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One year a friend was living with my parents, and on Christmas day we walked from their house, down the hill into the downtown. Olympia is a small city/large town and so the downtown is modest size with almost exclusively small businesses. Everything was closed. There was silence as few people were on the road and only a few on the the sidewalks, doing what we were doing in some respects. Just walking and looking around. You knew most people were with family, or friends at home. Many still asleep. Then this van pulled up. It was a charity group giving out hats and gloves to the homeless. They were very much enjoying themselves even though we were not their "target" we were hatless so they gave us one each. It was cool and random.
I think mine was last year's, waking up in my very first house just in time for Christmas!
A few years ago I drank all day and ate AMAZING cross rib roast. It was one of the most memorable.
What's Christmas?
I remember getting an Atari 2600 for Christmas in 1983. Does that count?
Honestly I haven't really had any one christmas memory that has extremely stuck out for me. We used to go to my grandma's every year for christmas to do a christmas exhange with other family members...but my mom sorta had a falling out with my grandma and now i have no grandparents anyways ^^;

Though apparently for our church's christmas play one year i was chosen to play mary and I had the bright idea that the baby doll jesus wasn't sitting in the manger correctly so I literally shoved him down into the manger in the middle of the play : D
You know, my favorite Christmastide memory, the one that I replay over and over, is how the morning after the holiday party with our friends last year, my dad looked at me, shook his head, and remarked to my mom that he's done drinking now that his daughter can drink him under the table.

Proud moment. :D
My memories are overshaddowed by one really bad one.
Christmas, the year before my mother was married.

We went to my mother's father and step-mother's house for Christmas. My step-grandmother was thrilled to be cooking Christmas dinner and had planned an elaborate pineapple marinated meat dish. In the meantime, she let me help her decorate the tree in ribbons and tinsel (I was about six?). Unfortunately, she hadn't cooked with pineapple before, so she didn't do it right and the meat disintegrated. She was upset, but we all laughed it off and ate mashed potatoes, rolls, and dessert for Christmas dinner instead. I remember it fondly, because she was so distraught about ruining dinner and everyone was chuckling and trying to console her. I even tasted it for her.