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  1. Yeah, not too sure either. However, I don't suspect we'll be focusing too long on Sam/Cross/Jade/Lorentz at the docks for very long. The action is already underway and the only other two major points that need to be made at the docks is the four characters meeting each other and eventually Lorentz escaping. At that point, we can probably shift focus.
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  2. I can't wait to start reading!
    *Needs to find le book*
  3. I'm debating if i should play as Arty or someone new for the next murder game
  4. "It's more like being a distraction so he can run off with Alena."
  5. "The longer they're missing, the slimmer the chance of them being alive. Just do whatever. I'll be here, with MY baby." Harmony held Melody closer to her.
  6. Melody was half asleep as she nods at Astorath.

    Harmony gently continue to rock Melody lovingly.
  7. "I still expect her to be standing over my bed when I wake up."
  8. GENRE: Scripture (Fairytale)

    TITLE: Rose Red

    Show Spoiler


    FRONTISPIECE: German, 198 years old.

    FOREWORD: Little more than a child, Rode Red is the embodiment of childish innocence and energy. Others regard her with respect, for she is an embodiment of purity and sincerity.

    META-CHAPTERS: Rose Red can soothe angry spirits with her genuine motives and actions, she rarely comes to harm from any living creature because of this soothing effect. Only the truly wicked would harm a guileless child.

    SUB-CHAPTERS: Rose Red is associated with summer and has a degree of influence over heat and animals in fantasy settings. Rose Red cannot implement scorching heat into an icy tundra, only warm little spots. Her animals that she can influence are summer fare: swallows, butterflies, and the like. She also has an uncanny connection with bears of any kind.

    In comedic settings, Rose Red can convince others to momentarily forget their original plans and aid her in whatever she needs for a few minutes. This does not always work if the person is passionately intent on their goal.

    BIBLIOGRAPHY: Rose Red is deeply attached to her twin, Snow White. The two were always together, sharing all that they had. Their mother was a good, kind woman who raised her daughters with humility and honesty, as well as compassion. The two were said to be polar opposites, and yet the best of friends. Snow White is more fair in complexion and more gentle in nature than her sister. Rose Red spent many months of her childhood tumbling through the forest and dancing with wood thrushes. Snow White and Rose Red are often called upon by others as mitigators and decision makers because their decisions are unsullied with bias, greed, or personal motive.
  9. Asmo! I want this to live x_X
  10. It's living, it's living.

    I've got the IC half-written and waiting on notepad.
  11. This is a kickass concept...but we've lost two to remarket the idea Asmo? Or archive for now?
  12. I'll try a reinvention...