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  1. So, because I have so many ideas, I don't do interest checks. Well, yes, I do but I don't and fish sticks >.<



    So, probably my favourite idea first.

    Reality trigger: Illusions- Welcome to the boring reality of EARTH. You a are an average kid. The holidays have just began, and your counting down the days until christmas. You and your friends all like LARP (Live action roleplaying), and meet daily at an abandoned mansion which has been converted into the base of operations for those involved in the fantasy world known as Kerectus. But when your characters- and your world, start appearing more and more real, things go a little bit crazy.

    39 Bodies- Several underworld assassins are hired to take out 39 targets around the city of [insert]. But the assassins quickly find they themselves are being targeted, not only by rivals, but by their employers, and a society of assassins trying to stop the events that have been set in motion.

    Shadow Chronicles: Army of Darkness- Dracula, the last remaining vampire lord, has awoken from a slumber lasting more than two million years. And he is not happy. Appointing five commanders and rallying his armies, he wages war against the local population.

    So, there are some more ideas, but they need more time.

    These ones are all set in my MAGICAL world, Kerectus. Mentioned in the first one. These are all notes copy pasted straight from the Notes app on my IPad. With the exception of the last one, they are all fairly old ideas that I am really excited about.
  2. Reality trigger sounds pretty interesting.
  3. I like the sound of both the first and second ones.
  4. Thanks for the voooootes!
  5. I also like the first two. But if a vote is needed then Reality trigger.
  6. Reality Trigger definitely sounds the most interesting to me, GG.
  7. Reality trigger wins the popularity contest.

    Reality Trigger will be up sometime in the next few months. Huzzah!