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    Hi YUKI-SAMA here!

    Looking for Furry and Anthro and Monster girl Rp Lovers. I want you to have experienced since I am not super well versed myself. if your super new and still want to try please inform me that your super new don't lie to me about your level of experience. But yeah I'm looking for someone who knows their way around a bit more with the rules and what not. I've been doing Furry, Anthro, and Monster girl for almost a year now so I'm not super new myself but I still am not as experienced as I want to be. so feel free to send me more website links. Teach me more rules and fun things stuff like that.

    Before I start anything. Please read my expectation to see if we would even be compatible. please read them to the end. if you can't read to the end then it might hinder our relationship so please read to the end. My expectations are listed below. if you are unable to meet or follow any of them please leave me now. I've been roleplaying for years and I know I maybe seem bitchy but I'm kinda of done with jerks.​


    • Someone who brainstorms with me and contributes to the story , plot, and characters as much as they can.
    I understand that im seeking it's polite to suggest and entertain plots to the person that answered but if were two pages in and I've been trying really hard to find something you like, please start suggesting or helping me out as well. This falls under brainstorming. I know if your new this might be new for you but please still try to guess or throw things in the air so that I'm not sitting there all alone trying to please you, I get discouraged after awhile. I spend time to make each plot that I try to pitch. So when I find something that clicks I get really excited but if something never clicks no matter how hard I try please help me.
    • Someone who is honest and tells me when their upset or don't want the plot to go in a certain direction or when their bored, or if I hit a trigger or a limit tell me immediately.

    • Someone who corrects me when their super passionate or knowledgeable about something and I might be portraying it in a way that is offensive or belittling.
    This has limits, don't assume I'm stupid or dumb, in situations like the example I listed below I prefer to be guided but I don't like complete hand holding. I've been on here for a bit and I've been roleplaying for awhile so not a newbie. :) Of course, I don't know everything either no matter how long I've roleplayed if your an old timer or you have new tricks to teach me I gladly accept your advice or criticisms I'm an open person.
    Ex. I am doing a rp about Autism, as a person who knows little on the subject , I let my Rp partner who claims to know a lot about it , guide me and my partner doesn't expect me to research a bunch on autism to do a fun rp.

    • Someone who stays (I shall elaborate below)
    I'm only going to be super free for a month and a half this summer but one thing I haven't done all year is found a single new Rp partner. My circle of trusted Rp partners is very small. If you going be my partner you need to communicate with me. If something is going on, and I don't hear from you for a whole month I'm gonna delete our rp and block you so that I don't run into again. I know life happens, I'm not mad at partners for leaving if you explain your situation. If you get bored and then decided to just ignore me, I find that very rude. We both are taking the time to do a Rp together, it's hurtful when people just leave without a word. It's like walking away in the middle of a conversation and then ignoring that person's every other attempt they try to socialize with you. If you wouldn't do it to a person in real life don't do it on here, it's rude. Just send me a two-word message "I'm done" and that's enough for me. Waiting for a reply to a Rp becomes very disheartening by the time 3 weeks have passed by. I have ended Several Rp's due to slow posting speed that goes past two month. I Won't shame you but I'll just respectfully take my leave no harm no fall. Also you dont always have to meet my dream replying speed if you follow this rule and communicate and stay. Im really sick of people leaving. I have no patience left for it. If you weren't rude about my leaving or try to shame me then I won't block you but I don't like conflict so if I see you starting to try and badger me or make me feel guilty I block.

    • My expectations on replies and My dream replying speed.
    I think 5 replies a month is fair, so once a week for most of the month and maybe twice in one week this is my expectation at all times this summer!!!!! it goes down when it's not summer but I'm off and its summer so I'd like once a week replies to keep me entertained. Honestly, I myself get really busy and depending on the time of year my posting speed can slow down a lot especially during college. I do get a bit bored if I have to bug you to reply every single time the end of the month rolls around. If I have to remind you twice then I'm gonna end the rp. I get it if something happened then I'll hear you out, but I know now that I can't really handle all reply speeds. Again their will be blocking and leaving if ive tried to get into contact with you twice and its almost been a month. Again this does not have to be your life but lack of communication pisses me off alot and that is what this is. If you cant reply send me a Message! Be polite. I get kinda of sad, or impatient. With the summer coming up I'm hoping to find someone that will go back and forth with me for hours sometimes when the plot is heightened, you don't have to but it's fun whenever it does happen which is once in awhile. I've fallen asleep with a computer in my lap before it makes me feel like an accomplished writer! Yeah! LOLZ So my Ideal and dream partner would reply to me at least 3-5 times in a day during these summer months that I have off :) maybe, even more. It would be great if I had a partner that was free during late evenings and nights that could go back and forth with me some days. I get that days get busy I was not saying this has to be your life if you're my partner. I'm saying that I like to have back and forth sometimes that is all.

