Cloud 9 (half-baked idea help?)

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  1. Hey Iwaku, anybody want to help finish a half-baked idea for a roleplay? Well. Actually it's more like I'm still gathering the ingredients but whatever. I tagged it as plotting, though I guess it's also a bit of an interest check

    So I've got a few basic concepts for this. In a sentence, it's about a flying city called Cloud Nine and some crazy stuff happens there. Have some bullet points below.
    * Big flying city
    * Heavy body modification possible (to the point where you can have functioning wings at least), or other species besides humans/human sub-species. Or just a species of winged people. I dunno.
    * Some Cyberpunk elements, as well as some fantasy
    * Flight! Whether through some vehicle or wings (natural or artificial!)
    * "Pull their tiny wings, these birds will never sing, the songs they used to sing." Because creepy sounding songs.
    * Some antagonistic (though not obviously so) entity, a cult (possibly related to the song above?), a big corporation, something.

    And I'm having trouble putting stuff together. If you've got your ideas, please do post.
  2. Well if there are winged people maybe the antagonist can be
    • a purist cult that believes that they should protect the last of the surviving human race.
    • or a large company that is trying to destroy the company who makes the Body modification
    Hm for the plot I can continue thinking about that.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.