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    "There are countless stories told throughout history. Stories of grand heroes defying the odds in the name of peace. In this hour though, there is no Legend. We have only ourselves. We are the New Justice."


    Year 2064. The Justice League is now a shell of its former self. The seven founding members, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (John Stewart), and Aquaman have long fallen from their pedestals of glory. The universe and planet Earth are as they always were: crime and evil abound and often serve to overtake the helpless in the wake of Earth's involvement in her first Galactic War of 2032, which served as the catalyst by which the League had originally disbanded and the reason why most of the planet is in a state of unrest regarding super-powered lifeforms of any kind.

    The Galactic War began with the invasion of the Red Martians, a strange hybrid project conjured from the ancient labs of our sister planet in order to expand her influence and terrirorty across our galaxy. They were powerful--too powerful for all of Earth's heroes. The Galactic War began with a systematic invasion of Justice League and Lantern Core and ended with the near total destruction of all civil life on Earth.

    Most of Earth has already been salvaged and fully repaired to its former glory and is at it's normal state of peace. Earth's mightiest hero may have thought to been Superman, but the savior that went down in history for single handedly saving the galaxy through great sacrifice would be The Flash. The Great Disappearance is the term used to describe The Flash's lethal use of the Flash Force in order to jam the matrix of reality into an alternate dimension where the Red Ones had never gotten the chance to invade. By vibrating far past the speed of light, all of the Red One's had cleared the sky and the Earth was left in peace. Wally West was declared dead as having been killed during the war. The Flash has yet to be found since his disappearance.

    The void left by the war was felt for the next twenty years as humanity charged itself with repairing much of the damaged planet to the best of it's abilities. The United Nations had already unanimously agreed to petition for the disbandment of The Justice League and all super-human affiliated groups in fear that they may have been growing their greatest threat in their own backyard. Most would not call this the World War IV for planet Earth, but the purge of super-humans had finally begun which forced many members into hiding after the public killing demonstration of the Green Lantern. The JusticeLeague fell.

    Enter year 2064. Many generations have passed and the stigma held against super-humans has finally lifted. With a new campaign for super-human equality heavily rallied by the global populace, the World Leaders (Illuminati) has finally had their hand pushed in order to re-welcome and publicly apologize for their misstatements of Super Humans. The New Justice Society, headed particularly by Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter, is now recruiting super-humans at the New Hall of Justice at New Metropolis' Capital in order to reaffirm peace and justice to the galaxy once again. Auditions and initiation begins on D-Day.

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