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    So, I've recently just moved from one rp site to another (still keeping tabs on it, though) and thought I should make a fresh new start here! Here's some stuff about me: I've been role playing for probably around seven years (little gaps in between. HIATUSES.) and I'm open to virtually anything. I'm a student, attending college and fairly close to graduating. One more year and I won't be flooded with papers. ANYWAYS.

    I'm still a bit newbish (or at least, I would say that I am.) with role playing seeing that I've had gaps within the times, however I'm not completely out of whack. I'm able to form sentences, paragraphs and all that jazz. In the past I've had trouble with onexone partners that would stay, it sucked, but what can 'ya do? Life gets at them.

    PST UTC-8:00

    Available most days, usually SUN. - WED. and SAT. (Thursdays and Fridays are usual days where I am a bit more busy and won't be as active, but y'know, I'll still be able to post.)

    Threads, PMs, or anywhere you feel comfortable. Personally, I prefer PMs.

    My replies vary - one day I can be replying lightning fast, the other I could be replying like.. three times max. It depends on the day and how I'm feeling, really.

    Genres: SCI-FI, MYSTERY, FANTASY, MODERN, HISTORICAL, ROMANCE, I'M A SUCKER FOR SPY RPS - you can convince me to do others, too.

    WILL NOT DO: Furries. Complete sexy time. Relationship age gaps that are like... ten years older (my max is like.. five years, lmao.), playing as a baby (nO BRO. NO BRO. I don't even... like babies.), Daddy Kinks (A.K.A. DDLG; I don't kink shame. I just.. won't do it.), My Little Pony (Yeah, no. Sorry if you're into MLP.), super simple one liners (Eh, it's boring. I used to from time to time but found it lame.), YoutuberXYoutuber, Canon.

    Ideas I've got: (From tumblr, anyways.)

    SPY (open)

    • Muse A is enrolled at a prestigious spy training academy. The only way for students to get in to this school is to be recommended by their parents who have attended; the location of the school moves each year to keep the academy a secret from outside threats. Muse A meets their training partner, Muse B, during first day orientation and they are informed that they must be paired until graduation. Each day they take part in combat classes, tech classes where they learn to create and utilize spy gadgets, escape simulations, physical and mental fitness exams, etc. Students are informed that their final exams will consist of a field mission that is truly life/death, so they better get along with their partner.

    • Muse A works in espionage, a very elite department that for all intents and purposes, does not exist. They are the very best at what they do, but always work alone. Muse B functions within the same secret department, and although they are a few years Muse A’s junior, their skill set rivals that of Muse A. One particular mission comes across that seems to be tailor made for Muse A, with one catch. In order to infiltrate an international weapons ring run by a suspected corrupt ambassador, they cannot act alone, but rather need to assume the identity of an international weapons inspector with a wavering sense of duty - including their devoted spouse (or professional associate), Muse B. This mission will extend on for an undetermined amount of time as Muse A and Muse B work together in the foreign country to gain the trust of the ambassador and gather the concrete proof they need to confirm suspicions. It’s a never-ending whirlwind of black tie galas and the finest cocktails, rubbing shoulders with the most influential, lies and deceit, as they gather the information required to bring the underground ring crumbling down. Purely by nature, the spies are reluctant to act as a cohesive whole, but duty demands they watch the other’s back at all times and maintain the facade.

    ACADEMY (open)

    • Muse A attends a boarding school overseas. It seems like a pretty cool place. The upperclassmen are exceedingly friendly, not like Muse A would’ve expected. It’s actually eerie. Each freshman is assigned an upperclassman as a mentor. Muse B is Muse A’s mentor. Curious, Muse A does a fair amount of snooping around and they uncover the sinister plan of the administration: brainwash students steadily over time and when they graduate, they will be upstanding members of society. Muse A must figure out a way to save Muse B and themselves from such a fate.


    • Muse A is jazz singer or piano player, currently in a relationship with Muse B, the owner of the speakeasy at which they work. The pair are caught up in a glamorous whirlwind of sex, illegal alcohol and evading the feds. When prohibition agents bust the club one night, Muse A and Muse B make a break for it out the back door and are now on the run with no more than the clothes on their backs, and the money in their pockets.

