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Coat of Conflagration OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by BaskinJR, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. (Maybe not out of the sky. Perhaps from a forest on the edge of the battlefield?)
  2. (I was talking to ascensis I believe)
  3. (Ascensis is a god, communicating telepathically.)
  4. Howdy, @BaskinJr! ^.^

    Since you've got a lot of OOC going on to help smooth out your roleplay, I've gone ahead and created this OOC thread so it doesn't clutter your IC thread. For future reference, it's Iwaku policy to do this, as IC posts without IC content are considered spam. :3

    Happy roleplaying! :D
  5. Wha... Magic... Alerts said I was tagged, but there is no tag...
  6. @Ordered_Chaos;
    I did [¬Ědiv="display: none;"]this[/div], which in case you aren't aware actually hides the text from normal view. :3

    I just think long strings of @tags are tacky, so I tend to do this when there're a lot of people getting mentioned. :D
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  7. Any time. :D