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  1. Hello, I'm looking for 18+ players who proof-read and spell-check to do Roleplay stuff! I want 18+ because I enjoy playing with my peer group, this is not a Libertine request. So, about me; I'll copypaste my resume because profiles are glitchy right now:

    Resume (open)

    I post between a daily and once per week level, depending on the rp/post (not an issue of interest, just of how much thought/preparation has to go into my next post)

    I play both genders equally

    I play straight, gay, and bisexual characters

    I post between Intermediate and Adept levels

    My favourite genres are: Fantasy, Modern Life, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Low Fantasy, Historical, action/Adventure, Epic Quest, Mystery, Historical, High Fantasy, Slice of Life, Survival, Time Travel, World Hopping, and many more.

    My less-than-favourite genres are: Grimdark, Furry, Hurt/comfort, Tragedy, Arranged Marriage

    I'm an aggressive player with my own plots, slightly more passive with other people's, but balanced overall

    Some extra wishes in addition to the ideas below: Harvest Moon, Dragon Hunting, world hopping, slice of life travel story, Feudal Pokemon, regular Pokemon, Detective Story, treasure hunting

    I have lots of plot candies to keep things moving, they depend on the roleplay so it's hard to make a list

    I usually make new characters for new roleplays, and I'll play basically anything but I'm not very good at kids and I prefer to play adults over teenagers.

    Notes: I really really need you to at least spell-checking. Proof-reading is a rewarding habit to pick up, too. I don't like to use character bios either, I'd rather explore and explain characters in the writing.


    Shining Soul
    In olden times, demons stealing and devouring souls was a real problem on Earth, and the last Angel bestowed the holy power to slay demons in one hero's soul. Together they stamped out the demon threat, and Earth settled into an age of peace. Millennia passed, and the hero's descendants forgot their demon-slaying heritage. But darkness has not been idle; from the pits of Hell, a demon is sent incognito to find and destroy the hero's descendant, and send their shining soul to burn.

    Grenville U

    Freshmen students attend a normal-looking university, but discover strange secrets contained within the school. A slice of life RP on a secret-supernatural premise.

    Earth has a twin. A second dimension with magic and fantastical creatures; and it's ending. With the last of the world's ambient magic, the greatest mages opened a gate to Earth, and begged sanctuary. The UN agreed, and the refugees were sheltered in consenting nations around the globe, and programs were set up to acclimatize the immigrants

    The use'
    if you're down for some cliches, it's been a while since I had a good old fashioned chosen-heroes-vs-evil-overlord RP. Dragons and sorcerers and insane rogue Knights and all that jazz

    in a world much like our own, but largely unexplored, a restless islander discovers a shipwreck with one survivor; a person the like of which they've never seen! With no memories in one, and wanderlust in the other, the only thing to do is to set sail and find this strangers homeland!

    A Tail of Pirates
    Anthro time! Cursed by an animal God for looting his temple, a crew of pirates is transformed into half-humans! In addition, they can't seem to stay on land for more than a day or two without becoming deathly ill. Pursued by the navy and repulsed by the populace, this unfortunate crew of scallywags must find and return all of the treasure they looted to make things right. one problem; it's all been sold and traded across the seven seas!

    In a fantasy alternate reality, around the feudal/medieval ages, there exists a small village whose guardian spirit lives on top of a nearby mountain. This deity, who sees after the wellbeing of the village, has been behaving strangely negligent lately. Drought starves the crops, and acid rains kill what manages to sprout anyway. Dangerous demons run amok in the countryside, and people are going missing in the hills. Tired of waiting for seemingly futile sacrifices and prayers to incite a change, two villagers sneak onto Holy Ground to find answers themselves.

    Space age/fantasy: In the future, time travel is a valuable resource for military reconnaissance. Small shuttles are sent forward through time, stealthily making their way into enemy territory to determine what they will be up to before returning to the present to relay the information. On one such trip, our scouts aren't making the cleanest of escapes, and the engines overload when the temporal jump begins, throwing our characters through space, time, and even the walls of dimensions! Crash-landed in another world, possibly even another reality, they must find a way to get back to their proper place and time, to warn their superiors of an impending strike

    What happens when a God goes Nuts?
    They start warping dimensions and reality, and plucking random people from their worlds, creating havoc just for the hell of it! We play two such unfortunate victims of godly insanity, who must survive and stop the madness, if they can.

