keep to myself. I don't like all the attention I get from being a said "jock". It's just what happens. I'm nice, I swear.

    Backstory: Cold and mean at first, but a total crack up once you get to know him. Again, he keeps to himself mostly. As a kid, he was praised for his academic and athletic inclination. It got him scholarships and awards. He never really liked all of that, even though he sometimes used it to his advantage. As soon as he was able to attend college, he was happy that he could do what he really enjoyed.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Ariel Dawson

    The Artist


    Birthday: August 16th, 1995

    Place of birth:
    Bellingham, Washington

    Works on campus bookstore and sells some of her art on the side



    Distinguishing marks:
    Has a small tattoo of a paint pallette on her the top of her hand underneath her thumb. Also has freckles on her shoulders, very light ones. Almost always has some kind of paint on her cheek or arms.

    Strengths and weaknesses:
    Has a short attention span when it to anything but her art, philosophy, psychology, or things she likes, where she can actually concentrate. Also is super OCD, can be cute but can be annoying.

    She hates people who have egos and she hates knives or other pointed objects. She likes macaroni and cheese and deep conversations. Oh, and she loves the color green.

    Art, studying, and taking photographs.

    General personality:
    Ariel shows a simple and cute personality, she has funny quirks. She talks to people who interact with her first, she's bad at starting conversations.

    Inner personality:
    Ariel absolutely loves psychology and often interrupts it into her art work. She gets distracted easily by things that don't capture her, so a lot of people think she is an airhead or a simple girl. But really she's very deep and personal.

    Small backstory:
    Ariel has grown up as an only child to a loving mother and father. She lives with her grandmother and parents, for her parents often are out traveling. Her mother is a flight attendant and her father is an artist. They come home when they can and always support Ariel in her decisions. She has found her passion in art, through painting and photography. She doodles often too! Her grandmother has helped her see how beautiful life is and has inspired Ariel in many ways.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Name: Daniel Thames.
    Character: Social Networker.
    Age: 22.
    Birthday: 26th November.
    Place of birth: Cambridge, but moved a young age.
    Occupation: Runs a popular forum, and owns a well-known Youtube music remix channel.
    Grade: Junior
    Height: 5"10
    Distinguishing marks: Always has headphones around neck or in ears.
    Strengths: Is level-headed, a techie, and a good liar.
    Weaknesses: Is not very strong, emotionally detached, and allergic to nuts.
    Likes: Networking, coding, making witty remarks.
    Dislikes: Bad internet, cheap-skates, people who can't have a laugh.
    Hobbies: Coding websites, social networking, re-mixing music.
    General personality: Daniel is a laid-back guy who is always making jokes. He seems like a cool guy, if a bit conceited, who's always up for a bit of banter.
    Inner personality: Daniel is actually a really passionate guy. He's got a lot of opinions on serious topics, and is actually up for a good debate (which you wouldn't tell from his usual attitude).
    Small back-story: Daniel comes from a pretty normal family, in a pretty normal area, leading a pretty normal life. Except he's got one small secret: he's an internet sensation. Going under the alias of 'Flamerian' Daniel has got thousands of fans online, allowing him to escape from his dull life. Now he's at college though, he's worried about his secret life staying so secret...
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  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Thomas Ian Hendrickson (Tommy by his mother)

    Character: Rich Bitch

    Age: 22

    Birthday: 11 december

    Place of birth: He's originally from Ramsgate, England (accent alarm)

    Occupation: he doesn't have one

    Grade: Senior


    Distinguishing marks: He has a scar on his left thigh from when he was horseback riding but fell into a bush, but nothing further. He finds tattoos and piercings trashy.

    Strengths and weaknesses: He isn't really strong, but he can run really fast, something which surprises people

    Likes: He enjoys his mother's company, she is definitely his favourite person, he also enjoys learning new things and showering.

    Dislikes: Cheap clothing and food, smelly people, beds which creak

    Hobbies: He likes being on himself because people suck anyway. He also enjoys horseback riding, but he hasn't done that in a while.

    General personality: He really is an annoying guy, always says what is on his mind and never faces the consequences. Most people stay away from him and the people who don't only want to be friends with him because he has money. He'sa cry baby and a mothers boy.

    Inner personality: Thomas is gay, something his mother tells him to not be ashamed of, but he never tells anyone. He has never had a good friend and he
    knows why, he can't really stand himself either. He realizes how lucky he is with his upbringing but he never shows that. He is really smart aswell, but everybody always think he bought his grades and never really worked for it. He's actually a nice person when you really try to get to know him, he just blocks it out.

