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  1. As a fan of Apocalyptic/Horror writing genres, I figured I would start up a Classic Zombie RP. I really miss the old-school, open world, creative Roleplay's I had back during the MyMag on MyYearBook, so I want to make one. Also, I want you to make it with me! I want suggestions, to create maps together, to create limitations together, on a very basic idea to make an extraordinary and classic role-play.

    Zombies are going to be basic and similar to "The Walking Dead" zombies (if you aren't familiar, the virus lives inside the body and when you die from natural causes, from a bullet wound, from anything, you turn into a zombie after a couple of minutes. Also, if you get bitten, you turn into a zombie in a short amount of time because the bite kills you. If you die, you are zombified. Also, if you rub zombie guts on you all over you can easily slip by them if quiet. They run off smell and noise. This fact though is known by very few people.)

    Because I want to give everyone the creative ability to do as they wish, you are welcome to play a zombie. In fact, you can have 2 characters in this RP if you'd like. Maybe you want to play it off like "Warm Bodies" and have him conscious and awkward, maybe you want to have that Zombie just a blood-seeking fiend, hungry for brains! If you do this remember survivors may kill you, and you cannot OP a zombie to live. The only difference in fighting "style" between you and other zombies are if you were a body builder before you died you may be super strong, or a martial artist which may have made you really quick. Chances are though, you were just a stranger on the street before this all started.

    So now to the nitty gritty, you guys know the drill! No OP, no god-modding, this is not a libertine role-play so keep it PG-13. Luckily for you, thirteen year olds these days have seen a lot. Language is set to explicit, so swear as you like. Try to bring out your whackiest characters! Turn a Classic Zombie RP crazy, funny, and exciting to do! The world is your oyster, your sticky, fishy smelling, long-dead oyster. Find that pearl.

    For the sake of having a basic role-play concept, we are going to have a settlement set up in a Mall in Carolina (USA). It's fairly small and has been set up for protection. All around it are broken cars used as scrap metal and metal to lean against for setting up a fence. A couple of guards, at all times are watching from the roof. Minimal zombies are around, as it is not a vastly populated area. (This is based off a small mall in Auburn, Maine. Called, the Auburn Mall. You can find the website and the map for it.) There are threes behind the parking lot that go into the forest, this forest goes for quite a few miles.

    Other than this, lets talk about ideas for the space, what we do with new comers, what types of people we have working what shifts, all that fun stuff! Any ideas, let me know! Im thinking we have scrappers (scavengers who go out in the city and collect things we need), cooks, gardeners, medics, builders, and guards.


    Gear the character holds with them:
    Appearance: (Pics + Description)
    Unique Characteristics:
    Unique talents:
    Basic (Short) Backstory: (Include if the character is residing in the mall, starting their own settlement, coming to the mall, ect.)


    Unique Characteristics:
    Basic (short) Backstory:
  2. Name: Evie Freeman
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Gear: Evie carries a trench knife, and a home made forearm machete.
    Appearance: Evie is 4'11'' with short, dark brown hair (which is usually kept in a ponytail).
    RP 3.jpg

    apocalypse 3.jpg

    Unique Characteristics:
    She has a scar running horizontally from her left shoulder to her right hip, which came from a raid that went wrong.

    Unique talents:
    Evie is good at sneaking around and staying quiet. She also seems to have a calming effect on children, even in the worst situations.

    Basic (Short) Backstory:
    Evie was in college when the whole mess started. She teamed up with who she figured would be the toughest, and would need her small size; Which seemed to be a mens sorority. Their bulky size couldn't get in and out of crawlspaces like hers could. Of course, other girls joined in too. By the time they decided to leave the campus for good and find some sort of refuge, they had 17 people in their group. In the first week, 5 of them died (I guess that's what happens when the only thing you're good at is spending your daddys money and butt-chugging vodka). One of the groups riskiest missions was overtaking a Diner, occupied by 5 other students from a rival college. Evie told them it wan't worth it, but you all know how college football players get beefed up on testosterone. The outcome of this diner takeover was three more group members dead, and a giant gash running down Evie's body. After that, they threw her out. They didn't want to risk being slowed down, or infection, or having to kill her themselves. Somehow, abandoning her was a better option.

    So here she was. In North Carolina. 5 States away from her home in Chicago. Walking down an empty street littered with broken stoplights and flyaway papers. Hoping to find a home in a beat down mall.
  3. Accepted! :) Very funny story! :P
    Im sure you'd work well going out and through the garbage to collect items we need within the city.