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  1. Today was the first day of high school, and Chad O'Hearn, a junior, was lounging on his desk. Feet kicked up, his chair leaned back and his arms crossed. He had a black leather jacket on with a chain hanging from the right pocket that led to his wallet. He had black jeans on, and black cowboy boots on. Around his neck hung a blue bandana with black skulls on it, loose. His long brown hair was tied up in a ponytail, his shades covering up his beautiful blue eyes. He had a facial hair that was forming into a beard (though he'd never let it grow into a full one) and had three piercings on his right ear, and two on the other. Ever the class rebel, teacher hated seeing his name on the rosters.

    "Mr. O'Hearn," Ms. Corner growled, "Every year you come in here and act like you own the place. Get your feet off the desk, take those shades off, take that jacket off, and get a pen and paper out as instructed." She never liked Chad, but, then again, Chad never gave her a reason to like him. "Ah, Corner, I do own this place. Like you so graciously keep telling every student here that we are customers and you the staff of a building that teaches youth, as a customer, I am unsatisfied with your teachings," he smirked. He wasn't the best student, but he was great with math and science. Normally he didn't even show up for the first day of school. Ms. Corner looked as if she were going to bust a gasket. She walked over to the phone and picked it up. He knew who she was calling, but he didn't care. He just laughed.

    Soon enough, a resource(tardy) officer
    walked through the door. He knew this officer well; he was constantly called to pick Chad up. "First day, never ceases to amaze me," his gruff voice growled as Chad freely walked over to the officer. "Thought I'd start the year with a bang," he joked. The officer grabbed his arm and guided him out of the classroom. "You can't say that the old broad doesn't deserve it, she's got it out for me," he defended, but not seriously. "You've given her reason to Chad. Why can't you just behave yourself?" the officer asked.
  2. She clutched the piece of paper in her hand as she looked up at the classroom numbers: R-13, R-14, aha! R-15! But her sweet relief of finding her classroom was short-lived as the dawn of an even bigger problem loomed before her. She stopped on her tracks just beside the classroom door. She took a few steadying breaths. She knew she was late for class--she should know, the halls were completely empty. But the nerves were getting on her. She got along just fine in her old school. Everyone got along just fine in her old school. They all lived in the same town with the same people. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes again at the thought of her old friends and her old life but she immediately shook it away. She looked ahead, took a large gulp and said, "Time to face the fucking music." She turned to enter the classroom.

    The door was opened just as she was opening it and as physics would have it, she had a full-on collision with another body. "Oof!" She landed on the floor with a soft thud. Great first impression, Avery. She immediately stood up, keeping her head down by pretending to dust herself.

    "We're very sorry, dear. Are you alright?" She looked up at the older man holding what looked like a teenage delinquent. Immediately she knew that he was trouble. Leather jacket, piercings, chains, no doubt he probably had a tattoo somewhere too.

    "I'm alright, sir, thank you. Is this Ms. Corner's homeroom?"

    "Yes," he gruffly carried the boy aside to make-way for her at the door. "You must be new here, I've never seen you before."

    "Yes, we just moved." She smiled at the older man, almost forgetting her earlier embarrassment. But then she saw the smirk plastered on the boy's face and she immediately looked down, blushing profusely.

    "Well, I mustn't keep you long. Go ahead now. And stay out of trouble. Not like this idiot over here." He yanked the boy gruffly, his smirk still in place as he was being dragged down the hall. She watched him for a few moments before smoothing out non-existent wrinkles in her clothes and her long blonde hair. She inhaled a huge amount of air and entered the classroom.
  3. "What a morning," grumbled Sophie as she watched the commotion of both a new girl entering and the class punk leaving. How juvenile could a boy be? It wasn't hard to get along here. All a person had to do was follow the rules, and march in line with the rest. It was almost too easy. Sure, they criticized her for being a bit of a loner and an obnoxious know-it-all suck up to all the teachers, but she maintained that while she seemed to be teacher's pet, she didn't necessarily believe in the bullshit. It was all very Machiavellian.

    Indeed, at that very minute, she was thumbing the filter of a cigarette in her jacket pocket, looking forward to sneaking out back during lunch to light up with one of the Lit. teachers.

    Sophie wasn't very exciting to look at. Her hair had always been chin length, if not shorter, and dyed a deep mahogany purple. She kept her bangs swept in whisps across her forehead, and minimal makeup around her emerald eyes. She dressed modestly - usually a fitted, solid colored t-shirt and skinny jeans, perhaps a necklace or two... She had a single piercing in the lower right-hand side of her lip, and no other accessories. Who didn't have a pierced-something or a stretched ear or two these days...

    Pretty plain, indeed, and she wanted to keep things that way, at least until she could get out of this high school.

