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  1. Sup my homies! Zizi here looking for a role play or two. Check out my role play resume to get a better idea of what I’m looking for but for now I’ll just throw out the basics here. I’m always looking for long term partners whom post once a day to a few times a week. Longer than a week and I regret to say I tend to lose interest and I’ll think you have too (unless you told me otherwise in a pm). I will always try to let you know if a reply will be more than three days to a week late, all I ask is the same. And if you feel we need to spice up the role play, just say so. Also feel free to pm me and say you’re bored and wanna stop. If you are one of those fickle people who drops role play at the drop of a hat, click back. People who drop role plays and one line replies. Just. No.

    ON TO HAPPIER THINGS! I LOVE OOC CHATTER. Through PM’s is what I prefer. Ongoing plottage is a must as I rarely just spring plots. I always like to run ideas by my partners. Also looking for someone to contribute to the plot. I don’t like to carry the plot by myself. I usually give big replies. Between three and a few paragraphs is my norm and I’m looking for the same. I love to write! Just a fair warning. All I ask is that you give me something descriptive and able to work with. Giving me a one liner after I’ve given a 2-3 paragraph reply is a sure way to make me lose interest. And by paragraphs I don’t mean 2-3 sentences. I mean this:

    Show Spoiler
    All these chances to escape and yet she didn’t. It didn’t make much sense to the vampire and he didn’t like things that didn’t make sense. She explained herself but somehow he felt like it wasn’t true. Yes all of those things could happen. Her running and causing a fit then a painful and swift death on the streets was entirely possible. But he felt like it wasn’t the truth. But then she said something that caught him off guard. She felt as though staying with Mutaba would grant her protection. In the darkness his small smile matched hers. It felt… Good… to know that he was needed in such a way. This was the first time she had stroked his ego, if only a little bit. But there was a deeper feeling, like it felt good to know she felt safe with him. After all he did have this strange desire to protect her. “Well…” He replied smugly. “I would break anyone’s hand should they touch my little raven.” He replied in a dark tone. The ton was not towards her for once but speaking in general.

    His smiled faded as he forced himself to be more serious and less friendly. She started to speak and he turned his face to listen. Now she was opening up, truthfully to him. Claiming she saw blood on the floor and that a voice led her to the room. A voice? He briefly wondered if it was the same voice that called his name sometimes. He closed his eyes and forced that thought from his head. No that voice was only in his head. How did she hear it too? He was intrigued and curious. Who was this woman? This Satine? His eyes narrowed on her and despite the darkness he saw her clearly. She wasn’t lying this time. She claimed she felt as though another person was in her, commanding her to act and speak. He wouldn’t have believed it had he not been feeling something similar. Then words came from his mouth before the thought them over thoroughly. “I didn’t pick you because you had spirit… When…” It was when he started to speak that he realized what he was doing, which was spilling his emotions to her.

    He paused to stop but not finishing his words felt like he was being poked with hot pokers. He looked out the window to avoid looking at her directly. “When I saw you, looked at the fear in your eyes… I just… Couldn’t let you die.” He said quietly as he exhaled. “I’m not a generous man nor a humble one. So saving you was new to me. But… I cannot explain why but… I know you. And yet I don’t remember who you are.” He said glancing at her a fleeting moment before gluing his eyes out the dark window.

    I like to double up on characters since I have so many in my head. Or triple? I feel a well played cast can absolutely add to the arch of a story. It’s something I like to do, not a must. But there will always be one character that will obviously be the focus for me. Action, drama, adventure and violence? Bring it! Epic adventure with wars, murders, twists and turns? Love that stuff like a fat kid loves cake. ROMANCE?? <3 YES PLEASE. Just don’t kill off or maim my babies unless I give you permission. I like dark, gritty, dangerous, adventures with deep real characters and a splash of humor to lighten the whole thing up. That’s an awesomesauce role play pie right there.

    MxF pairing is what I prefer and it’s what I’m really looking for right now, playing either gender. But I will do MxM. I love a good old fashioned well played flowing romance in my rp’s. As far as those intimate moments I can be tastefully descriptive but I’m not looking for smut. More story than sex please. Take this and add in blood and violence and I’m looking for a mature 18+ role play. But that doesn’t mean I’ll only do these options!

    I don’t have tons of ideas. Like I said I like to collaborate with my partners. Make the story ours. But here’s some basic plots and ideas I have. These are by no means all that I’ll play. GIVE ME IDEAS. WE CAN BUILD OUR OWN AWESOME. If we build on ideas I usually pick from a well developed cast of characters that I already have.

    Queen and her Summon (open)

    Taken! Sorry!
    In this medieval land there is a special type of magic. A stone that can trap a soul within and give the being trapped immense power. Be it a creature or person. But those trapped within are nothing more than puppets forced to do the bidding of the one who holds their power. Only allowed to leave the stone only when called. These stones are called summoning stones, and the creatures and people trapped inside are summons.

    A tyrant king wielding a full compliment of summoning gems is taking over the lands, one by one. He seems unstoppable and those who oppose him are quickly cut down. During his pillaging he acquires a new trophy bride. He doesn’t love her but more like prizes her like a trophy. Depending on you, he either took her forcefully or she made a trade. His queen for her kingdom’s safety. Of course the tyrant has made many enemies and it is not long before assassins try to kill the queen. To keep his most prized possession alive he gives her his most powerful summon. A powerful swordsmen whom his father trapped many years ago. For whatever reason you choose she summons the swordsmen, and they form a friendship. That blossoms into love. But when the tyrant king finds out, he will not tolerate this betrayal.

