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  1. I have been roleplaying for quite some time, and while I haven't taken part in any mature roleplays, I'm not unfamiliar with what they entail. I need a partner who can be patient with me and help me learn the ropes of this particular genre.

    I am open to playing any sort of relationship, (Male/Famale, Male/Male, Female/Female, Other/Other) though I tend to do better with same sex pairings. I would like to try my hand at both dominant and submissive roles; I don't really have a preference. Multiple partners are fine as long as it's a polyamorous relationship. (As in; Characters A, B, and C are in a loving relationship. Not a situation where characters A and B love C, but hate each other. Though, a ployamorous group working through their issues could make a good plot idea.)

    Limits and boundaries: I refuse to do anything that includes "bathroom play" or abuse. Other than that, I'm pretty open to different plot ideas and kinks.

    If you're interested, or if you have any advice, please PM me!
  2. Sounds like you're in the right place:) Maybe we could see some plot ideas you may have been considering?
  3. Thank you! I completely forgot to put any on here. I'm thinking that because I'm used to plot being the main point of my roleplays, I should probably start off slow. Though there would be plenty of room for the more sexual aspects of the story, I'd probably want 3/4 of it to be plot-related.

    These are just some rough ideas to start with, I'll probably add more later:

    A 19th century romance between two "spinsters"(unmarried women who are financially independent)

    A modern setting with two people who live in the same apartment complex. They wind up bumping into each other by chance, and find out they have more in common than they thought. (a hobby, interest, or maybe even a kink)

    A dark fantasy with two supernatural beings whose species are natural enemies. (we can discuss which species and plot)
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  4. I'm interested in the apartment building one! Give me a pm and we can talk!