    Harvest Moon
    Final Fantasy (X or X-2 or Original Setting but FF themes/tropes)
    Legend of Zelda
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  2. Ohai. I would be up for the Shining Soul or Wanderlust one! Though english is not my first language so you might want to check out some posts I made?
  3. Your English is fine, sometimes it's awkwardly phrased or repetitive, but honestly I know native speakers with way more issues.

    Wanderlust is a travel adventure with a twist of mystery, whereas Shining Soul is a supernatural drama. Take your pick
  4. Yay, I passed with a C! Anyways, since Shining Soul sounds strongly like it plays in modern times and grimdark not being one of your most favourite things I want to roll with Wanderlust! Which also reminds me I should check on the sequel of a game that shares the same name~
  5. If you are still looking for people, i would be interested. Your ideas seem quite interesting and they caught my attention and i would be interested to play any of them. I'm quite new here but i still consider myself somewhat decent. But i understand if you are... busy? But if you are interested let me know.
  6. I am intrigued by your university plot. Are you willing to share some more details on it?
  7. @jacktheripper I don't mind that you're new, so long as you spell-check and proof-read! :) Was there any one thing you were interested in?

    @Huntress Grenville U is a bit vague because I wanted to come up with the finer details (what kinds of secrets? aliens? Fantasy creatures? magic powers? An underground rebellion?) with my partner, so feel free to fill in those blanks with whatever sounds good to you! Although if you prefer, I can come up with stuff. I'd like it to be modern-day, probably set in either Canada or the States for cultural familiarity/lack of necessary research, but I'm very very bendy with this kind of thing
  8. Well, I am definitely down to work things out over PM's if you'd like. :)
  9. Many of them seemed interesting but if i had to take a pick i would say Refuge.
  10. This is still open and looking! <3
  11. Well, hiya!

    I've been in a Game of Thrones mood lately (the medieval-inspired, fantasy-esque/adventure genre, that is). That said, your Godslayers idea sounds great!

    I usually type my posts in a word doc, and editing (for content as much as grammar/spelling) is important to me as well. Not that I take role playing so seriously! But, you know, it's nice to read clear, nicely-worded posts. :)

    Anyway, I'd love to hear more about Godslayers. And, if you don't mind RP-ing with something of a rookie, I'd like to write with you.

  12. Shining Soul sounds fun~ That being said, do you have a set atmosphere in mind for that plot?
  13. PM'd the both of you
  14. I fancy myself a sci-fi fan. If you'll have me, I'd like to participate in the "Stranded" idea you had.
  15. Stranded is one I've wanted to do for a while, but I'm not sure if we'd go well together :( You list your posting speed as several times a day, and once a week is usually my average. I'm also confused by "I can count to ten and roll a dice to kill my enemies" in your resume O.o
  16. I've never been too worried about the posting speed of my partner. It happens when it happens. I put that because that's how often I can (because I'm procrastinating) and often times, I am in a handful of games to which I take that into account as a total. The items on my Resume are mostly just filler as I didn't quite know what to put in there when I was rewriting it. The dice was a reference to the amount of tabletop games I played in and I'm not quite sure what I was doing with the numbers. Must not have been important.
  17. All righty. Though if I may make one further note on your profile, it's not netsafe to say online which school you go to O.O You'd be surprised how easy it is to track someone IRL with specific info like that.

    Anyway if you're okay with a slower posting speed, then it should be okay. Some more info on Stranded: it was designed as a world-hopping science fiction type thing, the idea being that our characters would have to travel through many different planets, time periods, and even realities to find a way back home. We can do it this way, or we can have them be able to repair their craft earlier on, and make it a star-trek esque travel adventure.
  18. I've never worried about netsafety. If someone wants to find me, let them. I'll be waiting. But anyhoo...I think the former would be best. Allows for more diversity of the multiverse because the physics of our universe may not be the same in another. Plus time travel and the possibility of sentient velociraptors (blame Saints Row Four for implanting that desire in my head) are neats.
  19. Sentient... Velociraptors? O.o
  20. Game DLC spoilers by the way.

    Velociraptors (open)
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