Coffee is present. ^^;

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  1. Um, hello. I'm not really used to this kind of stuff. o-o I'm taking quite a few baby steps into Role Playing as my brother introduced me to it. c:
    I'm usually a writer, or a guitarist. I play piano and violin also.
    I'm all into video games too! I'm a Pokemon Master! duh pokemon is the best. I'm pretty good at Super Meat Boy and Lucius. x3.
    UM, I loooove anime and I loooove yaoi, but I tend to keep to myself as I'm not big on the porn industry ._. My girlfriend isn't either xD
    Uh, yes I am a lesbian though I've only told few. SO CONSIDER YOURSELF SPECIAL. <3
    My username was inspire by that one episode of Ghost Adventures o-o
    I hope we can be friends? xD
    Oh, and furries
  2. Welcome to the forum, Coffee person 2.0.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  4. Well, hello, there! It's so nice of you to join us!
    And many thanks to your brother! We always enjoy helping new roleplayers get accustomed to the art. If you want assistance with anything, don't be afraid to ask.

    I would be happy to assist you in any of your needs. *grins*
    Now if only you didn't mention a girlfriend... *grumbles*
  5. ^ Don't mind Jovi~ ^^

    Welcome to the site Coffee! I'm happy to see your brother introduced you to our wonderful little community! ^^ If you need some info on how Iwaku works, check out the Community 101! If you are looking on how to get started with Roleplaying, check out our Roleplay 101 as well! ^^ The Roleplay Academy is also a great way of becoming a better Roleplayer as well as learning a few new tips!

    If you ever need some help or have any questions, feel free to contact me or any other staff member on Iwaku and we will happily lend a hand!

    Hope to see your RPing soon! :D


  6. Welcome.
  7. Oh my o-o
    Thank you all x3
    I'll be sure to ask if I need anything ^^
  8. *stumbles in through the door, giggling*

    Hello, and welcome. Fun times ahead. XD

    Don't change your username, or I will find you and make you change it back. :P
  9. Welcome to Iwaku fellow pianist, lover of Yaoi and part of the LGBT community! *waves* YOU BETTER LOVE YIRUMA TOO OR ELSE... *waves piano about threateningly*

    Just kidding. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay in Iwaku! The people are really friendly, willing to RP and ready to help, so if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! Since you're just starting out, the Jump-ins might be the best place to begin. The Roleplay Academy is also there if you need any help from mentors that will teach you about the fine art of RP.

    Again, I hope you enjoy your stay and may you breed more plot bunnies to add to the plot bunny hordes of Iwaku that will one day take over all the earth!
  10. first id like to say welcome.....
    and to get this out of the way....


    Did you say..... yaoi AND furries you be to your liking?
    HURR. (open)

    Furry Traps...

    I also know this Devianartist who does the most prettiest fluffy furry girls...

    Im sure we will be quite good friends ^^
  11. asdfghjkl;
    I love it here already x3.
    Malkuthe Highwind, ironically, I LOVE Yiruma. Moonlight is my favorite o3o But yes, I've already started in requesting for a One on One RP because although attention is nice, many characters can get a little frustrating.
    ​furry hips furry hips
  12. Welcome Coffee I really hope with all this attention you are getting, that you save some RP Action for me.
  13. xD Don't worry, I've got plenty of energy from sleeping all day.
  14. *Eyes Coffs and the New Coffee Girl*

    Brother you say....


  15. MM YES.
    ​stupid ass brother