    Small backstory: When Thomas was three years old his father died of a brain tumor, leaving his mother behind with a load of money. His mother feels bad for him
    because of his fathers death, that's why she buys everything for him in the blink of aneye. He went to one of the best privet school of England, but they moved to the states
    when his mother found a new love. His stepdad disagrees with the way his mother raised him and he was send to public school. The man tries to stop his
    mother from spoiling Tom like that, but old habits die hard. His dream was always to go to Oxford, but his stepdad wasn't having it. He was send to normal American college.
  13. [​IMG]

    Name: Tj Black
    Character: The partier!
    Age: 19
    Birthday: November 26th
    Place of birth: A small town in Wisconsin.
    Occupation: Works at the children's center at the University.
    Grade: Sophomore
    Height: 5'11
    Distinguishing marks: Scar on her shoulder but it is covered up by a tattoo. She also has a tattoo on her ribs and one on her foot.
    Strengths and weaknesses: She is good at sports, being tall and all has helped her with that. She really likes history as well as English. A people person but can get into trouble. Boys are a weakness yet so are pretty girls.
    Likes/dislikes: Likes to party, hang out with friends and such but still enjoys a good book in her downtime. Very afraid of heights and snakes. Isn't particularly fond of scary movies either unless she has someone to watch it with.
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, being with others.
    General personality: Tj is a very happy and outgoing girl that can be very sarcastic and stubborn at the same time. She gets along with anyone and everyone because she was brought up to not judge others. But being known as the partier brings along other titles as well and some are not so nice. When she gets called names she becomes reserved and quiet as if to prove to those people that they are wrong.
    Inner personality: She is a HUGE book worm. Not many people know that about her. She also does enjoy her alone time now and then, sometimes getting sick of being with people. She likes to go on hikes or jogs in order to be alone.
    Small backstory: Tj grew up in a house with 5 people. Her parents and her two older brothers. She grew up a tomboy and some of those tendencies still tend to come out every now and then. Otherwise there really is not much else to tell, you'll get to learn more about her during the role play. :)
  14. [​IMG]
    Name: (First and last. Middle if you wish) Andrew Quinn Brooks
    Character: Dramatic one
    Age: 21
    Birthday: (when they were born) April 7th
    Place of birth: New York City
    Occupation: Works as an actor in the community theater program. Also is a waiter at a local diner.
    Grade: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) Junior
    Height: 6'0
    Distinguishing marks: (scars, tattoos, birthmarks etc.) has a birthmark on his shoulder blade. Has a tattoo of a star on his ankle
    Strengths and weaknesses: is smart and knows how to get out of trouble/ is weak in the physical sense so is easy to push around
    Likes/dislikes: quietness, music and new things/hates annoying people and those who are predictable
    Hobbies: Reading, dancing, cooking
    General personality:People think that he is arrogant and self centered. Since he is one to go to parties a lot, people see him as a partier.
    Inner personality:He is afraid of messing up things, he likes just being somewhere quiet to rehearse and he is very kind and loving to those that he likes. He's also starting to question his sexuality.
    Small backstory: He was born to a family of 5 and he's the youngest. He has 3 older sisters and 1 older brother. His dad is high profile lawyer while his mom works as a nurse. He lives in the dorms at school
  15. [​IMG]

    Name: Michael Nigh (Mikey)
    Character: The Popular
    Age: 20
    Birthday: Fourth of July, 1994
    Place of birth: Perth, Australia
    Occupation: Helps his father run the family law business.
    Grade: Junior
    Height: 6’2
    Distinguishing marks: He has a few scars on his torso, and his neck.
    Strengths and weaknesses: physically good he is well off, he doesn’t have massive muscles, but they are visible.
    He is mentally stronger than he used to be.
    Likes/dislikes: Mikey likes being by himself, which is hard to believe because he is ‘popular’.
    He enjoys going to jogs on the beach at early hours of the morning.
    Hobbies: Sports. Writing pretty gory stuff.
    General personality: The world sees a happy guy that is satisfied with the person he has grown to be.
    They see him as a confident leader, that has the perfect life, and a perfect job lined up for him.
    He is kind, gentle and caring, everything the girls (and guys) love.. No one has seen through him, not yet.
    Inner personality: The people around him, including his father don’t know how hard he is on himself, how much pain he has been through.
    They don’t see his minor attraction to men; he’d be crucified for sure, maybe not by his mates, but his father.
    He’d be so disappointed. That’s what Mikey has struggled with throughout his years of schooling.
    He has depression, that can cause him to be put in a different state of mind.
    Small backstory: Comes from a strict religious family. He is from a family of two brothers and one sister. They are younger than him, from ages seven to eighteen.​
  16. [​IMG]

    Alice Elizabeth Peterson
    ll Liz ll

    The Emo One


    18th August

    Place of birth:
    Raised in San Franciso


    Part-Time Musician at a local bar, Barista



    Distinguishing marks:
    (Observe the picture for face piercings), Four piercings on her left ear, two on her right, her name in Tengwar (Elven Writing) at the back of her neck and a date right at the bottom of it and a Pokeball, Legend of Zelda and Harry Potter arranged in a triangle on her left hip and her grey eyes.

