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  1. Yeah, not too sure either. However, I don't suspect we'll be focusing too long on Sam/Cross/Jade/Lorentz at the docks for very long. The action is already underway and the only other two major points that need to be made at the docks is the four characters meeting each other and eventually Lorentz escaping. At that point, we can probably shift focus.
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    GENRE: Ancient Literature/Manual.

    TITLE: Tao (also known as The Art of War.)

    FRONTISPIECE: Tao originated in China, and is currently two millenia and six century's old. He came into being when a brilliant strategist put his thoughts down on paper, formulating a few simple rules to follow for effective warfare.

    FOREWORD: Tao is well known as one of the founders of military knowledge, as well as a brilliant strategic asset for Librarium. Having long served as the realms general, he has now retired to the more influential position of military advisor. In matters of strategy (whatever kind of strategy, though mostly military.), his opinion matters greatly, and many realms have indeed heard from him. Outside of his area of expertise, there's only the little influence he's gained because of his age however.

    -Skilled in the use of ancient to medieval weaponry and armor.
    -A brilliant strategist
    -An effective leader of men, though not necessarily of nations.

    -Skill: In any setting where armies still duke it out with swords and arrows, Toa can draft a small army in a seemingly impossible amount of time. Afterall, what is a general without an army?
    -weakness: has little control over the quality and type of troops he drafts. Even with proper knowledge of the setting, drafting troops to his liking will be difficult, and most times they will need training or will inconvenience him or his allies in some other way.

    He has an some affinity for other old chinese works, especially in the upper echelons of Librarium society. Most military works look up to him, and he counts many sons and daughters amongst them. Even though his influences reaches reasonably far, he has no real alliances to speak of.
  3. I'm heavily leaning towards something along the lines of The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes. Would that be legit? Considering, the 'complete works' consists of 4 novels which are, well, not VERY novel-length. More novellas, actually. Then there are, of course, the whole mess of short stories... I believe though, The Complete Works would be considered 'Classics?'
  4. GENRE: Low-level Classic

    TITLE: Imajica (sometimes known as Maestro)

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    FRONTISPIECE: Imajica is only 20 years old and hails from England. He was brought into being many years after his more-powerful brothers, Hellraiser and Candyman.

    FOREWORD: Imajica is respected as one of the most intelligent of the contemporary Classics, with an eloquent and imaginative personality. He is androgynous and highly sexual, dressing in vivid colours and embracing all beliefs and persuasions. When committed to a cause, he is both intense and very thorough in his approach.

    - Seductive and freaky in the bedroom
    - An eloquent and inspirational speaker

    - Pneuma Breath: In any setting where gods exist, Imajica can create great telekinetic blasta by blowing/spitting into his hand and throwing the breath like a ball of force. This power is completely useless in non-religious worlds.
    - Reconcilement: In worlds where multiple realms/dimensions are active, Imajica can sense the parallel realms and... with tremendous effort... open doorways between them. However, in single-dimension worlds, Imajica's mind is clouded and he becomes irritable and intolerant.
    - Divine Linguist: Imajica can pick up the language of any creature with a soul within one day of study. Any creature without a soul remains completely alien to him and he has no chance of understanding them.
    - Remembrance: Imajica can enable people to remember things they have forgotten, including those who have been mind-wiped or traumatised. However, there is a 50/50 chance this power will backfire and make him forget things about himself in non-spiritual worlds. (I'll roll a dice for this).

    BIBLIOGRAPHY: Imajica has solid friendships with most fantasy Books and also a number of sadomasochistic Porno allies. He is allied with all Goddess-related Scriptures. He is disliked by Bible. He can sometimes call upon the aid of his powerful brothers, Hellraiser and Candyman in times of need.
  5. GENRE: Fantasy/Adventure

    TITLE: Morgawr (Third and last book in the "Voyage of the Jerle Shannara" trilogy)


    Looking, hope it'll be up soon.

    FRONTISPIECE: Publishes 8 years ago in the U.S.

    FOREWORD: The trilogy are the younger siblings "Sword of Shennara" and the family resemblance is clear. Almost straddling the Fantasy-steampunk line.