    • Talk to me (Optional)
    I love roleplaying a lot. I get that not everyone is social because some people aren't comfortable talking to random people on the internet. I get it. But I prefer someone that will chat with me not only about the plot of our Rp in a separate thread or Conversation but also someone that will just hit me up for friendly chats. I enjoy friendly chats and it's nice sometimes to just talk to someone and see how they are doing. even if I don't know you and never will its still nice. I am an anime geek and have many other interests but part of Rp requests is chatting about things to see if you have the same interests and values and things.

    • Grammer
    Pretty tolerant not that strict. My only rule with grammar is I need to understand you. No putting random words in place of other words if you do so I will set fire to thy grammar with a blazing- Just kidding but it really does tick me off. Can't come up with an example now but if it happened ill tell you and if I do something that you can't stand let me know. My grammar is not the best. Like I said, I need to understand you. Word order is important for me when you switch around your word order I get really confused and will ask you to retype so that I can understand.
    Ex. Order word important is to me
    Don't do that. Please. please. I get so confused , then I feel stupid, then I find the fire, and then I get out the blazing- Just kidding moving on.

    • A Growing and exploring writer that will push themselves and me
    I know everyone gets writers block. I know everyone hits a wall with roleplays where sometimes they cannot continue. I am happy if you realize that you have hit that wall and tell me you need to step out or step back. If you're really having a lot of trouble with my length, don't end the whole rp please tell me and I will shorten it. I've done roleplays two sentences at a time before. It's okay. Also, if you post novels ill try my best to post novels with you and I will push myself the best I can ,but if I need things shortened ill let you know as well. Due to my recent stick in the mud with Novel length posts, i don't favor them that much unless you're going to stick to the whole reply once a week thing as listed above. If you want longer posts and you tell me you can handle it then a once a week reply should be no trouble for you, if it becomes a trouble then we can shorten. I don't like waiting 3 weeks just because posting is longer if you can't ever come up with anything at the end of the week after you have had 7 days (maybe unless something has happened in your life)then doesn't push yourself and we can go shorter. People feel bad when they have to force themselves to write posts so don't force yourself, send me a pm in our OCC and let me know that you can't match my longer length and that you're going to shorten. I won't stab a knife into you, I do get irritated though when three weeks pass by, I ask if you're alright and you were too ashamed or shy or afraid to tell me about the trouble you were having with length. It's fine, I have trouble with length to, I'm not perfect, but I need communication. Lack of communication pisses me off and makes me block people. Please communicate with me. Writing length inst something that grows overnight. Sometimes it's hard and I get blocks too. So it's okay to grow and explore with what you are comfortable with as a writer. I also like someone who challenges me. I can write pretty big posts but I was challenged by more experienced writers from time to time and its fun to see your posts grow a little bit bigger each time as you learn to focus on lots of things in your posts to enrich your partner and readers. it's a fun part of rp and I love it a lot.

    Don't want

    • The 'silent' submissive
    Only had this problem a small handful of times but since it happened I'm gonna list it. I am dominant in some Rps not all but in some. I enjoy it. Of course. But, when it comes to any of my Rp's partner when playing a submissive I've had the extremely frustrating problem of their being almost no dialogue in the rp. Being a submissive doesn't mean you always have to sit in the corner and cower in silence when I'm speaking to you. I get really annoyed when I talk to someone in Character and am trying to get Character development going and the submissive is so submissive that they don't talk to me or answer me or even acknowledge that I'm speaking for a whole 2 pages. I will end of the rp if I warn you twice and you continue to not speak. It's okay if you do it a few times when it's warranted, but don't be so submissive that your not speaking to me. And no two worded sentences or whimpers or forced words that I make you say in the scene do not count. If this happens I will block you I have little tolerance for people who don't work with me even after I've tried to communicate my needs with them. Very very frustrating when I go through this.
    I expect a healthy and steady dialogue in every rp , submissives are not excluded from this rule. I'm strict about this because it's happened and its very very frustrating please don't do it.