    • Muse A is the first born of a powerful mob boss and Muse B is the child of the bootlegger who supplies the city’s speakeasies with illegal alcohol. Their relationship (friends or lovers) has always been a close one, but there is a new strain beginning to drive them apart. Muse A’s father has begun to strong arm Muse B’s father for a heavy slice of their profits. Between paying off federal agents, taking care of their rumrunners, and buying supplies, there isn’t much left for Muse B to keep in their pocket, let alone hand over to organized crime. Will Muse A be willing to try putting pressure on their father to back off of Muse B’s family?

    • Muse A is going to war and must leave their secret sweetheart, Muse B (a Geisha) behind. Though they are separated, the lovers manage to stay in touch by writing letters. As the months stretch on, however, Muse B’s letters become fewer and fewer until they simply stop coming. Muse A is heartbroken but must stay the course of war for several more weeks. When Muse A finally returns home, they immediately seek out Muse B to find out what has happened. Muse A is crushed to discover that Muse B is no longer a geisha and has become promised to someone else (Muse C) through omiai (arranged marriage); Muse B still loves Muse A but does not wish to go against the wishes of their family.

    OTHER (open)

    • After an untimely death, the family business is handed over to Muse A, a stubborn and spoiled twenty something who refuses any of the senior officials’ help or guidance. Muse B has been operating within the business for many years and knows the ins and outs, how to keep things running smoothly, and most importantly - very profitably. Despite Muse B’s generous offer to take them under their wing, Muse Arefuses to take their advice. Muse B has devoted so much of their heart and soul to the operation, they can’t bear to see it crash and burn under the awful direction of Muse A. Behind Muse A’s back, Muse B has been correcting all of their careless mistakes for nearly a month, and their patience with the new president is wearing thin. A nearly disastrous meeting with potential new investors is the last straw. After Muse B saves the day and seals the deal, Muse A is forced to admit they need the guidance of Muse B to keep the company on top. Muse B agrees to do it, but now there are strings attached. Muse B will only help under the condition that Muse A generously pad their salary and hand over the title of CEO.

    • Muse A and Muse B have fifty dollars left to their names. Rent is due tomorrow and their landlord has long grown tired of accepting payments weeks after they are due, or in bits and pieces. They are given an ultimatum. Make the full payment tomorrow or be evicted. The pair run through the gamut of possible options to put together the necessary cash. In a final moment of desperation they go to the casino and bet their last fifty dollars on a single hand of blackjack. Fortune smiles down upon them and they begin to win, hand and hand again. Muse A tries their best to convinceMuse B to quit while they are ahead, but the pure luck and complementary drinks has Muse B outright refusing. Instead of the underdog takes the house success story they had been hoping for, after a few lucky hands of blackjack, the muses fall victim to overconfidence and lose it all. Desperate once more, they wander the casino floor and end up watching a high stakes poker game from the sidelines. One man in particular has cleaned out the other players at the table and makes his way to cash out. Muse B only has to shoot a fleeting glance at Muse A, and Muse A knows exactly what they are thinking - follow the man out of the casino, and rob him before he gets into his car. Muse A would normally protest anything illegal, but at this point they are on board. The plan goes off without a hitch. The man forks over nearly twenty thousand dollars cash, warning the pair that he will find them no matter what, recover the money and kill them both. High on adrenaline, Muse A and Muse B write off his promise as any empty threat and head out for a few drinks across town to celebrate. In the bar they overhear a conversation taking place about a man who had just been robbed at the casino for twenty grand. Only then do they discover that it wasn’t just some out of town, middle aged businessman they stole from, but a powerful underboss in the local mob.

    • Muse A is on a day-long drive to an out of town business meeting. They couldn’t ask for much more in life, being blessed with a loving partner that supports them, a beautiful home, and a well-paying job that leaves them happy and fulfilled. They are the eternal optimist, always trying to find the best in everything and everyone, even strangers. When they spot a hitch hiker at the side of the road, Muse A is compelled to stop and give them a helping hand, offering to take them along on their route to the hotel where their meeting is taking place. Muse B is on the run, having escaped from the state prison during a transport three days prior. They have shed their orange jumpsuit for civilian clothes, and changed their appearance the best they could, thanks to an abandoned farm house near the penitentiary. Muse B is desperate to get as far away from that hellish place as possible. They’ve evaded the state police for this long, there is no way they will ever go back to that dark, stifling, awful cell. Muse A is exactly what Muse B has been hoping for - a one way ticket out of town. They share a few stories and generally enjoy each other’s company during the long, uneventful drive. Unassuming Muse A has no idea that there is a dangerous felon on the loose, but when they finally approach the state line to find a waiting police roadblock, Muse B suddenly pulls a weapon on Muse A and demands they get them through without incident. Once they’ve successfully passed the road block, Muse Breveals the truth, and Muse A is hit with the sudden frightening realization that they are now subject to Muse B’s plans.

