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  1. this is the sign up and OOC for the City roleplay I posted an Interest Check for. This roleplay has no specific plot line, just a town we work together to make, we come up with the characters and how they interact, kind of like a comedy, or a drama, or a romance. My point being, this would be a longer running, plotless roleplay that would gain plot between a few characters. It would be something that people could join even if there is four hundred posts.
    In the Town of Loisa Springs, there isn't a whole lot of people. A good three hundred at most. There is plenty of things to do, however.
    The CD Store Is Now Hiring! Aged 16-20 Will Be Accepted. The Pay Is $9.95 An Hour
    The Movie Theatre Is Looking For Ushers! Ages 18-24 Will Be Accepted. The Pay is $9.95 An Hour
    Are You An Author To Be? Come Down To The Library And Partake In Our Book Writing Challenge!
    The High School Is Looking For A New Gym, Science, Music and Writer's Craft Teacher(s)! Contact The School ASAP!

    More Jobs will be added before the RP starts, and more offerings will come along.
    Teachers might not be accepted due to the education and certification they have, and this is a really prestigious school.
    It is the last two weeks of school (Where the RP starts), and characters will be either A. In The Same Class B. in A Family C. CO-Workers or D. New to the city

    Character Sheet
    Last Name:
    First Name:
    Job: (If You Are Looking For A Job, Put The Word 'Applying For' And Then State The Job)
    Schooling History: (For Characters aged 25+)
    Appearance: (Picture of Description)
  2. Simmons
    Owner of "Simmons Heavy Metal CD Store"
    Schooling History:
    Graduated from the Loisa Springs High School
    Graduated Law School
    Went To Military Summer Book Camp
    Spent seven years in the military

    Likes: Is a huge fan of heavy metal, lover of lizards and reptiles, reading books, John Grisham, Dan Brown, flirting with women, getting into bar fights, motor cycles. John Goodman
    Dislikes: Rap and Hip-Hop, the music of today, the avengers, ben stiller, death-core bands
  3. [​IMG]
    Last Name: Whitney
    First Name: David
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Job: Applying for a job at the CD store
    Likes: Amon Amarth, Death Metal, Writing, Being Around CDs
    Dislikes: When people say he looks like Johan Hegg, Having no money, when happy people talk to him.
  4. Character Sheet
    Last Name: Aleman (Ah-leh-mon)
    First Name: Rachel
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Job: Applying for any kind of waitress or maid service

    Likes: Spending time with her daughter, Meibel, sketching/painting though barely has time for that anymore, not wearing shoes, being around books, Disney movies
    Dislikes: Her hair growing unmanageably long, cocky men, cold days, olives, her daughter being mistreated, immature teenagers.
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  5. Character Sheet
    Last Name: Quinn
    First Name: Naeomi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Job: Applying for job at the CD store
    Schooling History: Currently a junior in Loisa Springs High School.
    (Imagine her with a hijab)
    Likes: Music, dancing, singing (badly), sweets, slurpies, tattoos.
    Dislikes: People who think she's an uptight, guy fearing, and crazy religious snob because she wears a hijab, frogs, small cars with loud engine sounds, nose pickers.
  6. Character Sheet
    Last Name: Aleman (Ah-leh-mon)
    First Name: Meibel
    Age: 3
    Gender: Female
    Likes: Drawing with crayons, the kitty that's been lurking around their new home, singing, running in the rain, carnivals, Disney Movies.
    Dislikes: Spiders, her crazy curly hair -which her mom loves- , Spinach, arguing.
  7. What's going on in town:
    The "Tim's Bar And Grill" Is Now Hiring! 17-27! Work a minimum of 6 hours a day! Make 12.98 an hour!
    The local Football team is having a summer season try outs! Don't miss it!
    The Wolf Strider Arena is having a local music talent contest! Sign Up Soon!
  8. All of these characters are accepted, by the way.
  9. Sorry but is David a teacher or a student? And if he's a student why is he 19? I'm not trying to challenge you or anything I'm just really curious.
  10. David is a student, he is 19 because this is his last year of high school.
  11. Why did you mark my post as cat like typing?

  12. I'm on a slow as hell touch screen phone, so I probably did that by accident. I don't even know how to do it.
  13. I'm super busy now, so I've gotta drop out.
  14. Last name: Rotch
    First name: Mike
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Can someone help me with appearaces? i can never find one .
    Job: (looking for a job)
    Likes: Cars, Automechanics, Vans (the clothing line)
    Dislikes: Hondas

    (this was a premade character so the CS format isnt in order.)
  15. Is this still open?
  16. Character Sheet
    Last Name: Heart
    First Name:
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Job: Applying For any florist jobs
    Likes: taking walks, rain, making friends, reading and doing anything creative
    Dislikes: Ignorant people, snow, insects and hights

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  17. Yeah it's still open, and everyone who applied is accepted.
  18. Sorry! I never put a first name! It was going to be Angel
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