C'mon you brilliant rpers! I want you to RP with meh!!!!!

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  1. Heyo!!! Sandy here! I want a sexy roleplay and I'm telling all you brilliant rpers to come and at least RP for a little while with meh please!! I'm pretty much cool with most stuff if you saw the tags. If you have any questions then shoot a PM or post below.

    * <---- this means how much I want to do it. The more you see by a plot/idea thingy the more I want to do it,.

    Anyways.. I'm want to do...!:


    • Fairytail - anime - OC x OC***

    Uh.. And..


    • Supernatural being x Human**** (Can be also Supernatural being, creature, etc.) MxM or MxF

    • Human x Neko****** (Master x Slave, Friend x Friend, etc.. ) MxM
    • College roommates/Sharing a rented building..****** MxM or MxF
    • Mythical creature x Mythical creature**** (it's like the same plot.. But still.)

    Etc.. Wanna RP but don't see any good ideas? It's okay! PM me or post below ideas and we'll work it out!!! Can't wait to RP with you awesome people.
  2. Anyone...? :/
  3. Hello there ^-^/)

    I would love to play the supernatural being X Human. Or the roommates one if that is okay with you. I also have a few ideas of my own too if your interested in hearing them. If not, then that's fine by me.
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  4. Hey.. You looking for a Epic rp. With story lines, plots, romance, action, sex, and lots more.. I can blow your mind.. All you have to do is pm me.
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  5. I'm game for the SupernaturalxHuman or the HumanxNeko if your up for it. MxM is just fine with me.

    Now the question is... are you a top or bottom? ;)
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  6. Human x Neko! Which will be Mxm.. Just saying. Bottom.. 0///0
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