(CLOSED) The Tyrant's Daughter [Interest Check]

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    Hello Iwakuans! Izurich here, and I am here today with a plot brewing in mind. Without further ado... here goes!

    Just to get us on the same page. :)
    • All IWAKU rules apply, obviously
    • Please write in 3rd Person, Past Tense
    • 3+ Paragraphs should be the norm, can be more or less depending on the scenes
    • RP through Threads only
    • Anime/Comic/Artwork pictures, no Real-life models
    • Open-minded, this RP will have a lot of dark themes, rape, heavy BDSM, non-consensual, humiliation, age-play, and others
    • NO-go list, I will draw the line at scat, dismemberment, and gore
    • Most important of all, Have FUN!! Yes! We're here to have fun! If there's something bothering you? Tell me! Got an idea? Tell me! Wanna end the RP? Tell me! Good OOC Communication is key to a mutually enjoyable RP!

    I only have one plot and this is what I'm specifically looking for in this thread. I am currently looking for a Libertine RP which focuses on smut, plot is secondary, or 70/30 in other words. This particular RP doesn't need to have deep plot and the like, I simply want to have some libertine fun.

    My current idea is I want to play the step-daughter of a Tyrant, where you will play this Tyrant. The setting is Fantasy, Now, YC (can be male or female, up to you) has conquered MC's kingdom, killing the King and Queen, then forcefully taking MC as your step-daughter. Of course, being the evil man/woman he/she is, YC treats MC more like a sex slave than a daughter, rapes her, does heavy BDSM, even letting his/her generals have fun with her on a regular basis. :devil: Interested?

    • I am open to suggestions, but the central plot must be what I've put above
    • Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Post here in this thread or PM!​

    Hope you see some interest! Good day, folks!
  2. Stiiil looking! Come on, folks. I don't bite, in fact I am looking for a partner to bite MC!
  3. Found a partner! Thank you so much, guys!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.