    I got dibs on the swordsmen! So I’m looking for someone to play the Queen of course. MxF pairing of course. I only have that basic idea. And eventually an epic battle.

    On the Run With a Cyborg (open)

    I don’t have a solid plot for this. Only the desire to play my character Luc. In this space odyssey I want Star Wars style fights, on the run from a tyrannical Earth government called GOV and the vicious and ruthless space pirate Madam and her crew. This can take place just on Earth, there rebels fight for freedom from a government whom controls everything. Z37 or Luc was GOV’s best kept secret and their ultimate weapon of war and he would have been perfect. Except for his creator seeking his own for of vengeance by unleashing Luc when he was fully operational. Luc went right to work helping the rebels.

    Or we can move this forward to a full blow space adventure. With ships and what not where he’s helping Madam and her space pirates. Madam is the only pirate helping the rebels, but it comes at a cost. She is ruthless, heartless, and thinks nothing of destroying a ship or building just to take out a few targets. Civilians who die are just casualties of war to her. But for all Luc’s weapons and deadly design, he is not a killer born. Only a killer made. A lamb if you will forced into the body of a lion.

    Give me ideas on your female character here, as of course I play Luc. Will she be a rebel? Part of GOV? Another pirate? The latter two would be more interesting but I’m open for ideas. MxF pairing here of course. I usually don’t get overly technical when describing sci-fi elements, I mostly make it up. And if it sounds right then I go with it!

    Zero to Hero (open)

    You know those stories/video games. You start out the average Joe. A level one fighting rats or mud crabs. A nobody really or someone of little importance. Then something drastic hits you and you are forced to rise to the occasion. Yea. That kinda epic story or adventure. No plot further than that. MxF preferred but if you have an amazing plot or are very good at convincing I’ll go MxM. I’m thinking medieval fantasy but really it doesn’t matter. Kudo’s if you know where mud crabs are from but it doesn’t have to be from that world. :D … Fighting crabs in said game always makes me scream CRAB BATTLE!!

    I will personally draw one character for you if you know what that’s from WITH OUT YOUTUBING OR GOOGLING THAT… First come first serve... UGH CRAB BATTLE!

    Dragon Riders Call to Arms (open)

    An arrogant bad tempered prince is forced to go to the dragon rider academy where all his fore fathers have gone before. It’s meant as the highest honor and a blood right, but no not this prince. He is a good fighter and his dragon bears his skills but he takes nothing seriously… That is until a mysterious dragon rider and his army attacked the academy leaving only two survivors. The prince and a female warrior. Now the prince and his companion must fight against time and the army to warn his grandfather, the king, before the dark army decimates everything in their path.

    I like playing guys… What can I say? I’m a chick who digs male characters. I donno what to tell you. You play female warrior (MxF pairing obviously).

    Genera’s and other stuff I like… (* means favorites)

    -*Fantasy anything.

    -So modern and historical and high fantasy.


    -Magic in a future setting

    -Epic Quest/Adventure/Prophecy/Legend

    -Vampires. (God not the sparkling kind. I can’t stress that enough. >8[ )


    -*Shifters/Druids/Shape Changers. (Think warrior cats but with tribal people who change into animals) (Sorta have plot for this)

    -Anthro (where I got my role playing start! Oh and not furry, anthro.)

    -Totalitarianism. I have a huge massive back story for this set in a futuristic setting. Government ruling a suppressed city. The city fights back.

    -Supernatural (not the show)

    -Sci-Fi/Space Odyssey

    -Treasure hunters

    -Bounty Hunters/Assassins

    -***World of Warcraft (Mostly horde and no not so much blood elves, but can play alliance.) This currently is the only Fanfiction I’m willing to do. And ONLY with original characters. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU RP SOME WOW WITH ME. Just sayin’.

    And that's about it. Drop a message here or PM me. :D
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  2. Elder scrolls. WHERE IS MY PORTRAIT!?

    Edit: Love WoW. FOR THE HORDE.
  3. NOPE. What's 'Crab Battle' from? That's actually what I meant. But since you're Horde I'll draw you something anyways. BLOOD AND THUNDER.
  4. FECK! I know it..I swear I do. It had something to do with a video game I've played before.

    Of course I am, there is simply no other choice. Unless of course you're counting the wrong one.
  5. YES! It is from a video game. An old one at that. And I think it's a rather old video. O-o

    Da otha option be mighty tasty tho, mon. *trollish wink*
  6. Sounds like we can make an interesting rp together. :3
  7. Im just here to say that reference is from that one Metal Gear Solid 3 video about Snake fighting a crab in a cave, at least I'm pretty sure. Also Taurens are best horde.
  8. YES LMAO!! I wasn't sure if anyone would get it. That video still cracks me up. OLOLOLOOOO!! But you nailed it. AND YES YES. Tauren are the best Horde race. Well best race period as far as I'm concerned but I'm bias towards my cow people.
  9. Awesome! I'll message you~
  10. Your post and resume are fun, I would be interested to bounce some ideas with out and see how we click. I am craving a good partner, story and characters. Shall I pm you?
  11. Pm me! Let's see if we can get an adventure of some sort going~
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