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  1. Fate's Rhythm



    Welcome to The School of American Dance.

    For many years, you have toiled and poured your heart into your craft, your medium for expression. Dance, the one thing that occupies your life. You gave up friends and love and a normal life for the slim chance to one day perform here.

    And you have succeeded.

    The smooth glass windows that arch above, both intimidate and welcome you. It seems to good to be true, that you have been accepted into a company far beyond your dreams.

    You are young, talented and sometimes too headstrong for your own good. But you have been accepted as a revolutionary new idea, to allow fresh dancers to fulfill their dreams.

    There only a few of you, compared to your old dance class, a little under 30 you think. Some are clearly foreign, with such beautiful skin and smooth lines of dance, that you are intimidated. Though you are talented, you see so much talent that you never know if you will make it.

    But: you hold a secret. A secret so complex and fantastical and unbelievable, you doubt anyone would believe it. Some are you are half human and their secret ancestry is not human, so to speak. Angels, demons and spiritual creatures far beyond imagining that dwell beyond the rhythmic beat of the dancer's life, the blood of these creatures dances through the veins of some.

    In a place of intrigue, which become mysterious as time passes and the spiritual and mundane mist clash in the most intimate ways. Love and hate, War and peace... These and more will be decided, as humanity and the secrets in the world clash and mix.

    Is Fate's Rhythm always to be obeyed?


    There is now a apartment block which will be used by the Characters, information will soon be provided per rooms, designs and such.

    Loose Schedule for Introduction Day

    Morning-ish: Director's address to entire company
    Late Morning-ish to midday: Mingling time
    Midday to early afternoon-ish: Lunch and more mingling
    Afternoon-evening: Whatever you want (party, dinner, dance practice, etc)


    It is the very first day of the dance year, a time of new beginnings and for many more dancers to start at the Prestigious School of American Dance.
    This is a day for meeting everyone you will be in contact with for however long you stay with us, to meet friends and perhaps find love?
    Meet the teachers and staff you will rely on now, there is time enough to get used to the schedule tomorrow and every day after that.
    Today, you are invited to explore our building and learn the ropes.​


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.