Chivalrous Intentions: The Search

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  1. Hello again, everybody!

    This early morning I am seeking someone to write the tale of a true Knight with me, from his humble start as a hopeful Page to his no doubt grandiose death at the battlefield. There may be magic, mighty dragons or even vicious political agendas, the choice is ours as we each take control of the destiny of this chivalrous lad. Since the story will have one sole protagonist, I want us to work closely together, and for the both of us to do our best. This may not be a project for a beginner, but I hope someone will take the gauntlet with me.

    The thing I seek most, however, is realism in development and reactions of the characters. It goes as a matter of fact that taking on a dragon alone and unarmed will end badly, but what if the knight had magic runes in his sword and armor, was blessed by his god and had the backing of an army? Now there would be a more even playing field! Also, this will take a good look into morality and intents, as being a White Knight or a Knight of Evil is far less likely to happen than to be something in between.

    Let's make an heroic tale, but never forget that this is the tale of a simple man, as well...
  2. That sounds like a nifty idea, but I'm a little confused if you're willing to clarify.

    Are you wanting to write one character together or the usual style of each person takes one or many characters?
  3. Yes, we would share the main character (the knight) and would split the load of supporting character and plot.
  4. Well that's a new way to do it. Not sure I'd be what you're looking for, but its a novel idea!
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