    • Muse A and Muse B were born in the same town and attended school together, but were never really more than casual acquaintances, despite Muse B’s best efforts to spark up a friendship. Muse A’s family relocates before they finish high school, but as an adult, Muse A decides to return to their hometown for work/college. As the years passed, Muse B’s infatuation with Muse A evolved into an unhealthy obsession. Up until this point it had remained a fascination indulged from afar, daydreams and fantasies of what might have been, but when Muse A returns to town, Muse B takes it as a sign that they are destined to be together - no matter what the cost. Muse B begins tracking Muse A’s movements. It starts off innocently enough, operating silently through social media but quickly progresses to more and more daring endeavors. Muse B begins to leave notes and trinkets on Muse A’s car, sends cryptic emails, and drives past Muse A’s house/apartment hoping to catch a glimpse of the face that constantly dominates their thoughts. Muse A is rattled and beginning to feel paranoid, but unsuspecting of Muse B who they don’t even remember from all those years ago. The ‘secret admirer’ act only sates Muse B for so long, leading them to finally take things to the next level, following Muse A home from class/work. When Muse B can no longer take being in the shadows, they break into Muse A’s home and corner them in order to confess their love. Will Muse A be flattered by the extreme efforts, furious because of the invasion of their privacy, or will they be consumed with fear?

    • After one too many Mai Tais, a kind jock on a booze cruise in the Caribbean, falls overboard and washes up on the shore of an uninhabited island. The jock is awakened by a depressed vagabond who sullenly informs them of their unfortunate situation. Though the details of how the vagabond came to arrive on the island aren’t clear, the jock realizes that they have to work together to survive. Love blossoms between the stranded pair as they comfort one another while they hope for rescue.

    • When Muse A purchases a new home, they are quick to dismiss rumors of the residence being haunted. Even when the realtor declines to give them a guided walkthrough of the property because of strange occurrences the last time they showed the listing, Muse A just laughs it off as a silly joke. Everything weird that happens from the move-in day has a perfectly logical explanation as far as Muse A is concerned. When the lights flicker, Muse A chalks it up to faulty wiring. When a door slams, it’s obviously because of a draft. When their keys aren’t where they left them, it’s probably because they have a poor memory. Muse A is a firm believer in everything having a logical explanation; they definitely don’t believe in ghosts or anything of a supernatural nature. For years, Muse B, a poltergeist, has been trying to make contact with the living inhabitants of their home with unfavorable results. Typically, when Muse B’s done all they can to make their presence known to someone, making noises and moving items throughout the home, they end up scaring them off without intending to. Being stuck on this plane with no idea how to move on, unable to be seen or heard, is endlessly frustrating. Muse B is desperate to make a viable connection with Muse A who doesn’t seem so easy to frighten. After many failed trials, Muse B attempts to tap into Muse A’s mind while Muse A is asleep. If Muse B can meet Muse A in a dream, maybe they can convince Muse A that they exist and ask for help.

    • Muse A and Muse B find an apartment online that they both love. Though they’re strangers when they sign the lease, they agree to share the place. A few days after the move in, they start to question the arrangement. Muse A is quiet and neat. Muse B is loud and messy. Muse A has a decent job and pays most of the rent, Muse B recently got fired from their job, hasn’t told Muse Ayet, and isn’t in a rush to find a replacement job. Muse A is the responsible type, andMuse B couldn’t take care of a goldfish. Muse A likes their privacy and Muse B is happy walking around the apartment half-naked and entering their roommate’s space without knocking. They hardly agree on anything, from what to order for dinner to what temperature to keep the thermostat on. Just when Muse A is reaching their breaking point and on the verge of giving up the apartment they love to move back home because Muse B is driving them crazy and they can’t keep up with bills on their own, Muse A suffers a major setback/loss and Muse B is the only person who understands/can help them get through it.


