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Clash of Clans

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ShatteredSkies, Jul 5, 2015.

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  1. Does anyone here on Iwaku play Clash? I haven't seen anything, so I decided I'd ask. If there are enough members, would people consider joining/creating an Iwaku Clan?
  2. I play it. :) Level 9 TH atm. ;)
  3. I play it. Currently a th8 but I'm slowly trying to max everything out, bc I was stupid and rushed through the th's and am paying for it now.

    Otherwise I'm in a clan with some of my family. I blame my bf for getting me into clash and he has a super awesome th10 account that he doesn't use any more bc he's bored and stuff with it (go figure) and then clash awesomeness happened and I just have this pretty good clan with close to 50 wins if not over that.
  4. I have a TH 5, and I upgrade ALL of my buildings before the TH. That is why I take so long to upgrade... Don't judge me! >.>
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Thread Status:
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