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  1. Before I begin, lets be clear this roleplay is in the same universe, and time as its origin, City 47.
    All of the credit goes to @ShiningMist to his amazing idea of a universe!

    City 88: Kill-Switch


    City 88. Home to the Black Star Technology Headquarters, and its founder, Tanner Dillton . Home to the best police force in the world, and lowest crime rate. With the help of Black Star Weaponry and Vehicles, the police of this city can easily prevent crime, and keep terrorist away from this technology enhanced city of ours! But what are Black Star's intentions? Is it simply to get rich....or something else?

    The goals behind Black Star is to provide peace and easy living to the world: or so Tanner Dillton claims. If you have the guts to dig and access their hidden files, and managed to fend off the Black Star security bots: then you may find their true goal.


    The plan is simply, provide their weaponry and robotic units across the world, and once their armies are powerful enough they active their operation. The Black Star robotic units will turn, and those that once provided protection or did a simple job will begin in "cleanse" those that do not submit to Black Star. Those that do, will become slaves, and continue their lives in fear of death.

    By the time you finished the file, you'd already be dead. A blade to your spine or a bullet to your throat. And Black Star will continue living in the shadows of society. Ready to begin Operation Kill-Switch.

    But what of the heroes? Those who stand against Black Star are the only hope to save the city, and ultimately the world.

    So I ask you to step into the shoes of these brave heroes to end the reign of Black Star and their robotic hordes...or will you take a darker path and attempt to rule the world along side Black Star?

    Questions or Interest?
  2. Ill try it out ^^
  3. I'll probably give it try. Definitely will if the other RP running with the setting doesn't pan out. Either way, I'd likely have to think for a while on a proper character.
  4. Hm I guess this is a plot line I could be interested in. What are limitations in terms of powers, what can or can't be done, where's the line?
    Like muscle memory, seeing a move once and being able to copy that kind of powers?
  5. I think I'd want to know more about the general tone, themes, and plot threads, too. It's a good pitch, but there's not much to go on in terms of what sort of characters are appropriate or what sort of actions would be effective. I get something of a Shadowrun or cyberpunk vibe, as the setup seems to lean toward people "in the know" who want to do something about a corporation with all this tech taking over are going to have to fight it either out in the open or in a shadow war. Though, presumably the Killswitch event would happen early-on so any sneaking aroun or conspiracy stuff would be set aside in favor of all-out, open war of a sort.
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