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  1. Chuu! >o< Hi i'm Swii-Tee but please call me Harm/Harmy/Harmony... Just take your pick. I'm 23 years old and i've been roleplaying for 10 years. I haven't roleplayed in over a year and my fiance Kilala recently joined so I thought I would to! I love to roleplay in groups and one on one. I only do one on one if you have good grammar and are skilled.

    I hope to have tons of fun here! :3
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  2. Oh no a lame face!
    Welcome Aboard love!
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  3. Welcome to Both of you!
  4. You welcomed me already, Thomas.
  5. Hello Harmony! :) Welcome to Iwaku!

    What kinds of roleplay genres or themes do you like? We have tons of roleplays running; check them out in the global signups! If you need help, feel free to ask :)
  6. I'm aware of that.
  7. Welcome! I'm sure you'll have fun here: try checking out the Roleplay Institute and Groups!