College Antics

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    Quill - Holland Tiämät
    Holland, Holland, Holland... The name repeated itself over and over in Quill's mind as he made his way across the college campus chalk full of high school and college students alike, now that it offered classes for them as well. Humans were queer in that way. They seemed more preoccupied with the future than the moment, letting precious seconds tick by as they wander what life would be like months from now with the decisions they make. If his psychology and sociology classes said anything, it was that humans were naturally horrible at multi-tasking, and yet their youth was expected to take on both high school and college. Whole facilities were dedicated to that ideal and it made him wonder why. Holland, Holland, Holland...

    A student on a skateboard contraption swerved around him and distracted Quill from his trains of thought, and he opted to watch his gliding figure until he had the misfortune to run into their peculiar headmaster. He stood put from the crowds of mingling students - despite them made of mostly adults - with shock of blonde hair and startling glare. He watched the heated exchange until the skateboarder backed down, hands held up defensively with a quick side step, and the headmaster stalked away...

    Towards him.

    Holland, Holland, Holland... His repetitive thought continued its loop almost panicky-like while he somehow retained a calm façade. The headmaster knew far too much, too much for a mere human, and how did he go about exploiting his knowledge? "I'll see you in class," the man promised, pointing the unlit cigarette he kept on his person at all times at Quill. The Freshman blinked up at him and nodded. He was always so wound tight, it was no wonder a specific minority of students loved terrorizing him. Though, to be fair, all they had to was enroll to get under that guy's skin. Quill, as Holland, watched the blonde stalk off to find other misfortunate soul to curse at and half dreaded, half looked forward to having class with him. After all, wasn't going to be of nothing but people like him? Well, not exactly like him...

    Bridget "Birdie" Samaras Birdie peeked around the fence enclosing the college campus jittery from a mixture of anxiety and wander. She hadn't even considered the possibility of enrolling in college let alone being accepted, but it was a community college, a fall back plan for students who botched their high school years and were looking for a way to redeem themselves, of course they weren't going to turn her away. While Birdie wasn't particular smart, she didn't fail so badly she needed a second chance, she just wanted to test the waters, if you will. She needed to know college was right for her or if she should take a step back and reevaluate her life choices. Maybe take a break and breathe...

    Merely imagining the disappointed look on her mother's face when she heard her only daughter dropped out of college sent a shiver of fear down her spine. No, she had to do this. She had to at least try to make something of herself.

    "Hello," a familiar voice chimed from behind her, and she nearly jumped right of her skin.

    "Fei!" she squeaked, pressing herself against the iron work of the fence and gazing wide-eyed at her cousin. The strawberry blonde merely flashed his most charming smile at her, producing a rose from seemingly nowhere and offering it to the flustered younger Samaras. She swore he had to be a rose priest or something, seeing as he always had a rose handy. But he never carried anything with him that would suggest any foul play. He just always had a rose of him for whatever reason.

    "For you, my lady," he hummed. "A token of luck to see you through your first year of college." Birdie blushed and accepted the rose, following after her cousin when he strode right passed the front gates like he own the place. "Don't look so nervous. At least now you only have a class here and there and then your done!"

    "Yeah but..." There was a class that seemed almost mandatory but only a select few had been chosen to attend, the same class she shared with Fei despite their different in interests and not to mention age group.

    "No buts!" He cut in, not allowing her to finish her thought. "See you later!" Just like that he danced away to charm some other unsuspecting soul with his mysterious rose magic and brilliant smiles, leaving Birdie to stare after him in a daze. What was she supposed to do now?