College Fairytales (A Slice of Life/Modern Disney RP)

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The girl poisoned by the blood red apple.

The common girl with the glass slipper and a large amount of hope.

The girl cast into a deep sleep, only to be awakened by true loves first kiss.

The girl who saw through the lies and tamed a beast.

The girl who kissed a frog that became a prince.

The girl locked within a tower and rescued from her prison by a handsome prince.

These are fairytales we all know and love, brought to life in creative and magnificent ways. Yet, what happens when these fairytales take on another twist and their stories are put into a whole new perspective? What new perspective, one might ask? Why, the perspective of the average college student of course. How would these fairytales play out if these characters were just like you and me? No magic fairies. No evil spells. Just average people with average lives, with a few twists and turns along the way of course. Can our favored princesses survive in this tough world we like to call University? There's only one way to find out....

Okay, so that obviously wasn't the best introduction. But, you all get the picture. Disney Princesses + College life? That could be pretty interesting. This roleplay will be the average slice of life and comedic roleplay one might expect when putting Disney stories into a modern twist. Each 'princess' will have their own little fairy tale waiting. Those little fairy tale details I will have written below in another spoiler. There really isn't much more to say, so just read all the information I have and enjoy the ride to these fairytales in college.


1. Okay, so for the last few group rps I have done people didn't really get what I meant when I checked the 'advanced' box and the rp fell through rather quickly. So I'm going to write out my definition for it that you must follow. You MUST write 3+ paragraphs per character per post, have little grammar and spelling errors, and can move the plot along without cliches. Keep in mind that 3 paragraphs is the minimum but I expect you to post more than that on most posts. And by paragraph, I expect the length of the paragraph to be at least 4 lines of text, if not more. This is an ADVANCED rp, so I would like to assume you can put out a decent and well written post. We want be getting that if every post is the bare minimum required. I can understand errors here or there. I'm not evil or a writing nazi, but I expect capable writers that can move the story forward. I will be checking your writing in other rps and if I don't like what I see I will not accept you.

2. Going along with rule #1. DO NOT POST YOUR CHARACTER SHEET HERE YET. What I need from you, so I can check and approve characters before people post and crowd up the OOC with characters that won't be used, is that you send me your character, along with a writing sample for a post (can be one you write on the spot or one from a past rp), in conversations. If you post on here without confirming with me first I will not accept you into the rp at all because you did not follow instructions. (if you are confused about his rule, please pm me and I will be more than happy to explain in better terms for you to understand ^_^). Also, there is no reserving characters. If you want a character you better send your CS in ASAP, other wise it might get taken. DO NOT POST ON HERE SAYING YOU WANT TO HAVE A CHARACTER OR ASKING ME WHICH CHARACTERS ARE OPEN! This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I don't want the OOC filled up with things like 'oh, I might send you a CS for this character', 'Is so and so still open to be taken' or 'are any spots open'. I don't mind questions like that if they are sent through conversation to me directly. But don't crowd the OOC with questions like that. It absolutely gets on my last nerves when people do that.

3. Be civil. Don't start fights. And don't join in them. You will be kicked from the rp for drama if you do.

4. You may play up to two characters, but there is a rather strange rule that goes along with this. If your first character is a girl and you want to take up a second character, that second character must be a boy. Meaning one boy and one girl. I do this that way we don't end up having all of our girls and no boys. After all, we all know in rps like this the boy characters are usually hard to come by anyway. So, in other words, someone can have two boy characters they play as, someone can have a boy character and girl character to play as, but you can't have two girl characters to play as. Sorry, thats just the way it has to be.

5. THIS IS A ROMANCE RP! Let me just go ahead and say it, that while there will be other elements in the rp, such as suspense, betrayal, maybe even some shock factors, romance will be a key factor in the rp. This on the other hand does not give you reason to fight over the male characters or have 5 girls all surrounding one guy. Nope. The rp will not last long like that, so keep that in mind. Also, because of this being highly romance, the genders must stay even in the rp so that no body is left out. I would like to avoid that drama if I can.

