Coffee and Tea

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  1. Coffee and Tea are like a brother and a sister. The brother, Coffee is an energetic athlete with asthma. The sister, Tea is like an intellectual with MPD and a penchant for smoking weed.

    They both really like this one polyamorous boy named Milk who reciprocates their love, however, Coffee doesn’t want to share Milk, while Tea is completely fine with it. So, sometimes, Tea needs to talk to Sugar, a polyamorous non-binary (born female if you must know) to sweeten up her life. Sugar meets Coffee, and they also kind of fall in love.

    Then Sugar and Milk meet and they kind of like each other too so they talk to Coffee and Tea to see about a polyamorous relationship between the four of them. Tea’s okay with it because she’s an intellectual and is well-read and quite liberal, so she’s cool with it, but Coffee takes some convincing.

    So they decide to have a test fling, and then Coffee decided that being in a polyamorous relationship is totally cool. Coffee and Tea have never been closer. The four live happily together in Southern California. Coffee becomes a coach for the Bruins, Tea becomes a librarian, Milk becomes a bartender, and Sugar becomes a stripper. They’re all delighted.

    (Entities I plan to add: Honey, Splenda, Ice, Cola, Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Lemon)

    I basically just personified Coffee, Tea, Milk, and Sugar, and then shipped them in a polyamorous ship.
    OT4 forever
  2. Honey is a student at UCLA. She’s an Arab girl born in America and a spiritual Muslim. She’s an all-star on the Bruins’ Women’s Basketball team. She meets Coffee and after awhile, they get to talking about life. Honey finds out about Coffee’s polyamorous relationship and seems interested, so Coffee takes her home one day to meet the other three. Honey and Sugar kind of butt heads a bit, but everyone else absolutely falls in love with her.

    Sugar decides that they can’t really agree with each other on certain issues, so they decide that they’ll just agree to disagree - with some coaxing from Tea, of course. Eventually, the issues they disagree on are set aside, and occasionally, Sugar and Honey get together when they aren’t fighting over Coffee and Tea.

    Honey moves out of the dorms to live with them and graduates magna cum laudi. She becomes a professional Basketball player and gets signed with the LA Sparks.
  3. A few months after Honey moves in, Tea gets messed up with a girl named Splenda. She’s a drug addict, a local thug, and a sister to Sugar. Tea makes the mistake of taking Splenda home with her one day and Sugar goes crazy, listing all the reasons Splenda should leave immediately. Tea originally tries to defend her, but then Honey finds herself disagreeing with Splenda as well.

    United in their hatred for Splenda, Honey and Sugar team up to explain to Tea why Splenda can’t be trusted. Tea gets the first hint after some of her jewelry gets pawned by Splenda, but tries to make her better. Eventually, Tea decides that the two are right and leaves Splenda. Sugar and Honey make up from their issues as a result of this and the five or bound to each other even tighter.
  4. There’s a boy who lives on Hollywood Boulevard named Ice. He’s aloof, but really he’s just shy and unsure of himself. He can’t really understand who he is. He’s not sure who he likes, what he likes, or who he is. Not even if he’s a he.

    Ice works at a grocer as a cashier. One day, Coffee was picking a few things up when he saw Ice. He waited in a heavy line (the length of which deeply upset Ice) just to meet him. Once Coffee was up and checking out, he tried to talk to Ice while he went about his work, but he sort of just stayed quiet. Coffee decides to tell him about himself until Ice asks him (politely) to stop talking to him. Coffee obliges against his better judgement.

    A few days later, Coffee’s shopping at the grocer again and notices Ice working the register again. He waits in line once more to talk to him - it was a much lighter line this time. Coffee starts talking to him again, and when Ice remembers him, he apologizes for his previous conduct, but remains silent.

    The next time Coffee goes shopping, he again goes to Ice. This time, however, Ice starts talking to Coffee. He tells him about his insecurities and how he’s so unsure of himself. Coffee says he’ll pick him up this afternoon and introduce him to the others. Ice agrees and Coffee leaves, coming back when Ice’s shift ends.

    Ice meets the others and is overwhelmed at first, but they all welcome him - and Honey is stuck to him like glue. The group gets to talking to him and trying to help him with his problems. Even then, he still finds himself questioning everything about him - and then Honey gets an idea. She asks Ice to simply accept the uncertainty within himself and experiment to see what fits him. Ice notes his antisocial lifestyle, which just causes everyone to grin.

    Ice never really finds out who he is, but becomes satisfied with the fact and gets in on the polyamory. He becomes the manager at the store and starts becoming more talkative towards others.