    Strengths and weaknesses:
    Optimistic, observant, smart and she can make a really decent cup of any coffee. However, she doesn't tend to work well with people and is always misunderstood.


    - She likes her Violin, a good book, music, coffee, skateboarding, peace and quiet.
    - She gets annoyed with loud, obnoxious, self-centered, fake people and bullies.

    Her hobbies consists of playing on her violin (music), playing video games, reading and making coffee.

    General personality:
    Alice is seen as the typical emo kid ,who doesn't really have proper communication skills and tends to stick to herself. If you speak to her she may just nod her head or look away in response, which people assume is her being stereo-typically "emo". No one knows much about her and tend to judge her based off looks and stereotypes. She isn't comfortable with people and shows it. Unintentionally, she comes of as rude or emo.

    Inner personality:
    Alice is actually REALLY talkative. She enjoys a good, intellectual conversation. She loves laughing, messing around and helping others. She especially loves making coffee for others and spending long hours on video games. She remains true to herself but is simply socially awkward.

    Small backstory:
    Alice grew up an orphan with no family love whatsoever. The care-takers at the orphanage had favourites and Alice was never one of them. Growing up, she has been constantly shunned and bullied by society due to the absents of her parents/ guardian and had never really been able to "fit in". In the end, a woman, who's children had some what abandoned her, saw something in Alice and decided to adopt her even though she was a teen. Alice loved her like a daughter would her mother and is now helping her around the house and working to help provide for the both of them.​
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  17. blue eyes.jpg

    Katherine (Kathy, Kat, Kate, Kitty-Kat, "Whatever shoots your star.") Allard.
    The Nonchalant One.
    October 13th
    Place of birth:
    Providence, Rhode Island
    Part-time retail worker in a clothing store/ Part-time worker at Palouse Ridge Golf Club
    Distinguishing marks:
    Scarred lower lip from a childhood accident.
    Calm. Organized. A good listener.
    Daydreamer. Spearmint candy. Overly emotional.
    Winter, Halloween, soaking in the bathtub, black licorice, old movies.
    Summer, liars, mustard, bugs larger than a quarter, small spaces.
    When she isn't busy with work or school (which is rare), she likes reading outside, playing in the rain, sleeping, or just hanging out with a friend.

    General personality:
    Katherine is a busy girl, but she's the go-to person for those who need help with school or personal business. She'll happily comply with those who need her help, that is, if they're willing to meet her at ten PM, or sometimes even after midnight when she gets off from the country club gig. Some would dare to label her as a push-over. She wears faint black discoloration under her eyes with an undercurrent of pride. She's not sweet, but she's not unkind either, yet rather automatic and easy-going.

    Inner personality:
    Despite the fact she appears casually calm and composed, Katherine is very emotional and often finds herself feeling lonely and depressed with so much on her schedule. It's even becoming harder to hide her growing frustration with humanity and her darker out-look on things as she nears the breaking point of her sanity.

    Small backstory:
    Katherine's mother died in childbirth, then her father perished in a construction accident soon afterwards when she was about a year old. She didn't know her parents, so she she was never sad about the fact they had died. With no extended family, she was raised through the foster care system at a nunnery, following a strict religious point of view that she wasn't even sure she believed in. Having never been adopted out of the system, they let her have little freedom outside of the convent community as a teenager, unable to work for money sooner than eighteen. When she did turn eighteen and graduated high school, she worked multiple jobs over the course of a year to have enough money to take her to the college of her choosing.​
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  18. So guys I'm thinking about adding two more characters. What do ya think? Do we have enough
  19. Can I have a say?

    Opinion: I would say no? Cause if too many come in, there's bound to be a higher chance of inactivity. Just my opinion! ><

    But more people are also fun!
  20. @Princess of the Teacup we had (and might still have) someone for that role. I am asking if he would still like to be in our roleplay, and if not it is all yours.
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