Chiroptera Man is IN the building

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  1. Hello! I'm excited to be here.
    I venture from Gaia. I realized it was tough pickings for serious Role Playing there.
    I've Role Played for about 6 years now. And I can write pages with actual emotional and intellectual input.

    Just throwin' that out there.
    This is a whole lot different than what I've ever experienced, and I haven't even found a partner yet. :D

    I feel like I'm going to stay here for a very long time. c: So I hope everyone can accept me~
  2. You better stay here...forever. O____O

    Welcome to Iwaku, Chiro. Yes...that's your name Cheerios. Omgee, I'm hungry now lol. You'll find different ranges of RP here from beginners to Vet and generally, everyone RPs together. You can take a gander at our Creative Challenges forum where staff and members post nice writing challenges to get them creative juices flowing or if you're looking for a 1x1 type roleplay, then head on down to the One on One forum! Whatever floats your boat, :).

    Again, welcome to Iwaku and feel free to touch everything! Happy bunny hun--loving. /cough.
  3. CHIROPRACTOR! Welcome to Iwaku :D
  4. Thank you both. 8D I feel welcomed.
  5. Well good, :). GO MAKE FRIENDS!