    • Sneakers
    Most of the people I rp with don't need to worry about this if you're of age which most of you are, but I know a few members out there that try to do this. I don't want any of the underage members on this site not that all of you do this but some do, to try and start a 'normal' rp with me and then try to make sex scenes happen. I'm not getting kicked off the site for you. You have a whole teen section where you can legally do sexual rp with them. As an adult, i don't feel comfortable doing that with you, you need to explore with people in your own age group. Yes, even in writing. It's a legal issue , I don't control it the US does. I repeat. I don't control it! Leave me alone if you're trying to sneak sexuality into our rp. It's not allowed. If you're new I will inform you that it is not allowed when we start and to not do it. Please, Dont do it. I will block and I won't warn you either ill just leave. It's not worth me losing my account. I will also report you to the admins before I block because clearly you know it's against the rules but don't care, and that dangerous for other people not just you.
    • Kink Shamers
    I don't cast stones, you don't cast stones. I like to Libertine Role play and I've done some very interesting things. No, I don't agree with every writing fetish in the world but I don't shame. if you're here to shame me or anyone else leave me alone.

    • Pouters
    We need to compromise if were Rp Partners. I might not always agree with you and you might not always agree with me. That is what Compromise is for. If neither of us likes what either of us proposes we need to come up with something new. Arguing and bantering with me until you get what you want is not a way to get me to agree, it will get me to leave. Don't do it. I deal with enough people like this in my daily life, I rp to get away from daily life so I have a short fuse when it comes to this.

    • Quitters
    Leaving randomly before the Rp is two posts in for no reason, with no warning, is very annoying. you didn't try to get into the rp and you didn't want to. I will block you if you do this. It's a waste of my time and of yours, don't know why it happens honestly.

    • Silent haters

    If you don't like the way I'm doing something, and then you complain to others about how horrible I am or get short with me in chat, but made no effort to tell me until you exploded in my face, then don't complain. As I mentioned above, if you're not going to communicate don't complain. Gritting your teeth silently when something bothers you, no matter how little it is, is going to reflect in our rp. If you don't tell me I can't fix it, or even attempt to bridge the problem. Please don't be a silent hater, if it escalates I will leave, I will block.

    • Lairs
    I've had people tell me their open to everything when we met and then I find out they're not open to much of the things I propose which is fine but don't lie to me during that question answer period. Saying yes to something that you don't agree with or don't want is a lie. Don't lie to me, it gets us off to a very bad start. I prefer the phrase "Open to most things" no one is open to everything, I'm not, I'm open to most things. Please be truthful of your limits at all times. Don't shy around things to please me or try to come off as nice. It will save us both anguish in the long run if you tell me what you don't like and you tell me very specifically instead of saying things like "don't mind it." or "never tried but I think I can figure it out" . its okay to say no, id much rather have a yes or no then a lie. Also, none of this "nothing triggers me" you can say that you don't know which is a much better way of phrasing it. Everyone on gods green earth has something that makes them cringe or looks away in disgust, of course, I know people have different definition for what triggers are but for me it's anything cringe worthy or that you can't handle emotionally whether it be a personal life experience or just something you always have been fond of for no reason.

    I know this is very long but I'd rather you read this huge thing and deal with me then knowing what your walking into then not reading it. Thank you for getting to the end. I have roleplayed for years and decided that i need to have a very specific lay out of what i like and don't like. Makes it easier for people to communicate with me and for me to communicate with them. I might come off as a bitch but honestly a lot has happened and I'm just tired of people trying to walk all over me so now I'm very clear on what I need and don't need. If people can't handle it I completely understand but id rather someone walk away then stay if they can't compromise, or hear me out. Also, I know not everyone I send this to will read it to the end so if you did I'm glad you're serious and actually care. :) I talk a lot I know.

    Plot Ideas
    -Call of the spirits.
    This plot is very long and Drawn out. Basically, I want three different pairings. The two forest spirits will be monster girls and sisters :) the world is vast and large the humans are at the mercy of the forest and without it, they die. The humans war with the forest on a daily basis. The Forest controls the water though and without the water obviously the humans cannot survive. This world has many rules and I have done it two other times but each time it has turned out vastly different and everyone just steers it where they want to go. It's a Fun plot if you interested please I Pm or Comment below. :) if you want me to go into detail I will. I want a full on Anthro in this and there are monster girls mixed in. I also want a furry. :) This can be a cobination of MXM FXM and FXF if you wish.

