Civil War Photos: Real or Reenactors

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Can you tell which are real and which are modern reproductions?

Your Total: 20

How did you do?

18-20 — Congrats!
13-17 — Nice work.
6-12 — Extra credit: Is this really Robert Redford?
0-5 — No question Robert Szabo got the best of you.

See how you stack up against friends and family!

Yeah...I got a perfect score. Not so much because I'm a reenactor...I've just studied 100s of original photos to get a good understanding of posing, etc.
I got 16. No knowledge of the Civil war, but the HD and effects gave some away.
I got 12 right, there was one that I were like "It should be that one, but if I click on it it will probably be wrong so I take the other one" Ofcourse the other one was wrong xD hahah
I got 19. The quality of the photos gave most away. Some of them were post civil war but definitely quite old so it threw me off on one. >.o
20! Wahoo! =D

The picture with the women threw me off. Otherwise Rory is right, the pose of those within the picture often gives it away.
Neither of the women are actually from the right era. ;) HINT HINT.
Well then.... why the hell does it only give you the two options then?! I've been tricked!