Christmas Carols/Decorations? 8D

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  1. This may be the earliest I've started decorating / playing carols. My birthday is the 9th so I usually wait until after that, but since I have a roommate of the non-boyfriend variety this year, I've decided to let her make the first move, and then today they were playing carols in the lobby and I'm like. ". . . I kinda wanna play some.

    Are the carols carolling through your house? Is there tinsel up? A tree? I need to know your christmassy state!
  2. We have ALL the songs playing! Religious, non-religious, you name it!

    We're decorating on Saturday.
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  3. I used to decorate and set up the Christmas Tree...

    Until my 3 year-old sister back then crushed ALL OF THE FUCKING BAUBLES THAT WE HAD...

    And then I gave up and resisted the urge to shove the crushed bits of baubles up my sister's ass...
  4. I decorated the first day off I had after Thanksgiving 8D
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  5. Tree. Check. Wife's entire city of little christmas houses? Of course. Wreath? That too.

    Wanna post a picture of my neighbors 'decorating'. It's literally a pine tree branch stuffed in their door knocker.
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    This year will [hopefully] be the first year I can put lights up outside! 8D

    I also discovered last year that we use our fireplace way too much to hang the stockings there. c___c so they are being hung on the shelf instead.
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  7. The Christmas tree we decorated this past weekend. I also decorated a bit the kitchen table. My mother in law takes care of the front of the house and she's been working on that little by little over the past week. I haven't started listening to carols yet because I don't want to get sick of them. Maybe in another week.
  8. I am broke in a small apartment, but my boyfriend and I have a small Christmas tree.
    I would also like to share what my Uncle did last year, and I hope he posts more videos this year.
    Turn on your sound for best results.
  9. My house is literally COVERED in christmas decorations right now. Christmas is one of my moms favorite holidays. I am not kidding when I say that every inch on the inside of the house is covered with some sort of decoration. Then we have wreaths outside on the windows, little candle lights in the windows, our flower beds are lined with light up candy canes, the banister/ porch railing is lined with christmas tree lights. We have a christmas flag hanging outside. A christmas gnome that sitting out front, and a whole bunch of other stuff. SHE ISNT EVEN DONE EITHER.

    She still has to set up the lights for her precious moment christmas town. And they are getting the tree as I type this. We are probably decorating it tonight or tomorrow.

    Luckily no one has started the christmas carols yet xD
  10. Are... Are we siblings?
  11. My favorite Christmas song is Di*k in ta box. Pretty sure that's not considered a Christmas carol, but it should be! I'd open the door to listen to anyone sing it. =D
  12. Not directions yet...

    Though I guarantee you when the tree comes up that it's going to stay up for 6+ months (unless if it's the small one Mom got to save space).
    Everyone's always too lazy to take it down afterwards. XD
  13. I don't believe we are but it would be awesome if we were. SHE EVEN MADE CGRISTMAS COOKIES YESTERDAY.

    they tasted weird.
  14. Not yet, but I'm hoping to get something done this weekend. Been too busy with papers and getting ready for finals. I'll need a pick me up this weekend.
  15. Meh, I'm not one to care much about Christmas or any other holiday. I just like them because I get to sleep a lot since there'll be no school or stuff.

    My little sister is some kinda Christmas nerd though. She starts listening to Christmas carols and watching Christmas movies and stuff super early. I stopped by home last weekend and she was already at it. She's also obsessed with the Christmas tree and has some strong opinions on how it should be decorated. Unfortunately, my mother seems to take decorating stuff kinda seriously and she always ends up arguing over the tree with my sister.

    My mom also tried to get some Christmas decorations smuggled into my apartment (and partly succeeded) but it's kinda pointless since I'll be going home for the Christmasy times anyway. These few decorations sure are gonna spread loads of holiday joy in this empty apartment on Christmas.

    I'm just hoping I'll be able to stay out of my mom and sister's Christmas tree fight this year. Though that's not gonna happen, my mom always pulls me into it in hopes I'll be on her side.
  16. My Uncle: "11,000 lights and counting" "There will be 20 trees in the front yard this year"

    I can't wait to see picture of this.
  17. Huh... Looks like we got a tall tree this year.

    Guess it's gonna be christmas till July again. XD
  18. I love decorating for xmas. Sadly, because I'm poor, I don't have much. Totally love what I DO have, though. A cute little red tree, Santa and Mrs Claus figurines, a coolio snow globe thingy. I'm hoping to be able to get stockings for my husband and I (our son of course has one because he's the spoiled adorable baby <3), some more lights for the apartment, and maybe an actual tree topper instead of a santa hat.

    As for songs, Carol of the Bells is my shiiiit.
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