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  1. Yeah..i'm drinking it's not decaf..YES THERE'S CHOCOLATE SYRUP INSTEAD OF SUGAR IN IT!!

    What do you like in your coffee or what flavors do you prefer? :P
  2. Chocolate, vanilla, mmm thats about it
  3. I like just a little whip cream on the top to stir in, really..just more sugar...*goes to find some caramel*
  4. ewww whip cream / no likey... Chocolate syrup is just the way to do it
  5. Organic heavy whipping cream. If the beans are peaberry that's great and of course using a French press and nonchlorinated is always important.
  6. lol blame my mom for me likeing whipped cream, it's really the only sugar beside the syprup or caramel from ice cream that I can put in there. She doesn't buy sugars. We use flavored creamers and no sugar. We did stevia for a while..yuck

    Ocha-You know exactly what you want lol i'll have to try that some time :3
  7. Dependability, punctuality and delivery.

    *refuses to explain that joke*
  8. lol really? You're gonna put that out there and just make us wonder XD
  9. Half shall wonder and half shall know.

    *sweeps his cape around him and leaps to the next rooftop, trailing cigar smoke*
  10. Well, i'm definately part of the half that wonders.
  11. I like coffee strong and black.
  12. I'm a sweet person. I could probably drink it...but I don't think I would care for it too much lol
  13. Asmo, I've never known Coffee to be reliable, punctual, or succinct...

    Ahem, I like my coffee with a dash of powdered cream and one cube of sugar. I've been known to go without when I run out of one or both, though, and am too lazy to run to the store.
  14. I usually drink it with powdered cream at my church on sundays. Really helps to wake me up. I don't have time to drink it before I get there. lol
  15. I like mine with a little sugar, a small amount of vanilla caramel powdered creamer, and some Southern Butter Pecan flavored International Delights liquid creamer...
  16. I have no preference, really. I just love coffee. Some coffees are so good, they don't need anything extra in them.

    Usually, my coffee will have Splenda in it. I'll sometimes add cream, particularly if it's a dark blend. Otherwise, I don't add any of those other things like chocolate or syrups. On top of being diabetic, I also feel that it minimizes the flavor of the coffee.
  17. CREAM.
    Staci cannot drink it without cream. T ^T
  18. Vanilla coffee with cream (or whipped cream!) and a sugar cube. 8D


    Iced Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk! SO good!
  19. :D I've had Bailey's before! <3<3<3
    I ordered an Irish coffee and didn't know what it was.
    Then had a headache and laughed a lot.