6. The ages of the characters in this rp will range from 18-24. This is a college based roleplay so I can't have them any younger and any older than that would just be weird (lets be real, an 18 year old with a 25 year old? that's just creepy to me).

7. If I have any more rules I will add them here.

(Snow Whites is pretty long, but that's because its the back ground for eight of the characters in the roleplay XD (two of those being my own characters). Other than that, the information for all the other fairytales is pretty straight forward and basic. If you take any of these characters and want to add a few details to their stories to spice things up a bit, you can discuss it with me over pm and we'll see what we can do)

Yep, you read that right. No dwarfs in this rp. For this rp, Snow White will be rooming with her seven older brothers. Older half brothers to be more specific. These brothers would all be older than her and thus would have been in college while she is still in high school. Here's the basic background for this weird family. The brothers were all born to their father and mother. First there was the oldest brother, who tended to be a bit grouchy and grumpy at times. Then there was a set of twins, a pair of charming boys indeed, although the eldest was too smart for his own good and youngest painfully shy. Then came the fourth brother, a rather happy fellow with not a negative bone in his body. Lastly, born to the man and woman was a pair of triplets, the oldest of the three having a tendency to staying up all night and being very sleepy after words, the middle one having a small allergy problem, and the last one being a bit of a goofball. Needless to say, after having a pair of triplets to make that seven boys, the couple decided that was enough children.

Sadly though, not even a year after the triplets were born, the young man married to the woman died, leaving the mother alone with her seven boys. Yet, she wasn't alone for long because soon after she met another young man. A man who was very kind to her, as well as to her boys, becoming a good father figure and role model for them, taking them in as his own. And, not too long after the two were married, they got a surprise. Another child, and this time, it wasn't a little boy. It was a little girl, one who was beautiful in both looks and personality. Growing up with her seven brothers wasn't always the easiest. She would sometimes find her dolls in a GI Joe jeep or would be wrestled down for her treats. But, there were also times were having seven older brothers came in handy. Like when they would protect her from bullies or play games with her. There was never any shortage of playmates in her house. Given the ups and downs, Snow was happy. She loved her parents and her older brothers dearly and thought nothing would ever end her happy life.

But, something did end it, rather harshly. When Snow was just ten years old, their mother died in a car wreck, leaving the man that was her father alone with eight children. Having no other choice in between his work, he hired a nanny to take care of the eight children after school. The eight of them didn't really see it, or at least, snow hadn't, but before she knew it, her father was in a relationship with that nanny, and even sooner than she though, he had married the woman. Years passed, and everything seemed okay. Sure, they weren't close to the woman and had no real relationship with Snow's new step mother, but didn't seem bad either. Three years had passed with this woman being in their lives, when their father passed away mysteriously in his sleep. It wasn't looked into much as far as Snow knew. Her father had been sickly for a while, often catching sicknesses easier and harder than others. But, that didn't make it any easier on them either.

Her seven brothers took their leave just a few days after her father's funeral. Her step mother had been wanting to send the boys to some boarding school far away and they were not going to have that. This woman didn't even have any legal ties on them, considering their step father had never officially adopted them in the first place. And so, after much talk between the boys, they had decided to move in with their grand parents on real father's side (these grandparents have no blood relations to Snow since these are the parents of the seven boy's real father). These grandparents were very well off, owning a few big businesses and had even founded a university. The grandparents were living in a house on the University property, to watch over the affairs on the campus they had put so much money into. And so, the seven boys packed their things and left, thinking all would be well for their sister where she was. After all, Snow's step mother, while a bit strict, didn't seem to mean any harm. She hadn't spoken of shipping snow off like she had with the boys. She didn't seem to be any trouble. After all, Snow was the real daughter of the man the woman had married, surely there was favor there for the girl?

Yet, there wasn't. In fact, after the protection of her seven older brothers left her, Snow saw the true colors of the woman her father had married. She was a nasty woman. One who belittled Snow and turned the normally optimistic and sunshiny girl into her own personal maid. And though she was going through all of this mental abuse, when her brothers would call her, asking how things were, she would lie. She didn't know why she would she was just fine and happy when she really wasn't. Perhaps it was to keep her brothers from getting into trouble or doing something she knew they would regret. But either way, she suffered silently while her brothers lived out their lives away from her, unable to see them thanks to her step mother's iron grasp on her life.