    • It’s the year 3015. Aerospace engineering has advanced by leaps and bounds. In this age, the average citizen can board a luxury spacecraft and venture out to see the sights of the solar system (A trip that would’ve taken roughly 11 years by 21stcentury standards now only takes 3 days and a few hours to complete!) It’s still an experimental program and tickets are quite expensive, but for those who couldn’t possibly afford the once-in-a-lifetime trip on their own, there is a lottery draw. Muse A and Muse B have been selected through the lottery drawing this year.
      While on the second day of the tour, a radio transmission is sent from Earth, warning that a huge asteroid is headed directly for the planet; this could spell disaster for the world as Muse A and Muse B know it. Everyone waits on pins and needles to hear news. Just before the asteroid is set to make impact, the spacecraft loses connection with Earth and everyone aboard assumes the worst has happened. Though strangers before the ship left Earth, Muse A and Muse B turn to one another for comfort. As far as they’re aware, everyone they’ve ever known on Earth has been lost. With no motivation to continue the trip and potentially no home planet to return to, the captain and crew must turn their efforts to finding a habitable planet to relocate to or at the very least making contact with intelligent life who might assist them before their limited resources (including oxygen) run out. Optional: a) Contact is made with hospitable aliens. OR Contact is made with hostile aliens. b) A habitable planet is found and the passengers must colonize. OR The passengers must co-habitate with the lifeforms that already inhabit the planet. c) Earth has only been partially destroyed. d) Could be a group plot.

    • Muse A is a scientist who works in a government-funded research lab with their partner, Muse B. The pair has been working on a bio-engineering project for nearly a year and over the course of that time, Muse A has developed an infatuation withMuse B; working together in such close quarters for so long, it has become increasingly difficult for Muse A to conceal the attraction. When Muse A works up the nerve to share their feelings with Muse B on the last week of their collaboration,Muse B abruptly informs Muse A that the feelings are not returned. Muse A is crushed by the rejection, but they insist that they’ll amicably part ways with Muse Bonce the assignment is terminated. Unwilling to let what could have been with Muse B go, Muse A gets a sample of Muse B’s DNA and sets to work on making a clone of them in a secret sector of the research facility (or in a lab located elsewhere). After months of failed attempts, Muse A is successful at making a physically perfect clone of Muse B. With their original project ended and no new work on the immediate horizon, Muse A takes a hiatus from other pursuits to devote all of their time to running tests, teaching the clone (Muse C) how to function as any other human being, and ingratiating themselves with Muse C in hopes of having better luck romantically with them than they did with Muse B. After returning to the secret sector of the facility (or the lab located elsewhere) from an errand one afternoon,Muse A finds that Muse C has escaped. Non-Romantic Option: Muse A makes a clone of Muse B simply for the purpose of surpassing the limits of cloning technology as humanity knows it. After spending so much time working together, Muse A feels they know Muse B well enough to create a duplicate version of them that will even impress Muse B. The clone (Muse C) is a secret kept from Muse B until of course Muse A needs Muse B’s help to find it after it escapes.

    • Nearly 2 years ago, a nuclear power plant melted down in [insert a city/town/state of your choice here]. The impact of this disaster was swift and devastating to nearly all residents of the immediate and surrounding region. Toxic waste infiltrated the ground, air and water supply, poisoning animals and humans who ingested it within minutes, causing all plant life to wither to ash. Fortunately, most residents were evacuated to neighboring states before the melt down; all those who foolishly stayed behind paid with their lives. No one could have anticipated that the toxic waste from the decimated power plant would seep into the soil of the neighboring cemetery and cause the dead to reanimate in their graves. Within days, all of the undead in [the town/city/state] clawed their way up from the ground to search for sustenance. Impervious to the poisoned air, these zombies crept beyond the limits of the devastated town/city/state and began to descend upon the unsuspecting people in the bordering regions. There were thousands of human casualties before the government was able to formulate a large-scale military response to eradicate the ‘zombie problem’. Today, people live in a state of armed preparedness against the undead who still roam in small bands across the country. Most homeowners have equipped themselves with weapons (as permitted by the state) so that every living person may defend themselves against the dwindling, but still very deadly threat of walking corpses. In this town, Muse A is one of the undead, but contrary to what most humans have come to fear and kill indiscriminately, Muse A and their band of zombies don’t feed off of human beings, but rather animals they encounter in the wild. Muse A and their cohorts, being of the recently departed, still have generous quantities of their humanity in-tact and have no desire to harm their living counterparts. Unfortunately for them, the general population perceives all zombies as threats that need to be eliminated before the world can go back to ‘normal’. Muse B is a human who encounters Muse A after getting separated from friends on a camping trip in the woods. Startled and un-armed, Muse B runs away from Muse Abut they don’t get far. In their panic, Muse B trips and falls down into a ravine where they injure their leg pretty seriously. Sympathetic to Muse B’s suffering, Muse A comes to a panicked Muse B’s rescue.

