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    Okay so before you click it I would like to explain why it's there....about 4 weeks ago I was going to start a 1x1 with someone but they never got around to repling to it and I deleted my pms with them thinking they'd reply and then I forgot who it was that was gonna rp with me but anyway...

    the plot has escaped me but I would like to do an rp with this character and if anyone would like to rp with me please, PLEASE tell me cause I dont want them to die TwT

    Thank you,

  2. I think she's really cool~
    I'd love to do an RP with you!
    Granted, I have no plots in mind at the moment,
    So I don't think I'd be able to XD
  3. Intrested um what type of genre is it? Action, romance, ect
  4. Miss mary I'm sorry you cant rp TwT I may have had a plot in mind =3
  5. I like action and adventure and maybe a lttle romance can be thrown in later XD
  6. awww, anyone else think they might want to try this with me?
  7. whats the plot
  8. criminals of the human and Other race sent to a desert planet that has been found liveable, barely, so they use it as a prison I have pictures of the natives and a few carnivorous creatures.
  9. wow sounds awesomely fun!!!! can we rp?

  10. sure! if you dont mind my premade character?
  11. ahahha i have np with that i have a premade character to ^^
  12. Yami, I'm confused. I just posted a character sheet in the mature section for this RP. Was it in the wrong place, Or is this?