Things would not stay this way for long though, because some very vital information was brought to her Step Mother's attention and the woman was not happy about it. Not happy at all.

Snow's father had been a wealthy man. That was one of the reason her step mother had married him, hoping that when he died, she would get every single cent of his fortune when that happened. And for a while, she did have complete access to that money. Yet, one of her dead husband's personal lawyers came forward with the man's will, giving her news that angered her tot he point of blind rage. The fortune she was spending was not hers. No, this fortune was meant to belong to Snow. This had not come to light before because the girl had not been of age to claim her fortune, but now the girl was eighteen and had just graduated high school. The girl at any moment could claim the money as hers and snatch everything her step mother had been working and deceiving for. This would not be something she would allow. It was time to get rid of that girl, once and for all.

She tried to make it look like an accident at first. After all, who would suspect a murder if the girl had died in a car crash? So, when the girl was alone, driving her car, the woman hired a man to hit the girl's car with his own. And even though it was good crash, the girl came out of it with little injuries, much to the surprise of those around her. A few days in the hospital and she was out, back at home much to her step mother's disgruntled feelings. So, the woman waited a bit longer after that, to make sure no one caught on she had been the one to cause the crash, and when she assumed Snow to be asleep, called the man again on the phone. This time, the man would have to do something more direct. No iffy accidents like the car crash. This time, he was to kill Snow White the old fashioned way. With is bare hands and a knife.

But, unknown to her step mother, Snow had not been asleep when she had made this phone call and heard the woman talk about sending this man to kill her. Scared and frightened the young girl made plans for her escape. She would run away, that's what she would do. And so, that very night, the girl packed a bag of all she could carry and snuck outside to make her escape.

Only, when she made it outside, it seemed the man mean to kill her was not one to be fooled. He had come to that house, wanting to do this job of getting rid of the girl as soon as possible, and caught her in the middle of her escape. Much to the girl's fear, the man dragged her off into the snowy woods just outside of her home, meaning to kill her. Whether it was a change of heart or the fear of being caught, Snow would never know, but the man, right before committing the deed, seemed to change his mind. As proof of her 'death' the man cut off the long locks of her hair and sent her on her way, telling her to never return or let her step mother know she was alive.

Listening to his instructions, the girl gratefully left, making her way out of the small woods and onto the street. She already had everything planned. She had already a few months before been accepted into the University of Traverse, the some one her brothers went to (though she hadn't thought she would be going because her step mother had said she couldn't go) and planned to go there. After all, who better to live with than her brothers? The seven of them were sure surprised to get the phone call so late at night from their sister, saying she was coming to live with them, but none of them disagreed and were actually kind of excited they would be reunited with their sister once again. She would be coming to the same University they went to! The same one the boy's grandparents had founded. In fact they had left the house on campus just for them to stay in after their deaths. Their sister could stay with them in that house. It was a happy day for them to actually get their sister back. But, at the same time, why was it their sister was suddenly coming when she had stated she wouldn't attend the same college as them? And more importantly, why was she heading there to them at such a strange hour of the night? This had them worried, but at the same time, what could go wrong? Their sister was going to be with them and they could keep an eye on her, keeping her safe.

But, why did they all have a feeling this was going to come back and bite them in the butt? And more importantly, why did they have a feeling whatever bad would happen it would be caused by the wicked woman that was Snow's step mother?

Ella is one of the kindest girls anyone will meet. She grew up mainly with her father, since her own mother died when she was young, and the two were very close. Or, at least they were until father married her. Her step mother was a wicked woman, who treated her two despicable daughters like angels, while Ella was left feeling left out and put down. Her father never really realized what was going on. While he was around, they acted so perfect, but the moment he left, their true faces would show and Ella saw the truth behind them. Her father died when she was seventeen years old, leaving her in the hands of her horrid step mother and step sisters. They tortured her more and treated her even worse than when her father was alive, making her clean for them constantly. The nickname Cinderella came about when she had been cleaning out the house's fire place and had gotten cinders and ashes all over her. The name stuck with her step mother and sisters so that now that is all they call her.

