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  1. Hello! I'm new here, and possibly a bit rusty, but I would like to try to get something going! I am pretty open-minded, so if you think you would like to role play with me but are not interested in anything I have suggested, please let me know and we can talk about it. These are just some specific likes/dislikes, but I will likely try anything at least once.

    * Gender - I am comfortable with either, and am fine with my partner being which ever they prefer and using any preferred pronouns.
    * Horror - Gore or no gore, supernatural characters, normal folks investigating supernatural things, psycho killers, etc.
    * Mystery - I usually like to pair this one up with some element of horror, such as a murder mystery or the mystery of a haunting, things like that.
    * Survival - Plane/ship wreck on an island/in jungle/etc., lost in the wilderness, apocalyptic scenarios(not much experience with this one, but I wouldn't mind giving it a try)
    * Realism - Sometimes I enjoy playing real people dealing with various real-life situations. Real people as in a mundane person of our own creation, not already existing people.

    * Fandoms - I have nothing against anyone who enjoys fandoms, just not my cup of tea.
    * Plotless smut

    I don't mind playing anywhere from PG to R. Rarely will I go into X. If I do, I would prefer it be tasteful.

    My posting ability is usually in the 1-3 paragraph range. Sometimes I post more than that, but for expectation's sake I will state that as my comfortable average. If you post more than that, I will do my best to adjust, but I make no guarantees. I would prefer a partner to post at least one paragraph, but can be flexible.

    My response time is usually at least once a day, although sometimes more depending on my schedule. I would prefer my partner be able to reply at least once a day, and to let me know if something comes up that might slow down responses. I know we all have a real life to deal with too.

    In this thread, I will also post some ideas I have. Some are more fleshed out than others. They are only suggestions, so feel free to suggest other things or tweak the ones I've posted :)
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  2. I've been alone so long...

    Two characters, any gender pairing

    Genre - Supernatural, possibility for romance and/or horror, depending on how the players prefer

    Character (A) is a ghost. They died as a young adult in their home many years ago(at least several decades). Their death could have been natural, or due to foul play. Either way, their home was in a little-traveled location, and they have been unable to leave their property or move on to the afterlife. They know nothing of the times that have changed.

    Character (B) is someone roughly the same age as (A) was when they died. (B) somehow stumbles across the abandoned property. They enter the home, either by choice or perhaps driven there by weather or the like.

    Is (A) happy for (B)'s presence? Angry? Does (A) even know they are dead? How does (B) react to all of this?



    A plane or ship has wrecked. This could be set on an unknown island or in some remote jungle. A few ideas for this:
    1 - Both players are survivors of this wreck and now have to make it in an unfamiliar environment. Both characters did not know each other previously. They could either be opposites of each other, making their struggle not only against the wilderness but also in getting along with each other, or they could become friends or even love interests. Will they survive? Will they be rescued?
    2 - Only one person survives the crash. While making their way through the wilderness, they come across a native, who will be played by the other player. Being in a location unknown to modern civilization, the natives of this area do not speak English. The survivor will have to convince the local tribe that they are not a threat, the tribe will have to react to this strange outsider, all while being unable to understand each other verbally! Is the tribe a peaceful one? Is the survivor safe?

    I like both of these ideas a lot. Both present their own challenges. I suppose this may fall under the 'realism' category due to the fact that these would be real people in a potentially real situation. That is, unless some supernatural element is desired, in which case I'm sure we can work something out.


    Paranormal Investigation
    Once again, any pairing is fine.

    This might not sound very original, but I would like to have a pair of people investigating a house that has been reported to be haunted. Once the pairing makes their way inside, they discover that not only is the place actually haunted with ghosts, but that they are also trapped inside with them. Ideas for the pairs:

    * Two people who regularly work together as paranormal investigators, possibly working for a television show.
    * Someone wants to purchase/sell this property, but wants to be sure of whether or not it is really haunted. Said person hired a few people to determine its status. One claims to be a medium, the other a local with paranormal interest who is new to(but promoting themselves as capable of) paranormal investigation.
    * Two regular people who always wanted to experience a real haunting. They have traveled to several supposed haunted locations, but they never saw anything to prove it. They hear about another place recently, and decide to stay the night!
    * A paranormal fanatic and their skeptical friend. The fanatic wants to prove that ghosts are real, and convinces the skeptic to stay in a haunted location with them for a night.

