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  1. So I wanted to do a Ranch rp where a city man and his young daughter move in next to a big ranch. The Rancher's Daughter meets him and asks for his help with the farm and they fall for each other really rough Idea. we can smooth it out over pm. it will be a thread rp.

    Just pm me or reply here.
    I will play Ranch daughter and his young daughter. or if you want can have someone who will play the child so it will be 1x1x1 MxFxF
  2. I'll be up for doing this, scorpio. :)
  3. sweet
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  4. If we can, let's do it as a 1x1x1. :)
  5. help me get some one else what role would you take?
  6. The rancher's daughter. :)
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  7. just need male now
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  8. @Elofaki saw you wanted a group rp this be a small one
  9. Yeah I will try and give it a shot.
  10. awesome
  11. pm me
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