    -Clan of the White Lotus
    Clan of the white Lotus
    A leader stands strong among the great clans. Their mission to conquer and lead most of the land. They want to lounge in the deepest Caves and bathe in the cleanest coolest streams and watering holes. They come from nothing but after several death battle and victories, they clawed their way to the top. This strong leader who continues to grow its clan and territory has not yet taken a mate nor have they bore any children. Their journey is still at its start. Their life is full of violence, Adventure, and gifts but there is something missing from it all. This strong leader longs for something more than just land. They continue to travel and Conquer to try and Fill this hole but have no yet found something satisfying and entertaining enough to quench this feeling. The clan of the white Lotus is a clan to be feared. To be accepted into the clans leadership and ranks the new member must be marked by the claw of their totem animals and must consume the heart of the horse to get honor from the gods. They must eat the heart before the full moon. The clan of the white Lotus are quite ruthless and wild but can also be very loving if you are an accepted member of the clan and contribute well to the clans Goals and respect their leader.

    Explanation further on White Lotus Plot:This is a world of Animals with a social order of sorts in the form of Clans. This means cleans of different species can dominate another. This would be Furry and Anthro. We can do Bears. Lions. Buffalo. :) Basically, there will be a leader of each clan and we can play out the different choices and decisions our clan makes. For this, i need a Submissive since the leader will have power over all. The submissive Can be a salve from a previously conquered clan but we can come up with something else since im not sure if i want to do the S and M prisoner thing the whole time. Also, This can be FXF or FXM Whatever your preference kinda of bored with MXM cuse i do it Aloooot. So for this one im gonna say no MxM

    Lastly. I like really kinky stuff when it comes to the Anthro and Furry and things. I like the Animal Penises and Monster girl mating Rituals when it comes to sex scenes. If you're not going to do full furry or are disgusted by said kinks. Please move on. I don't need you to shame me. please move on if that is why you're here. I have been shamed before, mostly by Newbies but still it gets tiring after a while so again sorry if i come off as bitchy but i tried to ward off the haterS!

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  2. I like this
    i would love to do this please
    mostly because I like playing sub, I can play doms to
  3. 'Teach me more rules and fun things stuff like that.'

    You lost me, what rules are we talking about?
  4. Hunter of Shadows:
    Well i got the Monster girl Wiki to kinda of let me know the base of the different monster girls and their rituals and history and such which I thought counts as rules but I've modified said 'rules' so that mating rituals and other things suit my character and time period so yeah I guess your right their arent really rules just general guide lines and I guess you don't have to follow that either. I'm not creative enough to create my own monster girls from the group up. XD also are you more experienced???

    ZeroFighter: Awesome Please Pm Me. and please also tell me your level of experience.
  5. Also just updated the plot and stuff for White lotus feel free to take a Look. sorry for being so Vague
  6. experienced with....?
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  7. Hunter of Shadows:Monster girls, Furry , Anthro and such all that good stuff. :) have you been into for awhile, are you super new? is it your first year like me?
  8. I don't think I know what qualifies as 'experienced'
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  9. O.O okay....,I dont know how much more specific i can get. I simply asked how long you have been roleplaying in this genre. If you dont know the answer to that then i dont think we would be very compatible but if its bad communication and wording on my part in the last two posts please let me know. Sorry if im to direct but i kinda just go straight to the point and dont beat around the bush.
  10. Alright, no need to apologize for anything :) I just wasn't sure how to answer

    Basically I like monster girls a lot, same with furries, and I have a lot of experience writing fantasy in general, does that help?

    I tend not to follow anything from the monster girl wiki to the letter
  11. Um kinda. :) So i take it as a yes. You have done this before. If you like Monster girl and Furries. Like i said i was asking how long you have Roleplayed the Furry/monster girl/ and anthro type roleplays specifically. So if fantasy is different and your new at this please just tell me. If your not new at this and have been doing it for awhile please let me know as well. That was the main gist of my question. I stated communication is really important to me so a bit weary we're not communicateing very well. Is it me?
  12. I thought I just told you D:
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  13. I asked for an amount time and I got no period of time as an answer. O.O I'm sorry. Thanks so much for your request you sound really cool but I don't think were compatible. I don't think you understand my communication very well and I feel like I'm already stressing you out. So I'll save you the pain of dealing with me. Thanks for you interest, though. Thank you so very much for your time. I'm very sorry were not compatible. I wish you luck.
  14. I think you're jumping to conclusions, I didn't tell you time because I don't think it matters, I've been roleplaying for about eight years if it helps
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  15. Oh. Great thats all i wanted to know. Sorry if i did not make that clear enough. In the future please just tell that first. Please Pm and we can plan something if you still wish to. If you dont wish to i respect that. Like i said might come off as a bitch but i tried to avoid future conflict early on. :)
  16. You are NOT coming off as a bitch, do not talk about yourself that way gurl!
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  17. Alot of people call my bluntness and Sharpness bitchy so i kinda just roll with and warn people in advance so that their not personally offended because i treat everyone on here the same way. :D Thanks for sending the PM. :D
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