Circus of the Supernatural

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  2. When they arrived Capiro already saw that Andre and Lillie had already started building. Lajrick got out of the truck and opened a back door to get the supplies out. She then got a few poles out with her telekinesis and carried them to the spot. Lillie had already set down the main pole so Lajrick was going to set up the extremities. She planted a huge hole with the metal objects. Capiro yelled to Frank. frank! Help me with the tent fabric!
  3. Frank was so into his game that he almost didn't hear the Ringmaster's orders. Frank didn't want to quit his game. Even if he did, he couldn't. He was in the middle of an intense battle!!! Frank then asked Why do you need me to help you with the tent fabric? I'm in the middle of my game and I can't quit right now without looking away from his game
  4. Yes, you can. Close your game machine and go help like all the others! Yelled the man while trying to get out the red and white striped fabric.
  5. The ringmaster didn't give him the answer he was looking for, but it was his orders. Frank then closed his 3DS (without turning the power off so he could resume later) and then got up and help set up the tent fabric without a word.
  6. Raven jumped out of the truck quietly, like usual. She watched as others got started on unpacking. She stood aside, waiting till people moved away before she approached and began grabbing the crates of food for them. One by one, she pulled them out and stacked them one on top of the other.

    Cynthia frowned at the noise outside. She was sleeping happily but they woke her up. Even Jinx, whose long slender body was wrapped around Cynthias waist, chest and shoulders slithered being woken up. "I know girl." Cynthia slid out the truck. Her snake kept slithering, tightening its grip only enough to keep its hold on Cynthia. She ran her hand through her messy bed head and walked out. "Anyone need help with anything?"
  7. Good, you finally listened. Said the annoyed ring master. After a couple of hours the tent was set and all the rooms were.
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