    She hunched over her notebook, resting her chin in the palm of her hand as she jotted down a few notes and scribbles.
  4. "Ah, you must be Avery Steinem." Avery looked up at the teacher, Ms. Corner. She looked to be about on her late 40's, no doubt rather strict considering that she just sent one of her students out to the chopping block on the first day. "Well?" Avery was shaken out of her stupor as she replied with a "yes."

    "Well, class. This is Avery Steinem. She just moved all the way here from...?"

    "Indiana, ma'am."

    "Right, Indiana. Well, go ahead and take a seat Ms. Steinem. We ain't got all day."

    Avery tried to look around for a seat with a seemingly friendly face, but there was none. However she found a vacant seat beside the girl with purple hair, head bowed down to her notebook. Avery gulped. She has never colored her long blonde hair in her life. Her piercings were only two; one in both ears. Her mother even went berserk for that one. She placed her satchel down and took a seat. For some reason, she felt painstakingly normal in unnatural levels around here. Her loose top and skinny jeans wasn't doing her any good either.

    When the girl looked up from her doodling, Avery tried to put on a smile. "Hi."
  5. Sophie smiled back and held out her hand to shake. "Hey there. I'm Sophie. Welcome to the penitentiary of homerooms," she joked. "Met any friends yet?"

    She knew what it was like to be the new girl, an alien amongst earthlings, and she didn't want Avery to feel like she was unwelcome in the least.

    "You've chosen a good table mate, Avery," praised Mrs. Corner. "Sophie, will you make sure to make Avery feel at home?"

    "I'll do my best, Mrs. Corner," Sophie chimed. Half the class rolled their eyes and Sophie just shook her head and smiled inwardly. It was nice... getting on other peoples' nerves with no emotional expense to herself. While they were sitting around fuming, Sophie was carelessly indulging herself in detached bliss from the masses.

    "So, Avery. What classes do you have?"
  6. Avery exhaled in relief. Despite the eye-rolls of their other classmates, Avery was glad she's found someone refreshingly witty and sharp-tongued. She always enjoyed a bit of a challenge. She took out her class schedule and read it out to Sophie:

    "We just moved here last week, we haven't even finished unpacking yet. As for friends, I haven't really been out of the house.
    And as for my classes, I've got AP English Lit and Composition next. Then I've got Pre-calc, ugh. Hate math. I've got AP World History and AP Physics. Then I've got Spanish II." Avery stopped suddenly and sheepishly smiled. "Sorry, I talk a lot when I get nervous."
  7. As the girl bumped into the officer, Chad smirked. "Hey officer, you should say sorry to the girl. Fat oaf like you might hurt someone if you aren't paying attention," Chad cruelly laughed. the officer ignored Chad's comment and brought him downstairs, where he'd see Ms. Myers for the first time this year. Now Ms. Myers, the school principal, hated Chad. Every year he made her mad. Every year, it was always the same thing. Ms. Myers was sitting in her office as Chad was shoved in. "He's been at it again," the officer growled and left. Ms. Myers was expressionless but Chad could read her like a book. "Chad, why? Why must you act like this is a joke? You graduate next year! keep this up you'll have a fifth year here at Lyle High School! Don't you want to graduate?" she asked. Chad smiled. "Course I do, but I also want teachers to have common sense," he replied.
  8. "Don't worry about it!" Sophie said reassuringly. "I don't mind chit-chat. And it looks like we have English Lit together. I promise you'll love the professor. He's such a cool guy - definitely not afraid to talk politics with a student, and by talk, I mean debate. Has no time for simple-minded people, if you know what I mean. My only advice would be to just do the crosswords he assigns on Fridays. There's a test on them come Monday. Make sure you know the definitions of all the words that were in the puzzle."

    She pulled out a book - the latest Tess Gerritsen novel - and set it in front of her, flipping open to a third of the way through and began reading as she thumbed the end of the cigarette in her pocket. She was dying to go have a smoke, but she could be patient.
  9. "Thanks for the heads-up." She looked at her schedule again and droned out the teacher's voice. "Hey, do you know that guy that they just took away? Where are they taking him?"
  10. After much stern talking to, they let Chad go back to class. He headed upstairs and walked back into the room and took his seat, Ms. Corner glaring at him. He smirked and looked over, noticing a pretty girl.
  11. Avery looked up when the same guy who bumped her walked in class. She watched him curiously for a bit but then got disinterested once he took a seat and went back to pretending to be busy. She looked over at Sophie, whispering: "That's the dude I was asking about."
  12. Sophie grinned somewhat, glancing over at Chad and then back to Avery. "That's Chad. He's the local badass," she whispered to her. "To be honest, they usually don't send him back to class. But I guess since it's the first day and everything, what could it hurt," she said somewhat incredulously, lifting her gaze up at him again briefly. "This won't be the last time he causes a little commotion."
  13. Chad kicked back again and put his feet on his desk. He was half tempted to pull out his cigar and start smoking it but then he noticed a girl looking at him. Her name was Sophie, he'd seen her around and for some odd reason he knew her name. he caught her glance and raised a brow, smiling. "Need something pigeon?" he asked in a calm catchy voice.
  14. "I don't doubt that for a moment." Avery hoped she didn't have classes with this guy at all. She hated people who disrupted the class. But she liked that she had classes with Sophie. She went back to reading her book, stealing glances at the "local badass". More like, a local jackass.
  15. Sophie chuckled. "Pigeon? Does that make you a buzzard?" She shook her head somewhat and turned back to Avery. "Don't let him get to you, Avery." She raised her voice loud enough for him to hear, "He's obviously insecure about something." She shot him a smirk and continued doodling, looking up at the clock every now and again, just waiting for homeroom to be over.

