City of the Dead

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  1. City of the Dead

    2130, New York

    Don't let em catch you, that's the first rule. They catch you... it's all over. Dane had seen his fair share of death these past few years, but never like this. Never... THIS kind of dead. God-damn scientists, why did they have to try that vaccine on humans? Stupid disease, should have just left it alone.

    5 years earlier~

    "Oh god, I will never drink again."

    10 in the morning, and already his day sucked. Dane sat up and looked around his little single-bedroom apartment. Small, cramped, and barely hospitable. Yep, nothing changed there since last night. After getting home from the front lines, his buddies thought it would be a great idea to go out drinking and club hopping all night as a celebration.
    Never again. Those guys are great friends... but they have their idiot moments.
  2. It had been only a few months since her brother went off to the marines. Their parents had died and since they died the two twins had not gotten along. Seeing her brother go off to war made her think the same thing will happen to him. Even though Rebecca and him fought she still loved him as a brother and wished he didn't agree to it. Closing her laptop she had just finished a letter to him knowing he would not reply back to her but she hoped he would at least read it. Slowly she got up and looked around her room then climbed into bed. When she turned over she looked at an empty bed beside her remembering the twins used to share the room.
  3. Vzzt, vzzt, vzzt... that was Dane's phone telling him he had just received an e-mail. He reached over and picked it up, seeing who had e-mailed him. Probably one of his buddies sending him a picture of the tail he had gotten while they were clubbing. Dane's eyes widened as he saw who it was from. His sister, asking if he was alright. He had never replied to his sister's texts, calls, or e-mails. Not since... that day. He was about to just throw the phone back onto the bedside table, but this time he thought different. Maybe it was the hangover, maybe he felt good being back home, he didn't question it. So he replied with a short message:

    Back home now... and thanks I am.
  4. Rebecca knew he would not reply back but maybe he would at least read her message. If something bad happened to him the marines would send someone with his things. No news was good news and she learned to deal with it. Moments later her phone dinged with a text message and she was shocked that it was him and he replied. Sighing she read the words over and over again if not believing it was true. "I miss you." It was true she replied back and hesitated with her finger over the send button before touching it gently to send off the message. Would he reply? Probably not she got up and headed downstairs to make something to eat.
  5. Coffee... God's Nectar for Hangovers. As Dane started on his second cup, his phone vibrated again. This time was a simple text: "I miss you." Dane took a double take at that. This was different from his sister, usually she talked about her day or week. Asked how he was, what he was doing. She never just flat out said that she missed him. He breathed and stood there for a second. He typed a short message, then waited even more wondering if he should send it.

    Fuck it, he thought, hitting the send button. I miss close relationships, I miss... family. After what's happened, I could use 'em.

    The message sent saying: Miss you too... want lunch?
  6. A shocked look came across her face as she heard her phone bing again from another text message. Usually he would not respond but asking her out for a lunch break was something out of the ordinary for him. "Yeah where?" She texted back going upstairs and then grabbing her car keys, jacket and purse then heading towards the front door of her house. It had been a long time since she last seen her brother and when she did they fought. It had been months now maybe things were looking up for them.
  7. How about that Cafe that opened recently down the street from you?

    Dane sent that text, then decided to try to take a shower with what hot water he had in his apartment. After a rather quick shower, after which his landlord yelled at him for wasting the hot water, he punched him, told him to go soak his head, got in his car and drove away towards town. Lunch with his sister... not a bad way to spend the afternoon, considering.
  8. "Alright see you in a few." She texted back and then locked the door before heading towards her car. Getting in her car she put her seat belt on and started the car. A few moments later she arrived at her destination not seeing her brother's car yet. She decided to go in and get a seat by the door incase he could not find her. Maybe this meeting would be different and they would not fight.
  9. Dane pulled up to the cafe, seeing his sister's car in the front parking lot. As he pulled in, he saw her sitting a window seat. He parked, turned off the car and walked up to the window. She didn't notice him as she was looking at something inside, so he knocked on the window to get her attention. As she looked up at him, he smiled and did a short salute. After this little "show", he walked inside.
  10. (Are the zombies going to start while they are having lunch)?

    She nearly jumped when she heard the knocking on the window and knew sitting by it was a good idea. A small smile appeared on her lips when she saw him standing right in front of her. When he walked over to her table she stood up to give him a hug but hesitated maybe she shouldn't. "How have you been?" Came out of her mouth instead as she sat back down.
  11. Dane saw her little hug attempt, and as she sat back down he leaned forward and hugged her. God, he needed this. This closeness... this love. After he sat down as well, smiling the whole time.

    "Liberated... ya know? I feel... free..." he trailed off, looking out the window. "Course I probably don't have a place to sleep nor anywhere else to go now, as I assaulted my landlord before arriving here and have been "Dishonorably Discharged" from the Marines to boot..."
  12. The hug caught her off guard but she returned the hug then turned into the middle of the table. She could not believe that he would think that he had no place to stay when his sister lived not far away. "You know you can always move back in with me." She said learning back in the booth then ordering some food when the waitress came by to the table.
  13. "Live with you, huh?" Dane questioned. "Not a bad idea, sis." When the food arrived they ate silently, Dane because he was savoring the flavor of the first non-military-ration-food in a long while, and sis well... maybe she was glad he was back. He didn't know, he couldn't read her mind.

    Still don't agree with what they were doing in my complex back in Iran... Dane thought to himself. Ain't right messing with "incurable diseases" like cancer...
  14. "You know you are always welcome." They used to come here and eat when they were little kids and the food tasted wonderful. She worked a lot so she did not have time to go eat some place but maybe now she could start. Of course Dane would have to get a job when he moved back home but for now he could enjoy some much needed time off.
  15. "Hell, it'll be better than my little apartment..." Dane muttered. Why was he being so nice today? He was never this nice... ESPECIALLY to his sister. But at this moment, he was having trouble remembering anything related to hatred or disapproval. Not even the day Mom died. He couldn't bring himself to think about it, he was too happy to be back on US soil, too happy to be TALKING to someone who didn't hold a grudge against him. He was... content right now. And he would fight to keep it, he hadn't felt this good in a LONG time.
  16. She sat for a few moments eating while trying to think of why he was being so nice to her. Normally they could not spend a few minutes without fighting now it was heading on a half an hour. When she was done she asked for the check and paid it so he would not have to worry about it. "Did you want to do something else?" She asked leaning back in the booth again and watching him as if he was going to go back to his old self and they would go back to their own lives.
  17. "Well..." Dane muttered. "If I'm gonna live with you again... I'm gonna need to get my stuff from Harve, now won't I?" He tried to sound happy about it, but he could still feel the anger seep through as he mentioned his landlord.
  18. "That's true." She was silent for a moment then thought of something. "I have a friend who owns a moving truck I wonder if I could get it for free." She said watching him and waiting for a response.
  19. "Huh," Dane said. "Yeah... nice idea. Good on ya, sis." He said this last part with a smile. He stood and was about to leave, then remembered that he didn't have anywhere to go. He turned to his sister, and asked meekly.

    "C-can I stay at your place... starting today?"
  20. She paid the check and then started to head towards the door with her brother. "Yes you can do you need to go back home and get something? She was not sure if he knew where she lived anymore she did move once.