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  1. Hi Mr. Grey ;)

    To the interested lady or gentleman who's reading this, I'm looking for someone who is willing to do some erotic role-playing. If you have ever read the series 'Fifty Shades of Grey' or 'Bared to You', then you know what kind of role-playing I mean. If not, I'd be happy to explain.

    I'm interested in the following plots:
    CEO x Secretary(or other entry level position)
    Teacher x Student
    Countryboy x citygirl(or vice versa)

    Someone with a deep, dark past is driven lustfully to another, and wants to do almost everything they possibly can to seduce that person. However, in the meantime of attempting to seduce, they somehow slowly begin to reveal an emotion within them that they had withheld due to their secrets and past. Pretty much the person in power and control learns how to love or be more open while the other learns a side of them they never knew existed.

    Basically I'm looking for someone who can play a role of dominance, whether male or female. I'd like to play the female but I have no problem playing the male also.
    Looking for someone who is alright with strong sexual content, very descriptive, explicit, and someone who can right more than four lines. There are many things that can be negotiated. So if you are interested, please let me know through this thread or PM me. Look forward to writing with you. ;)​
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  2. I'd be down to do some Shadey things.
    Haven't finished the book, but I'm getting there. Definitely not a stranger to dominant roles.
    Send me a PM if you're interested.
  3. Eyo!

    I saw this through the Ad, and I thought it might be worth a shot :)

    Would be willing to do any of the pairings in the description, and defiantly don't mind playing a dominate male :)
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  4. PM me then ;)
  5. I like all the pairings! Would love to Roleplay with you
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