    When the time came, the bell rang obnoxiously loud and Sophie gathered her things, standing up as she slung her bag over her shoulder.

    "I'll meet you in English Lit," she told Avery. She then headed out the door towards the least used door in the school and went around the corner of the building behind the dumpster, pulling out the cigarette from her pocket. She looked around, leaning up against the wall and lit the end, inhaling deeply. Obviously, she knew smoking was a bad idea, but she didn't care too much at this point.
  16. At the comeback he laughed. "That was pretty good," he laughed. Nothing really got to him. Many may have thought he was insecure; he actually had much self confidence and a good self esteem. Things didn't bother him like they bothered other kids. As the bell rang, he headed to gym class. Now that was a class he'd never skip in his high school years; he loved gym. Today was dodge ball, and he was very good at it.
  17. "See yah," Avery said before picking up her things and holding on to her schedule again. Next class: Pre-calc. Room G-9.
    She sighed. It was hopeless. As she was shepherded by the whole class she followed the constricted flow of traffic. If she could just... see... anything... really. It was futile. She tried to stick near the walls, trying her best not to be bulldozed by anyone and looked up. She was still in M, jeez. Aren't they supposed to hand out maps for schools like these?
  18. Ella started to walk towards the girls locker room she had no idea why they always put her in gym its not like she ever did anything unless it was fun for her like dancing. while changing she heard a couple of the other girls talk about how the "hot and dreamy chad" was in their class and how they would do stuff to him that would only be rivaled in a porn, she didnt pay much mind after that because that thought grossed her out more than anything. Stepping out of the locker room she had on her pink top and baby blue shorts, she was trying to get the thoughts of what the girls where talking about out of her head but it just wouldnt leave "damn even when i dont see him he is a pain in the ass." She sighed why did she have to be related to him in anyway i mean a cousin would be bad but she was his SISTER that was like the worst hell she could think of because not only did she have to try and get rid of the teachers thoughts about their family but she had to be a top student because of it.
  19. A sigh erupted from the males mouth, before he looked up at the ceiling of the hallway as many bodies swarmed about to get to their classes. Xavier was a third year student, who usually wore long dark jeans, a short sleeved dark blue Aeropostale shirt, and black converse shoes. He had long blonde hair and slightly silver eyes, even though they were more of a cool blue color. He came to school late and missed the first period, but he didn't really care. It was the first day of school, who was going to walk up to him and talk smack to him anyways? He shook his head before looking down at the white sheet of paper that was in his right hand, dotted with various words about what classes he should go to as well. Apparently his next class was Pre-Calc, and he let out a groan so loud that everyone around him in the hallway stopped and stared at him before giving him confused looks. "O-Oh sorry, don't mind me, nothing to look at here, just, go on..." But the people kept on looking anyways.

    He just lowered his head to look at the ground before commencing his trip to room G-9. "God, I can already tell that this year is going to be bunches of fun.." Xavier was the typical sleaze. Always got C's in class, and only came to school to get with girls, or to hang out with his friends. He took his spot in class in the back row, and in the middle desk.

    "Probably going to skip class or something later..."
  20. Chad walked into the gym in his gym shorts and skin tight tank top. Girls gawked at him but ignored them. no, instead he aimed his dodge ball harshly at the other team. One poor sap got it to the face, and Chad smirked. The gym teacher blew his whistle and snarled, "O'Hearn! I said no head shots!" he bellowed. Chad laughed as he was tagged out. He slipped behind the bleachers where some poor kid was being bullied. Chad may have been the school's worst behaved kid, but he was no bully and never stood for people who did bully others. He walked forward, smirking. "Well well well boys, what have we here? A creature of the nerd species?" he taunted. the nerd looked away, obviously not happy to see Chad. The bullies laughed at Chad's comment. "But, that so called creature is higher then the pack of hyenas harassing him. I mean look at you, dressed in all black and faces thick with make up; you really that ugly that you have to cover it up?" he added. Their smiles disappeared and they dropped the nerd. "What did you say pretty boy?" one asked, walking forward like he was so tough. Another bully put Chad in a neck lock but Chad deflected it by slamming him to the wall. Then the fight began.