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  1. "hello" amy bows
  2. Hi.

    This section of the forum is for out of character chatting, not roleplaying. Head to any of the areas in the Roleplaying section of the forum for that. Alternatively, if you want to do a roleplay in a chat room rather than by forum posts, you could try some of the in character Chat Rooms.
  3. i didnt meen role play as in full on role play just {amy sits down "hello"} get it so more like role playing about chatting?
  4. Right, so you'd be using roleplay chat rooms for that! Chat Rooms is the place for those sorts of things, and the 'General Chatting' is for discussions about things like sports, news, video games, etc.

    I hope that explains things! If not, you can PM me or any other Community Volunteers or Staff for help :)
  5. Since no one read the title.

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare seemed like a step in the right direction for the franchise known for saturating the market and making millions doing it. It lacked anything to really make it stand out save for the exo-suits and a few new weapons. Otherwise, it felt just like every other Call of Duty I've played since Modern Warfare. The story was okay, CoD does those right, but most of its players ignore it for the multiplayer which suffers from a hostile community. Playing too good? Insulted. Playing poorly? Insulted. This is normal when you figure in the audience who plays it most.

    Destiny, the new franchise made by Bungie, guys who made Halo (and not the new crappy ones). Nice visuals, solid gunplay, a story that's barely explained and not really there at all times. It tries to be an MMO as well without the real MMO achievements or challenge. To me it falls into the same category as Borderlands. Get higher numbers to see higher numbers to watch bigger numbers fly off enemies. Speaking of enemies, they can turn into bullet sponges, really kills the fun poking at a boss for a few seconds, killing the normal enemies that spawn, and repeating for fifteen minutes. I'm sure the game would have been a bigger blast if I had friends who owned it on the same console as me. Sadly, I didn't.

    COD:AW - 6/10. New stuff is nice. But its still too much of the same.
    Destiny - 8/10. Something new. But still somehow feels like Halo with space magic and numbers.
  6. The thread was actually edited, since I'm guessing you didn't see the earlier title...

    As for the games, I personally don't find either game very good or fun. It's simply the style however, not the individual games!
  7. I still had the tab open from when I replied before. Title used to be "random chatting about stuff" before the OP got it changed. :lol:
  8. I've been BAMBOOZLED.

    This won't stand.
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  9. one love your writing style second i think you're right i just posted this because its an ongoing war bette me and them (i'm destiny ther aw) but thank you.
    hope to talk to you soon ~ wolf
  10. i had to change it because i don't know how to delete it
    sorry any whay sorry
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