Clash of Houses. (Anowell and Omega Black.)

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  1. Name: Cassandra Novah.

    Nickname: Cass, Cassy.


    When in her human appearance Cassandra's eyes are a light green. She dresses as it fits a highborn lady.
    In her demonic appearance, her eyes become red. Her horns and leathery wings are the color of black with a hint of orange, just like her hair. In her demonic state, small sparks of lightning appear around her.

    Age: 121.

    Height: 5'7.

    Weight: 55kg.

    Race: Pureblood demon.

    House: Novah.

    House History and bio: The house Novah is the richest of the four main demonic houses. Their ''Ability transferred by blood'' is to turn wanted objects into gold. That makes them the second most powerful house out of the four main ones, as they are not cruel. And cruelty and fear come before money. Aside the gold ability, they hold the powers of lighting only some of their members inherit. The Novah house, being one of the top four, is as old as time. Its eldest member reached four thousand years of age before being slayed by an angel.

    Abilities: Cassandra possesses the usual powers of her house, the ability to turn wanted objects into gold. and the ability to use lightning skills. She shares the lighting ability with her father and her younger brother Kao.
    Aside from that she possesses the ability of attraction. She can lure in any living thing towards her. The success of this power depends on how weak the living being she is trying to lure in is. Some she can convince them to obey her every demand, some only to feel something weird happen that makes them think about whatever Cassandra wants them to think. It is an original power of hers, created by the blood of her mother and father mixing.

    Personality and bio: Cassandra's father is from the house of Novah, and her mother from the house of Sanire. Her mother's power is the power of the Sanire house. To influence others to do something. That power can only be avoided if trained so. And today it is almost useless as everyone trains it. Today the Sanire house is the weakest of the four main houses. Cassandra's parents's marriage was made to combine their blood and create a child with special abilities, and to provide gold to the Sanire. Both of their children were a success. Cassandra's brother Kao wields both gold and lighting, as well as a power of his own. Levitation. Both new abilities seems to come from influencing. Cassandra attracts/influences all living things, and her brother influences/controls almost anything by levitation.

    Trained in the ways of a pureblood, highboorn demon Cassandra was taught to keep her cool. But at heart she is a fiery persona. She fights for what she wants in all the ways she knows. Her goal is to see the greatness of her house, and to live a life of dangerous adventures.
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    Name: Lance Dagon
    House: Dagon
    Age: 130
    Height: 6 ft even
    weight: 82 pounds. (Hollow, bird-like bones)
    Eyes: Azure in human form, red and black in demon form
    Race: Pureblood Dragon Demon
    Hair: Dark Gray
    Abilities: Dragon Scale, Dragon Form, Flight, "Burning Blood"
    Lance is the third generation of the Dagon House, the first and strongest of the four Noble Houses in the demon world. He is only the third generation, because his family members are hard to kill, and have long life spans. His family is descended from ancient Dragons, a race of powerful beings that existed long before the demon realm was even created. Due to his heritage, he has many Dragon-like abilities. He can breath fire, fly, and protect himself from damage with diamond-hard scales.

    Lance also inherited the Dagon family ability, "Burning Blood". This ability is a spell that should only be used if necessary, as it can wear out the user, as well as cause some unnecessary damage to the area around the user. It calls upon the pure, untainted power of the Dagon family's Dragon ancestors, allowing the user to increase all physical abilities hundredfold. This ability also has a fiery tendency, as flames burst from the fists and feet of the user whenever they make contact with an enemy.

    A new ability also gestated inside Lance. This is the ability to completely transform into a Dragon. Lance is, as of yet, unable to use this ability to its full potential, and is only able to change specific parts of his body to meet the task he has in mind.

    Because of his fiery heritage, Lance inherited a straightforward attitude. He says what he means and means what he says. The only lie he's really ever told is that he was just a human teen from the UK. Other than his identity as a demon, he rarely lies about anything. He also has a short fuse, and gets angry fast, and calms down slowly.

    Lance has been excluded from meetings with the other houses, since only the elders need to meet. during the time he was left alone while his father confers with the other houses, Lance would spend much time reading, as well as finding time to test his physical limits in the depths of the demon realm. ​
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