    Once again, I know this is a somewhat generic sounding plot, but I think it might be fun. Also, if anyone wanted to do this one, one or both of us would likely have at least two roles: one being the human character, the other being a ghost/ghosts.


    Removing Boundaries

    Humans and centaurs have been at odds for a long time. Humans stayed in their designated territories, centaurs in theirs. Finally, after much negotiation between the human ruler and the centaur ruler, it has been decided that the border separating the two should be lifted for the betterment of both races. Humans and centaurs can now move among each other. While there were many on both sides who were fighting for this, there are still many others who still firmly believe that no good can come from this.

    * For this plot, I would really prefer to play as the centaur, but could be just as happy playing the human if need be.
    * Playing at least a few NPCs will likely be necessary for this one, at least to get the ball moving. Anyone interested in this should be willing to attempt playing at least once NPC alongside their own character.

    This is to be a story of overcoming differences, crossing boundaries, and possibly even a love story should things go that way. I don't have a lot of details fleshed out on this one yet, so some things would need to be determined.
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  3. Foundling?

    (A) discovers (B), a child/creature (depending on what route we may choose to go with this) at their front door with no identification, the only note found simply says (A)'s name, pinned to (B)'s shirt/blanket/collar.

    A few ideas to go along with this:

    * This could be a regular slice-of-life sort of deal. Both (A) and (B) are normal, mundane, not-at-all magical beings, both trying to deal with this new situation that has now changed their lives in some way.

    * (A) is a normal human. (B), whether seemingly child or animal, is actually supernatural/magical in some way. Changeling, shapeshifter, or some other thing depending on interest and what we discuss. (A) is, at least at first, unaware that there is anything different about (B). Does (B) know they are different? If so, do they let on right away, or try to keep it hidden? Are (B)'s intentions good (or at least harmless), or does (B) have some nefarious plan up their sleeves?

    * A reverse of the first bullet point in this plot, (A) is a supernatural/magical being, living in either a magical or mundane world, and the child/creature(B) they find also happens to be supernatural/magical in some way. Does (A) know right away that (B) is supernatural/magical? Does (B) even know?

    * A reverse of the second bullet point. (A) is supernatural/magical, but (B) is not. When trying to care for (B), what sort of challenges might (A) face, depending on what it is about them that is supernatural/magic? Does (A) let (B) know that they are different from (B), or do they try to act "normal" in front of (B)?

    Eh, I feel like this isn't the most creative idea, but I do think it could be fun!
  4. Transformed!

    When I think of this plot, I think of occasional almost sitcom-like moments. Humor, some slice-of-life sort of moments, possible romance, and lots of fun!

    (A), a young adult(18-20's), is living on their own for the first time in an unfamiliar place, but soon finds it to be quite lonely. On the suggestion of a friend/family member, (A) desides to get a pet to stave off the loneliness. Eventually (A) finds one, (played by (B) ), and they grow close. But what will (A) do when they discover one day that (B) has become just as human as they are?

    - I am willing to play either (A) or (B), and they can be any gender pairing desired. Ultimately, my desire would be for them to develop a romance (once (B) is human, of course), but I believe that romance can't be forced, so we will just have to see how it works out. -

    * The change from animal to human would be permenant. Which ever of us to play (B) would, at first, have to roleplay as an animal, but the intention is to soon have the transformation made.

    *The reason why (B) would change from animal to human could be worked out between us. Alternately, the reason could be unknown and unexpected by either party, adding to the confusion and mystery!

    *(B) has never been a human before! How will (A) and (B) react to this? How will (B) adjust?
  5. If you haven't any takers for it already, I'd love to have a go at Paranormal Investigators with you. A pair of paranormal PI bloggers, with maybe a web series, investigating a haunted halfway house, former serial killer's residence, or other potentially creepy edifice would be really neat. I'd be glad to help flesh out the mystery and spirits/creatures being investigated as well!
  6. I am very sorry Vermiciro, and any others who may be interested. I have recently had a family emergency occur which will now take up the majority of my time. With such an uncertain schedule, I can not guarantee a timely response, and so will withdraw for now.
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