Now, after graduating from High School, Ella sought to apply at the local university called Traverse University. After she was accepted, her jealous step sisters, never wanting to be shown up by Ella, applied as well, just barely meeting the requirements. Now, while going to college, Ella has to juggle taking care of her spoiled step mother and sisters, on top of trying to keep up with her own school work, as well as doing most of her step sisters' school work too. She has a lot a work cut out for her. Will she be able to survive this troublesome time?
(on a side note, the person playing Cinderella could take this in the route Cinderella Story (the one with Hilary Duff) and make it so on top of all that Ella is working in a family restaurant that her step mother owns but that's completely up to you).

Aurora has always been a bit strange in her sleep. For years, ever since she was a child, the girl would fall asleep and wake up in the strangest places. Fall asleep on the bed, wake up on the patio. Fall asleep on the couch, wake up in the coin pond in her backyard. It was a very embarrassing factor, one that lead her to a life of being stuck within her home all the time. Being raised by her three protective aunts, the women would not allow her to go to any sleep overs or stay out too late. After all, they wouldn't want her falling asleep and wandering off somewhere strange would they? Locks were put on the doors that would leave them all bolted in the house until morning when they unlocked them with a key. This was for her own protection so that she wouldn't get herself hurt by going outside in her sleep. Worry, worry, worry, that was all her aunts every did. While Aurora grew tired of the constant worrying her aunts did over her, she understood. They were just looking out for her after all.

But, they couldn't look over her forever. Aurora applied to the University of Traverse and was accepted. Now with High School out of the way, she's ready to start her new adventure. Despite the pleads of her aunts, she left for college. The question is, how much trouble will her sleep walking stir up?

Belle always loved books. Ever since she knew how to read one could not wrestle a book from her hands. They opened up new worlds for her, leaving her dreamy and search for something more than just the average life she was living. Her father often times would support her dreams and give her confidence and everything she thought and wished for. He was an inventor (perhaps not a very good one, but sometimes his ideas were pretty cool) and so strange and crazy thoughts or dreams were what he lived on. To see his daughter living on dreams like that just made him proud of her. For years, they lived a simple life of her taking care of her father as he grew older and her father continuing his crazy dreams of hoping to be a great inventor of the next best thing. It was when Belle had just finished her last year in high school, that her father heard of some sort of inventors fair taking place at some university that things kind of took a turn for the worst for them.

Belle bid her father fair well as he went on the trip to this university a few hours away, but it wasn't even a day later when she got a phone call from people that ran the university, saying that her father's invention had broken a (insert expensive item you come up with here) and now they had to either find a way to pay for it or her father would be put into jail. Rushing to this university, Belle meets with her father, as well as the board at the university and the eldest grandchild of the deceased founders of the university(in other words, he basically owns the university). After hearing the two could not pay for the broken item, the board is about to call the police, when Belle makes a surprising offer. She requests that she be allowed to work at the university to pay off what her father broke, taking the burden from her elderly father.

The board looked about ready to refuse her of this, when the young man who very well held more power in the university than any of the board members, agrees to the girl's request, saying she could work in the university until his watch. And so begins the girl's legal enslavement to the university under the rule of the rather grouchy young man.
(the person playing Belle will get to choose what her father broke, as well as how she will work off the debt (such as working at the cafe, or cleaning something, ect.)

(warning, Tiana's story is not fully fleshed out and missing a lot of detail as to how her story will go. if you are itnerested in playing her, message me so we can discuss what we can do to make her story better so that she can be apart of the college life with the other girls)
All Tiana wanted was to make her father proud and open up the restaurant he had always talked about. Through out her high school career, she went to school during the day and worked all night to try and save up money for this dream she and her father once shared. Working her butt off, she continued to get tip after tip until finally she did it. She had enough money saved up to buy an old building that had once been apart of the local university. She could make that into her restaurant and live out her father's dream for him. Yet, things go wrong when someone with even more money than her comes along to buy the restaurant right out from under her nose.

