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  1. So I've been having troubles putting together an actual RP plot so I'm going to throw a few ideas out and whatever gets the best results I'll work into an actual plot! :D

    The options!

    1. Feudal Japanese styled RP, it would probably infuse a lot of mythological elements from Japan. It could be a war between samurai and ninja or warring ninja clans. It could be a romance to action/adventure. Another option would be the beginnings of the Kazeyama Series in ancient times.
    2. Magical school. This one is the least fleshed out idea but it could be anywhere from Harry Potter styled to more in depth and realistic Wicca style school. It could also be similar to Wicked and the Shiz academy or something drawn from that level of inspiration.
    3. A modern day fairy tale about a princess and her suitor and the prime minister who wishes to wrest the remaining royal power from her and the family. At the same time, another country is planning on seizing the land and country for themselves, and in the country itself there would be royalists who know of the prime minister's plans and would be trying to stage a coup to overthrow him and return all powers to the princess, and yet another group of resistance who want nothing more than to be rid of the royal family once and for all.
    4. Modern Supernatural styled game. That could be anything from Buffy/Charmed style to globetrotting adventures in mystic lands. It could be something like "Tomb Raider" or maybe could be even something like the Disney Atlantis movie.

    So there we go, all my plot bunnies let free for you, the denizens of Iwaku to pluck up and help me choose!
  2. Damn it Zypher! *wants A*
  3. Dammit! I shouldn't join more games, but I really wanna play. I especially love that A idea.
  4. Damnit Zypher I was about to do something like the A! XD This happens every time I'm planning a new rp! *Shakes a fist at Iwaku psychically mind reading!*

    I think A would be awesome, though! >:D Good timing for it!
  5. Feudal Japanese style it is! Although C will be held in consideration for a later date! If anyone else wants to pitch in their two cents I'm still open for suggestions.