    • The year is 2124. Due to extremely limited resources and overpopulation of the planet, once people reach a specific age they must be euthanized. Upon a person’s Xth birthday, people must report to a sleep facility where they will be put to sleep by a sweet-smelling toxin. The only people exempt from this fate are enforcers of the law, who are in charge of tracking down those who attempt to escape. Muse A is an infamous enforcer with a nearly impeccable record of captures, and Muse B is a rebellious citizen who has just turned of age. Muse B has learned of a secret sanctuary for people who have successfully escaped and continue to live out their days in an underground society. They assemble only the bare essentials for survival and begin the journey, but with Muse A hot on their trail, will Muse B be able to evade them long enough to join the handful of others who have successfully disappeared? (Dystopia/Enemy Plot)

    horror (open)

    • Muse A is a paranormal enthusiast. They spend hours researching and analyzing data that other investigators have collected, yearning to one day conduct an investigation of their own. Right before Halloween, the opportunity arises not too far from Muse A’s hometown to join other amateur paranormal investigators on a hunt, and absolutely nothing can keep Muse A from purchasing their ticket. The event location is a well-known building that Muse B had been sneaking into for years, the long abandoned county psychiatric hospital. Although the structure has been empty of cases, doctors and administration for nearly thirty years, most local residents insist that the spirits of the patients, homeless, criminally insane, and terminally ill still reside there. Muse B figures why not get a ticket for the ghost hunt, and see if they can validate the strange experiences they’ve had in the past. On the night of the investigation, Muse A and Muse B both show up to the county psychiatric hospital. Most participants are there in pairs. The event organizers insist no one work alone, so they pair up Muse A and Muse B for the evening. Will the impromptu team find success and capture the evidence they’ve both been hoping for, or will they simply be left in the dark?

    • The small suburban town Muse A and Muse B live in is in many ways the same as hundreds of others across the country. Like many places it harbors a few local urban legends and scary stories passed on over weekend bonfires and at summer camps The most well known here is the story of the ‘Pigman.’ The Pigman was a farmer who lived on the rural outskirts of town. He was a private man, so private in fact, that in order to keep the locals away from his property, the Pigman would place the heads of butchered swine on stakes near the end of his long, winding driveway to discourage any solicitors. Back in the 1950’s three troublemaking teenagers had trespassed onto the Pigman’s farm. The following night it wasn’t the heads of pigs that adorned the stakes, but the heads of the unwelcome interlopers, their decapitated corpses swinging from the road’s overpass. Now it’s almost considered a rite of passage to drive down Pigman Road at night. The especially brave will park the car and take a midnight walk underneath the bridge. With Halloween in the air,Muse A and Muse B decide to embark on this little adventure. The drive is fairly uneventful and although the backwoods setting is a little creepy for the suburb dwellers, Muse A wants to impress Muse B with their bravery, and talks them into going for a stroll. It starts quietly enough, but then the pair begin to hear the sound of metal against metal out in the field, almost as if someone is hammering a post into the ground.Muse B’s mind starts to imagine the worst, but Muse A assures them it is nothing.Muse A advances towards the sound, determined to prove that it’s all a case of Muse B’s imagination running wild. Muse B stays with the car, too spooked to follow. The minutes tick on and Muse B becomes more and more worried about Muse A’sabsence. Finally Muse A comes running in a panic, shouting at Muse B to get in the car, but when they both jump in and lock the doors, the car refuses to start. They’re stranded on Pigman Road.

