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A little earlier I was trying to go back into the OP for a group RP that I'm running to fix a some unintentional centering and then the code started to go all weird. There were extras of things that I hadn't put in there, specifically accordion slides but when I deleted the extra code, nothing showed up the right way, so it still wasn't fixed. I'm not sure if I caused it by editing the post too many times, or if it's just a bug?

If I can't get it fixed, would it be okay to create a new thread for the OOC? I attached a picture as an example of what's happening.


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@neptune have you tried editing the post in the BBCode Editor rather than the Rich Text Editor?

Oftentimes making formatting edits (using the buttons in the Rich Text Editor) on an already heavily-formatted post can cause issues breaking the BBcode. If you go to the BBCode Editor, take all the mistaken code out and save, it shoooould fix your problems.
I haven't tried that but I will right now! Thanks!

Sometimes coding can get really crazy, especially if you edit, something messes up, and then you try and edit again, which will mess it up even further. :D If the coding for the post is complicated (I can't really tell from your picture) I'd be willing to take a look at it as well.
I think I've got it. The BBCode Editor seemed to do the trick but I'll PM you if goes haywire again c:
For others referencing, it seems the rich editor isn't very good at keeping bbTags in the right order, which is the primary cause of auto-generated tags.


[/fieldbox]You can usually find syntax errors like this in the source editor by counting tags ([__] is +1 and [/__] is -1). If you end up with zero at the end of the post, you're probably good (or you have an even number of unique bbTags with unresolved twins); if you end up with a positive number, you are looking for an unclosed tag; if you end up with a negative number, you are looking for an undeclared tag.
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