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  1. I'm interested in how many people on Iwaku have heard of / play these games.

    If you didn't know, Choice of Games are awesome choose your own adventure type games. It's written in 2nd person (Meaning it's addressed as YOU.), and you play a character in a (linear?[Sometimes]) story.

    They are a lot of fun, some of them are a dollar, some of them are free but I highly suggest you check them out if you haven't. The link:

    This also a thread for discussion of the games, your favorites, your least favorites, what you found was interesting about them, and anything else.

    Edit: Oh its one of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. But online. Sorta like a visual novel, without the visual part.
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  3. Oh! I used to have Choose Your Own Adventure Books! You would read a chapter, and a choice would be presented, based on your choice, you would turn to a certain page and read THAT chapter. My moma nd brother and I used to read them together and vote on what choice to make.

    I've played a few games like that on consoles/pc, too; but none that really revolved around the concept. Avalon Code changes as you play it depending on the choices you make (who you build up friendship with, what quests you complete, where you are at what time, etc. But the ending of the game is the same no matter how you play it; it's just how it happens that differs.

    It's probably for the best; I always get sidetracked trying to explore all the endings at once. I used to read those books cover to cover first and then read them the way they were meant to be read.
  4. Yeah! My favorite was the Gorga the Space Monster book. It was so much fun. These are kind of like the adventure books, (Certainly easier to handle.) but I always found more adventure inside them.
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