    Strong, tough, and an understanding of non-electronic mechanisms.

    Proficient with light melee weapons.


    Wishsong:Magic carried by voice, or most often humming. It performs the caster's deepest desire at the time of casting, the trick is to remain calm and focus on what you want it to do. Is known to be able to change the forms of others, extend the caster's senses, and create illusions completely believable to the person seeing them, and to enable the caster to understand any language.

    The sword of Shannara: Reveals all truths to the person it touches and t the wielder focusing on the lies we tell ourselves. To be able to use it you must accept all truths about yourself. It can also be used to sense the truths about any object.

  6. Reserved Space.

    Possible Book Titles

    Dante's Inferno


    Count of Monte Cristo

    The Screwtape Letters

    World War Z

    DnD Player Handbook

    R.A. Salvatore's Homeland

    Ed Greenwood's Elminster saga

    David Eddings...Either a book from the Belgariade or the Mallorean...not sure which.

    Pm me for suggestions on any you may prefer to play with...or catch me on msn...Trying to decide what I want to do.
  7. GENRE: Classic

    TITLE: Canterbury Tales (prefers to be called Canter)

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    FRONTISPIECE: Canter was born more than six hundred years ago. Even he does not know the date of his birth anymore.

    FOREWORD: Known far and wide as a storyteller and societal commentator, Canter's reputation is nonetheless declining as of late except amongst the older generation and the social elite.

    META-CHAPTERS: A comprehensive study of knights and squires for one of his social commentaries has given Canter knowledge of horseback riding, swordsmanship, and use of the lance.

    For chapters where magic works: Canter's music has a tune to it that reverberates with the soul, allowing him to inspire men to exceed their mortal limitations, becoming faster, stronger, wiser, and so on. Weakness: any loud noise or distraction will disrupt the music, preventing its effects from working.
    For chapters dealing with medieval times: Canter's intensive knowledge of society allows him to easily disguise himself as a member of the populace, giving him the ability to take on any role. Weakness: Canter's disguises are limited to what he can find lying around, so without the proper materials, he cannot disguise himself correctly.

    BIBLIOGRAPHY: While a close friend with many of the older denizens of Librarium, Canter is distant with the newer generation and tends to hold their morals in low regard. He can occasionally get flashes of information picked up from his conversations with the men and women of yore to aid him in his battles and troubles.
  8. Coming up with a char!
  9. GENRE: Scripture (Fairytale)

    TITLE: Rose Red

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    FRONTISPIECE: German, 198 years old.

    FOREWORD: Little more than a child, Rode Red is the embodiment of childish innocence and energy. Others regard her with respect, for she is an embodiment of purity and sincerity.

    META-CHAPTERS: Rose Red can soothe angry spirits with her genuine motives and actions, she rarely comes to harm from any living creature because of this soothing effect. Only the truly wicked would harm a guileless child.

    SUB-CHAPTERS: Rose Red is associated with summer and has a degree of influence over heat and animals in fantasy settings. Rose Red cannot implement scorching heat into an icy tundra, only warm little spots. Her animals that she can influence are summer fare: swallows, butterflies, and the like. She also has an uncanny connection with bears of any kind.

    In comedic settings, Rose Red can convince others to momentarily forget their original plans and aid her in whatever she needs for a few minutes. This does not always work if the person is passionately intent on their goal.

    BIBLIOGRAPHY: Rose Red is deeply attached to her twin, Snow White. The two were always together, sharing all that they had. Their mother was a good, kind woman who raised her daughters with humility and honesty, as well as compassion. The two were said to be polar opposites, and yet the best of friends. Snow White is more fair in complexion and more gentle in nature than her sister. Rose Red spent many months of her childhood tumbling through the forest and dancing with wood thrushes. Snow White and Rose Red are often called upon by others as mitigators and decision makers because their decisions are unsullied with bias, greed, or personal motive.
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    I've got the IC half-written and waiting on notepad.
  12. This is a kickass concept...but we've lost two to remarket the idea Asmo? Or archive for now?
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