Now, with her dream ruined, she has to try and find a way to pick herself up. Yet, things do from bad to worse when she meets him.
(like I said, not a full fledged background for her. but I figure we can figure out something of how her prince interferes to make things even worse for her and send them on a crazy adventure XD)

Rapunzel grew up with a very...protective mother. In fact, her mother was always so protective the young blonde girl was never even allowed to leave the attic that had become her room, much less leave the house at all. The most the girl got to see of the world outside of her home was through a small window in the attic. Even then though, with the house being so far apart from the nearest neighbors and main road, she still didn't get to see much. But, there was one thing she did always see and wished she could see even closer, in person.

The fireworks. Every year on her birthday, fireworks would shoot off into the sky, leaving her breathless at their beauty. And every year she would ask her mother to take her to go see them. yet, every year, her mother refused and would always go on to lecture Rapunzel about how dangerous it was out there and how a 'child such as herself' just wouldn't be able to take care of herself if she left the safety of the attic. Still though, she continued to dream about one day going to see such things.

And a young man breaking into her home could be just the answer she is looking for.
(basically, I'm thinking her 'prince' gets dared to do something really stupid and in hiding form the cops or whoever is chasing him, breaks into Rapunzel's house, thinking no one lived there (perhaps it is a bit run down and looks abandoned) only to get clogged in the head by a frying pan XD and when he wakes up, he gets black mailed into taking her to go see the fireworks and in turn find out the truth as to why her 'mother' never let her leave the house she was kept in)

(Some characters have multiple roles. For instance, all of Snow White's brothers are also the 'princes'. If you wish for your character to double up on roles, let me know and we might be able to work something out. Also, more characters can be added upon request over conversations. But they have to be characters having to do with Disney and must fit into the college life of the rp to help the story progress)

(I am looking to add a couple more girls to this list. I was thinking maybe Jasmine or even Giselle? Or maybe Anna and Elsa? If you think you have a way to fit one of those or even another 'disney princess' into the story, message me and let me know)

Snow White- AHeartlessNobody

(For the seven brothers, some of them have three titles. It will be like this Age of the Brother/'Dwarf Role'/Prince Role. You'll see what I mean as your reading them. There are a few of them that don't have princesses matched to them yet. That is because I kind of ran out of princesses that I listed above ;^_^ but more princesses will be coming so keep an eye out because those who don't have a princess labeled to them will sooner or later
On a side note, just because the youngest is labeled Dopey doesn't mean he's dumb XD He's just a goof ball and jokster. And sneezey doesn't have to sneeze ALL the time. perhaps he's just allergic to one or two things.
Lastly, okay so I know that Tiana's prince is black in the movie. I get that. But, for the sake of the rp, he kind of can't be since he is the blood brother of Snow White and the other six princes. Meaning he will be white. Because of this, I will allow whoever is playing Tiana to choose something. She can either make Tiana white as well is she wants, or she can keep Tiana black. either way, I don't mind. I know I'll probably get some hate for making him white, but it's just what I have to do to make the story fit, otherwise I would have left him the way he was. sorry for any inconvenience)

Eldest Brother(24)/Grumpy/The Beast- AHearlessNobody
Oldest Twin(23)/Doc/Rapunzel's Prince
Youngest Twin(23)/Bashful/Cinderella's Prince
Middle Brother(22)/Happy/
Oldest Triplet(21)/Sleepy/Sleeping Beauty's Prince (why yes, I did put two sleepy people together and I ship it)
Middle Triplet(21)/Sneezy/
Youngest Triplet(21)/Dopey/Tiana's Prince

(Okay, so this is where the other male characters that are not Snow White's brothers will go. Such as Snow White's prince or another prince character/evil character(ex. Gaston, ect). More may be added possibly. We'll see)

Snow White's Prince-

Fondest Memory:
Theme Song:
Voice: (What your character sounds like)
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