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  1. Before I start! I will most likely be playing a furry character (well if the RP calls for it)! I also want this to be long term... Nice balance of smut and story! I tend to be on at least once a day or more. I am in the EST time zone just in case anybody wants to know when I'll be on more likely... so that could be anytime between 7am to like 1am when I'll be on. :)

    I'd love more futa friendly rp partners!

    I hope everyone is having a good day!

    TIME TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! (great... now I have to defeat the Huns... name where it's from and I MIGHT give you a cookie.) I want someone who can help me keep the story flowing. um... um... um... PLEASE be able to write more then one liners. I would like this to be through PM aka inbox. No chat speak in the RP unless your character is saying it. Also use some sort of OOC when talking outside the RP... Not to strict with rules I hope... :)

    On to the next thing! I will be playing a furry futa(It's sorta like transgender for those that don't know and might be curious... also google is a good way to find out what it is.) or male and my partner will be female... I can also do FxF... I'm kinda crappy at it... since you know... I'm a guy... I'll gladly try though if you can be understanding!


    Fantasy! (most loved type! medieval, scifi, and modern! I love them all pretty much. so If you are interested I'd LOVE to do this! :P)


    Best Friend x Best Friend

    Elder Scrolls (I might not know some of the lore... or most of it x.x but I'm really in the mood for it.)

    Pokemon (I've only done this like twice before and I'd like to do more.)

    Demon x Angel

    I like to create plots with my partner so I'm not going to put any down... I do have some though for fantasy based ones. If interested PM me and ask about one or two.

    Hit me with suggestions if it's not on here... who knows I might be willing to do it.

    Ask me questions here or PM me and we can talk there. Uh... think that is everything... If I missed something I'll edit it in ASAP. :P I look forward to hearing from you!
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  2. still looking for people! :)
  3. I am interested in doing a fantasy. If I need to be a furry too then I can do that as well, I play all types of chars including males but that's besides the point. So, what kind of a female char are you looking for?
  4. Hi :)

    I'd like my partner to be a furry but they don't have to be... it's your character so be what you want to be. Hm... what type of female? A more aggressive one is always a plus. XD
  5. Morning everyone!!!
  6. Types have been UPDATED!?!
  7. I stills be a lookin!
  8. Updated once again!
  9. I'd be interested in trying out the pokemon one if you want. Or demon/angle
  10. I'd love to do either :D
  11. Still got room for more :)
  12. Come on you know you wanna rp with me :)
  13. Small update done.
  14. I have a few ideas in mind that you might like
  15. Pm me. We can talk there
  16. Looking for about 2 more active people
  17. Hi i am interested in a demon x angel rp or a fantasy rp. Pm me if i suite you. I write as much as i am given. I am on a lot.
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