    • An abandoned mansion sits in the middle of the woods on the outskirts of a quiet town. For years, townspeople have told stories about the dilapidated house and the wealthy family who perished within its walls. Some say the family was murdered by possessive spirits who refused to have their land occupied by those without proper claim to it. Others say that a series of freak accidents claimed the family members one by one. A grisly fall down the stairs, a surprise electrocution in the bathtub, an unfortunate slip into the furnace. No one knows for sure what really happened in that house, nearly 50 years ago; no one has entered the mansion since it was first condemned and all residents of the town know better than to go that far in those woods. So it sits there, waiting, until Muse A moves into town. When Muse Aoverhears the ghost stories associated with the mansion, he/she doesn’t buy a word of it. Ghosts and evil spirits are a hoax, he/she thinks. Muse B knows there’s something residing in that house, whether Muse A believes it or not. He/She’s lived in that town since he/she was born and creepy things happen when someone even sets foot near the property. Cocky and itching to prove Muse B wrong, Muse Achallenges them to visit the mansion with him/her. If they spend one whole day and night in the mansion and nothing happens to them, Muse B has to admit that the superstitions are stupid. Muse B reluctantly agrees

    FANTASY (open)

    • According to sailor legends, merpeople are beautiful and benevolent beings who guide lost ships to harbor and bring great fortune to kind fishermen who empty their nets for a chance to hear a merperson’s song. The song of a merperson is an ethereal treat that few people at sea (and even fewer on land) have the privilege of hearing, but those who do are said to be blessed for the rest of their days. Muse A is a merperson, born to a merman and a sea witch. Cursed by wicked blood,Muse A’s song is doomed to bring misery and death to anyone who hears it. Though it is not their fault, Muse A has been forbidden from singing to anyone (human or merperson) for as long as they live. Unable to sing freely like their seafaring kin,Muse A is an outcast and believes they will never know the joy of changing a human’s life for the better. Always lonely underwater,Muse A secretly travels to the surface in the hopes of finding companionship. Merely speaking to a human couldn’t hurt, they suppose. One afternoon, Muse A encounters Muse B strolling along the shoreline, pitching small pebbles into the surf. Fearing rejection from the first human they’ve ever seen, Muse Athinks to swim away but Muse B spots their shimmering tail and calls out to them. They keep their distance from one another as they speak, one on land and one at sea, but are too intrigued to part ways. As it gets dark and the air becomes cold, both must take their leave of the beach. Uncertain ifMuse Awill ever see another human, Muse A hastily promises Muse B that they will bring them treasures if they come back. Muse B is uncertain if its wise, but they agree to return. True to their word, Muse A brings a valuable trinket from a shipwreck far below in simple exchange for Muse B’s company. As the days pass andMuse B continues to return, it seems that Muse A has finally found a friend. All will be well, as long as they don’t ever sing to Muse B.

    • Muse A is the child of wealthy man living in a seaside town; they’ve always been afraid of the sea, yet oddly fascinated by it. When Muse A was a child, the ship they were sailing on was attacked by pirates and they were barely able to escape. Although the lure of the sea has always been there, Muse A has since refused to ever board another ship. Several years after their brush with pirates, in the dead of night, a suspicious ship sets anchor a little ways away from shore. Pirates make landfall and begin to pillage and plunder the town. The militia stationed in the town are quick to react and a fierce battle breaks out. With the perfect distraction created, the captain of the ship, Muse B, heads for the most opulent-looking manor. Muse B breaks in to Muse A’s home and begins to raid Muse A’s late mother’s jewelry. In an attempt to stop Muse B, Muse A steals one of their father’s swords and holds the pirate at sword point. Since Muse A has never had any kind of training, they are easily overpowered by Muse B. Upon taking a closer look at Muse A, Muse Bdecides that they are worth far more than any bejeweled trinkets. So Muse B offers a proposition; in exchange for ending the bloodshed and leaving port, Muse A must come aboard Muse B’s ship as a captive. Muse A is terrified, but they are kind-hearted and wish to protect their town, so they reluctantly agree. So now Muse A must face their fears and leave their life behind. How will they fare and what will their relationship be like with Muse B.

    I have more, but I'm too lazy to include them for now.

    PAIRINGS: Note that I am up to play any role! I play female, male, non-binary, etc.


    Bad Boy/Bad Girl x Good Girl/Good Boy
    Supernatural being x human
    Arranged marriage
    Royal x Peasant
    Warrior x Warrior


    If you have any suggestions/plots you would like, PLEASE come forward! I'd LOVE to hear what you've got in store!
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