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  1. Welcome to the C++ Coding Shop


    cout << "Welcome to my Coding Shop! ;P";

    What do I do?

    I write C++ programs for anyone who does any number/dice heavy roleplays. If you have any specific equations or values to calculate I am willing to program them for you. Simply sent a request in this form and I will write the code for you.

    My Skill Level?

    I am semi-intermediate in coding C++. I can write all of the basic functions such as writing equations and programming if/switch statements. I'm also able to use loop programs and generate random numbers to simulate dice rolls. If you have any other questions post below.

    Why am I doing this?

    I guess I'm bored? Nah, a lot of roleplays run slowly here especially when they are number/dice heavy. Hopefully by writing programs I can help speed up of the slower roleplays around here by writing programs.

    How do you submit?

    You send a submission by filling out this form:

    Does your system involve dice?
    What do you specifically want the program to do?
    Give a summary of how your system works.
    Provide the equations for your system.

    If you want to keep this information private you can do a PM.


    None it's free. Perhaps a chat or a favor. ( If you want )



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