Christmas treats

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  1. What is your favorite thing to eat over the winter holidays?

    From traditional dishes to eggnog, the Winter months are full of interesting foods to eat. Let us know what YOU like the best during these months!
  2. OOOH!! n.n~
    What a loverly topic, Octo-san!! :3
    I have to say I enjoy baking more than I like eating.. all year round, but especially during the holiday season this month!! ^^
    I like to bake christmas cookies, traditional cookie cutter kinds, and rolled up peppermint ones, with red and white food coloring. >:D
    and I make those peanut butter ones with the hershey kiss in the middle!! :3 AND I make these snow ball kinds, that are choco chip on the inside, and powdered sugah on the outter side. They're adorable!! <3 and nummy, I am told. > w< ~~
    I adore drinking egg nog though on christmas morning. o.o A little cup, MY little glass cup with a painted on snowman, snowflakes and my name painted on in red, is just enough to make Staci a happy Staci. c:
    I also make mint cookies..
    cause mint is christmas time-y.
    and angel food cake.
    and mint brownies.

    I love hot cocoa now.. <3<3<3
    PERFECT CUDDLE DRINK. > W<!!! -flails wildly.-

    AND CHESTNUTS. ROASSSTEDDD. From Union Station and or Chicago in general. :D WHILE riding in a horse carriage ride thingy!! <3 it's BOOTFIUL.
    and idk what else right now.~
  4. I positively love this thing my aunt makes called strawberry pretzel salad
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    Its like orgasm of the mouth! Sugar coated pretzels at the bottom. Whipped topping in the middle then strawberry jello-o with strawberry slices! Positively wonderful.
  5. Arc-san!!!!!! o__o
    My mom makes something close to that!!
    My mother is the Jell-O Queen.
    What she makes is:
    Crushed pretzel on the bottom, baked in the oven in foil containers.
    I believe cool whip and or cream cheese on top of that.. fat free and or whatever is less fat, since then she knows I will eat it.<3
    and then either strawberry jell-o with strawberries inside, or raspberry jell-o with raspberries inside.
    Depends on which kind she makes.
    ALL holidays, she will make that.

    and Ror-san.
  6. I LOVE eggnog during the Christmas season, and I have been known to substitute it for milk in some instances. Eggnog french toast, eggnog pancakes, hot eggnog with strawberry syrup, eggnog in my black/chai tea... :D

    There's also a special savory pie we have in Bermuda during the big holidays, but it's specifically made at Christmas, and then frozen to enjoy throughout the year. It's called cassava (or farine) pie. You use ground cassava instead of flour (or if it's been dried, as cassava is pretty wet, it's called farine), and you bake it like a cake, with a layer of boiled chicken in the middle. Before baking, you take some of the juice left over from the chicken and pour it over the pie to make it moist and brown nicely. Because it's so dense (due to the cassava), it's baked at a low temperature for several hours. It's very time and energy consuming to make, but there is nothing ilke it on earth! We eat it the same way people eat cornbread in the US, either as a side in a meal, or as a snack or dessert even!
  7. It's OK, there's Hanukkah for me. :D
  8. Normally I hate jell-o. The only other time I enjoy the stuff is when they are a component in homemade jell-o shots. Mmmmmm ^.^

    But the peppermint mocha thing at starbucks is also a nice treat around Christmas <3.
  9. o_o
    Jell-O shots I cannot help you will then, Miss Arc-san. n.n;; <3
    BUT YAY.

    And ROR-SAN.
  10. Well there's sufganiyot, which is similar to a powder jelly doughnut that generally has chocolate or vanilla cream on top of it. There's also potato pancakes. Other than that, it's nothing uberfancy food wise, lots of foods baked in olive oil.
  11. Anything with peppermint in it. I love for this time of year when it comes to peppermint candy and candy canes and peppermint ice cream! :D Also Gingerbread, I LOVE LOVE LOVE gingerbread men. I love all the sugary sweets that come with the holidays!
  12. I make homemade biscotti every year at Christmas, as well as peppermint bark.
    I usually make a couple other things, as well, which vary from year to year, but the biscotti and peppermint bark are constants.
    I yearn for them the rest of the year but Christmas is the only time that I make them.
  13. I'm not sure if my mom still does this or will do it this year, but every Christmas morning she'd make cinnamon rolls and her delicious oven baked omelet. We otherwise don't make anything too special. My family gatherings are many instead of one big group reunion, since there is drama and distance keeping us from doing such things. We do standard cookies, cakes, etc. for these occasions.

    This year for the Christmas Eve party at my Grammy's though, I plan to make something special since I'll be able to afford it and I just want to. I'll be making Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes, as I am the cupcake queen~
  14. We're still working on our Christmas Foods traditions! We always had the family falling outs right before Christmas, so I never had a chance to see what the traditional foods were.

    But the COOL thing about it is that I get to make up our own traditions now. >:D

    I've started trying to make SUGAR PLUMS. I made them for the first time last year. XD It was sticky and interesting, and the recipe needs work. I'm gonna try them again this year and make them way ahead of time so they can... do that crazy fermenting thing they do.

    I kind want to try and make real home made, traditional fruit cake. >> Everyone says the real homemade stuff is a billion times better, so I wanna put that to the test.

    I want to make Christmas Goose too. >< But I can't ever find goose and I dunno how to cook a goose yet. I haven't even found any duck.

    SOOO I've been making BEEF for Christmas dinner. Like Beef Brisket. And Smashed Christmas Cauliflower!
  15. Peppermint Bark~ Yum.
    We make peanut butter fudge. Which is delicious.
    Eggnog is an obvious thing.
    Christmas cookies.
    Hot chocolate.

    I have an intense sweet tooth around this time of year.