Claimed (MxM)

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  1. Warning!
    This roleplay will contain:
    ■ Mpreg
    ■ Rape
    ■ Blood/Gore

    ______ is the youngest son of the king and is often overlooked by his family as his elder brother is always the one in the spot light. This drives him to be a bit of a rebellious child, always going outside of the castle walls, despite his parents telling him to never leave the borders. He could never understand why they sheltered him so much, despite showing very little interest in his personal life. one night his parents inform him that he will no longer be permitted to go to schooling with the other children, that he was to be taught by a tutor. _____ is furious and runs off, going outside of the castles walls and into the forbidden forests, knowing that no one would look for him there. This is what --------------, has been waiting for. He is the King of Hell and _______ was to be his. When ______'s mother was pregnant with his elder brother she had made a deal with -------, promising him her second born son if her first survived birth as she was already having complications. He gladly took the deal seeing as he would need a healthy body to bare his children, And given his many powers he could impregnate males if he had them drink his blood. So when _____ was finally born he came to claim the boy as his own but the mother pleaded that he allow him to grow up here in the castle until he was ready, to allow him a normal life if just for a little while. --------, despite being the king of hell, had mercy and agreed to these circumstances. He marked the boy then claimed that he would come back for him.
    This was why ______'s parents were constantly trying to keep him inside the borders of the castle, they were trying to protect him from the clutches of -----------. But when _______ crossed into the forest they could no longer protect him and the king of hell finally swooped in to take what was his. He captured the boy and took him back to his cave like home. Where he raped and impregnated him. The next day he gave _____ an option, to either come with him to hell or he could go through his pregnancy in the comfort of his own home but ------------ would have to come with him, seeing as a human male could run into many complications while pregnant with a demons spawn. ________'s parents would have no say in the matter seeing as -------- could take away their eldest sons life with a snap of his finger. However if ______ does chose to stay in the palace he will face much trouble as it will not be easy to keep his pregnancy a secret.


    I know I said he is young but if you play the prince, don't make him too young.

    if you play the prince, you chose the marking that the demon put on him (birthmark, tattoo, brand ect)

    The hormones from the pregnancy will make the prince want the demon, in both a sexual and emotional way. Do with that as you please.

    by now I think its obvious I want to play the demon..... pwease ^^

    I like conversation outside of the roleplay​
  2. This sounds interesting.
  3. I would totally be willing to RP as the prince.
  4. This is very well thought out. I'd love to play the part of the prince, if the roleplay idea is still open. If it's not, I'd love to discuss a separate storyline with you.
  5. Also interested if you still need a partner.
  6. I am already doing this with two other people with me playing the demon. So this is no longer open unless someone is interested in playing the demon. (though I am not that good at playing submissive characters, but hey i'd love to work on it ^^))
  7. We could try, if you'd like, but I'm not sure if I'd play out the character as you saw him fit ^^' I know the demon would be my character but I'd be afraid of spinning the RP in a wrong direction or something
  8. I'm sure you would do fine since I didn't have many expectations of the roleplay and since i'm doing it with two people i'm actually hoping they all go in completely different directions. lol, but if you don't want to you don't have to. We could come up with a similar roleplay if you like.
  9. Well, we could give it a shot if you'd really like. [: But coming up with a similar (or even different) RP would be cool, too. Message me? Maybe we can get something rollin'.
  10. If your still looking I'm interested c: or maybe we could do something along the lines of this maybe?
  11. We can think of another plot like thisbut this one is take. Lol pm me to discuss a plot