Cold Things

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    Right now, several places are caught in the grip of unrelenting heat. Drought has struck, and for a lot of us, snow seems very far away.

    I don't know about you, but I could use some good cold stuff. So post your images and videos of cold things:

    Snow, ice cream, freezer pops, ice cold lemonade. Let's make this the coolest thread on Iwaku for those who need to chill!

  2. 0 Kelvin

    -273.15 Celsius

    -459.67 Fahrenheit

    0 Rankine

    BRRR. xD.
  3. Sweden, 2008, the girl is a friend of mine, but don't concentrate on her, think about the snooooow!

  4. map-norway.png

    But even through all the cold we keep our hearts warm in the country shaped like a boner. :|
  5. The coldest thing on the planet:
  6. Edward Cullen.

    Picture not required, I hope.
  7. *pokes Torsty* We have a boner too.. it's called Florida..

    Can't believe it looked like this in January of 2009. Summer has lasted all most two years now!

    icestorm2 048.jpg

    icestorm1 046.jpg

    All so...

  8. I ever tell you about that time me and my sister built a snowman/woman/thing?


    Yep, still had poofy hair back then.
  9. Ice.

    Ice water.